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Pornhub could push Bitcoin price even higher than the current USD22 577

Adult entertainment website Pornhub after being ditched by VISA and MasterCard is now only accepting payment in cryptos. What could that do the already climbing price of Bitcoin?

The critical need for seamless, digital payments in the COVID-19 era

The impact of COVID-19 on our spending habits cannot be overemphasised. With the temporary shutting down of industries and businesses around the world, millions of people have been laid off, furloughed or are earning less. As a result, we’ve been forced to reconsider what we spend our money on. Out of financial necessity and due […]

Vodafone Withdraws From FB’s Libra Association To Focus On M-Pesa

Following Facebook’s announcement of Libra, there was a brief honeymoon phase where crypto and tech enthusiasts celebrated the coming of this digital currency which would leverage Facebook’s digital footprint of 2.45+ billion users. Fast forward 7 months and that enthusiasm has died down. A number of Libra association members have stepped down with Vodafone being […]

VISA & Mastercard No Longer As Enthusiastic About Being Part Of Facebook’s Libra Crypto

It’s well documented that since the announcement of Libra a few months ago, very few political leaders have come out in support of the idea. If anything most political leaders are pretty apprehensive about leaving Facebook to go ahead with plans to form a global cryptocurrency unchecked. These political uneasiness has spread to partners of […]

Steward Bank Introduces A New Platform For The Diaspora To Access More Financial Services

Steward Bank (Steward) has just launched Square World, both a payment service and a platform which enables the Zimbabwean diaspora to access various financial services provided by Steward. Essentially, cuts out middlemen who have been facilitating the payment of services and accessing of financial services for the Diaspora. Square World provides the diaspora access to (almost all) banking services […]

NMB Customers Can Now Start To Make International Payments As It Partners A German Bank

On the back of failing to process international transactions, NMBZ Holdings has announced that it has entered into a partnership with a German bank, ODDO BHF to allow its customers to make international payments and receive money from outside Zimbabwe. ODDO BHF is an independent Franco-German financial services group, with branches worldwide and a history stretching back […]

Online Payment For Travel Visas To Zimbabwe Now Possible

Visitors can now pay online for travel visas to Zimbabwe after the Department of Immigration introduced an E-Visa payment system. The online payment can be done using Mastercard and Visa payment models only. Previously, the online visa application platform only facilitated the application of Visas but visitors were not able to pay for them on […]

Visa To Support Startups In Africa With $100 000

Visa is bringing the Everywhere Initiative,  to the region of Sub Saharan Africa. The program is meant to support innovative startups that can offer business solutions that fit into Visa’s ecosystem of products and services. The winners of the competition will walk away with $50 000 funding that they can use to grow their innovation. What is the […]

Breaking: Barclays restricts use of Visa cards with immediate effect

Barclays Bank, one of the only two banks we know about that still allowed spending on debit cards outside the country without USD cash pre-funding, has just announced some changes. It won’t anymore. Or, to put it more accurately, customers will need to have such spending approved by the bank beforehand. Here’s the announcement the […]

Ecobank introduces Scan+Pay, a way for you to make payments much faster

Ecobank recently announced that they’re launching a new service called Scan+Pay which will be available in 33 countries across Africa. Scan+Pay is a service that will allow you to scan a barcode image (QR code) using your smartphone so that you can pay for goods or send money to someone else. The service is the […]

Barclays Bank reduces Visa limits; $150 per day for standard cards

Barclays Bank has revised its Visa debit card daily limits downwards. The bank’s standard cards have been reduced to a daily limit of $100 on Point of Sale (PoS) and $50 on ATM while the prestige segment of cards have been reduced to $150 on PoS and also $50 on ATM. The new limits kick in […]

RBZ States That Standard Chartered Bank Cancelling Use Of Visa Is Not Directive From Them

Today a notice appeared in the Herald that stated that Standard Chartered had cancelled, with immediate effect, the use of their Visa cards outside Zimbabwe, with clients needing to seek prior approval 72 hrs before departure. This has proved not yet to extend to online payments, though the fear and concern has been that this was […]

Standard Chartered Visa Card Cancellation Just For Travelling As Online Payments Go Through

After the article we posted this morning in regards to Standard Chartered bank cancelling Visa card payments outside of Zimbabwe, it has now come to our attention that this is just for the physical card, when one travels and not online payments, for now. Confirmation has been made by both a client who banks with Standard […]

Standard Chartered Cancels The Use Of Visa Cards Outside Of Zimbabwe…

Techzim today came upon a notification published in The Herald by one of Zimbabwe’s internationally owned banks, Standard Chartered, stating that the bank has cancelled the use of its Visa cards outside Zimbabwe with immediate effect. The action has been taken to “ensure best use of the increasingly scarce foreign currency resources” due to the […]

Can’t use EcoCash/Telecash for your DStv payments? – here are 3 other options (update)

EcoCash will no longer be supporting payments for pay TV service DStv starting from the 1st of January 2017. Considering how widespread EcoCash is (it’s the most widespread e-payment channel in Zimbabwe) this is going clearly to affect a lot of subscribers. It doesn’t mean you have to go to the bank straight away, though. […]

Zimbabwean banks begin restricting Telegraphic Transfers (Updates)

Banks in Zimbabwe have began restricting Telegraphic Transfers (TTs). TTS are money transfers from a Zimbabwean bank account to bank account outside the country. The development has come swiftly after the announcement of the introduction of new Bond Notes local currency by the government this month. Customers of banks have complained on social media and other platforms that their banks […]

As Ecobank taps into Zimbabwean e-banking it’s leaving out 2 major blocks

Is the latest drive for e-banking from Ecobank adequate for a 2015 Zimbabwe which is a proudly informal economy? It would seem that the glaring omission from Ecobank’s strategy is an aggressive adoption of indigenous retail banking alternatives.

Meikles Financial Services set to launch its own MyCash Card

The Meikles group is developing a loyalty card that is similar to the MyClub Card but looking to enhance it with banking services. Most conventional mobile money transactions are going to be covered by the card.

How to send money to UK

There are instances when you are either travelling or have a friend or relative in the diaspora and need to send money to them. Yes, the flow of funds is not just one way, but undoubtedly more funds come into Zimbabwe than go out (I’m not referring to payments for goods here, but rather peer […]

“Just Swift It” campaign introduces e-commerce to Zim logistics

With online payments and e-commerce pretty much figured out thanks to various options like Paynow, Pay4App and vPayments, everyone who prefers “e-simplicity” is looking at how local merchants and service providers will make it a part of the ordinary transaction experience. In a first from local transport and logistics concerns, freight company Swift has taken a […]

Paynow to host developer day focused on boosting online payments in Zimbabwe

Paynow, the Zimbabwean internet payments platform developed by Webdev has decided to give local internet payments a shot in the arm by working with developers. Together with Hypercube Hub, Paynow will be hosting a developer day at the tech hub on Saturday 16 August 2014. The day long event (9 am to 5 pm) will […]

Unboxing the value of the Telecash Gold Card

Yesterday Telecel Zimbabwe launched a debit card for their mobile money users called the TeleCash Gold Card.This product had been in the pipeline for a while now, with Telecel having given some information on the card and what it would mean for subscribers at the launch of Telecash some months ago. While the launch itself […]

Telecel launches debit card

Mobile service provider Telecel has launched a debit card for its Telecash mobile financial services subscribers. Dubbed the Telecash Gold Card, it allows Telecash subscribers to make transactions on all ZimSwitch POS terminals and also enables withdrawals from every ZimSwitch ATM facility. The card can also be used for the payment of a host of […]

Sakunda Energy digitalises payment with Fuel Card

Most of us remember coupons fondly as the easily tradable pseudo-currency from the pre-dollarisation era. Well, local fuel distributor Sakunda Energy has taken a step into the digital age and done away with the coupons with the introduction of their Sakunda Fuel Card. The petroleum concern stopped selling coupons some time ago and has been advising […]

PayPal In Zimbabwe: Here’s How To Open Your PayPal Account

UPDATE: Right now the cards that are working online and with PayPal in Zimbabwe are the USD pre-funded MasterCard/Visa cards which are being issued by some banks for example FBC, Steward Bank, NMB… Some banks still have well functioning non pre-funded MasterCard/Visa debit cards but with strict restrictions on online payments. Please check with your […]

Paynow, a new Zimbabwean internet payments gateway. Simplicity at its best

If you tried to buy a ticket to the Broadband Forum event that we held last week, you probably noticed you could buy online, and that we were accepting EcoCash, ZimSwitch Vpayments and even VISA. And it worked seamlessly both for us and the people paying. We were using the new internet payments platform by Webdev called Paynow. The platform has been live for […]

Using PayPal from Zimbabwe: Introduction

In this series we will look at how to buy and sell using PayPal from Zimbabwe. Update: Recently, PayPal contacted our webhosts with a request to take down this page because it “uses our trademarks inappropriately.” We assumed they meant their logo and not all the content on the page. We have therefore removed the […]

Guide to online shopping in Zimbabwe: making payments

Just like in a supermarket, after which many online shopping carts are modelled, you will have to pay for the product you want to buy before it is shipped to you. The accepted payment methods vary from seller to seller. The ways to effect payment range from simple and common like the use of a debit card or Western Union to complex electronic money methods like webmoney and bitcoin.

Guide to online shopping in Zimbabwe: the introduction

Ever since the introduction of the multiple currency system in Zimbabwe, online shopping has become somewhat simpler. Hitherto problems like obtaining an internationally accepted Visa/ MasterCard, hyperinflation and limited internet connections had hampered the widespread adoption of e-commerce.

Shopping safely abroad using debit cards

Most of us have friends and relatives who lost money and valuables either on their way to and back from South Africa. Despite our well stocked shops, there are still some economic reasons for embarking on this perilous journey to shop in towns like Musina and Johannesburg especially if you are looking to purchase some IT related equipment.