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Advantages of B2B model for VOD startups more apparent as iROKO goes Global

In a sense, that is what content curators chasing the iROKO model might have to consider as well. The real revenues that warrant praise for a growing demand for African content are yet to be realised from a subscription based model in our environment.

Showmax to enable Game of Thrones downloads for African market

A report from Bloomberg cites a source who shared plans by Showmax to enable downloading of its content which includes movies and highly popular series like Game of Thrones. This is supposed to be a way of addressing the challenges the African market has with the high cost of internet and the sparse distribution of fixed internet solutions.

African VOD service Wabona shutting down

One of Africa’s video on demand (VOD) services, Wabona, has just announced that it is shutting down. In a statement that has been circulated to its stakeholders and shared on Facebook, the team behind Wabona has pointed out how they will be closing shop in the next few days.

Forget Netflix, ZBC is launching Web TV

The digital migration deadline is less than 3 months away and while there are a lot of issues around what that will mean for local content creation and broadcasting, the unanimous agreement is that it is a very positive step that will help local broadcasting to at least catch up with modern trends. One of […]

If Netflix is coming to Zimbabwe, this is its real competition, and it’s not DStv

Zimbabweans love great television and movies. How else would you explain the way DVDs have become a permanent part of street-side vendor tapestry? Other than vegetables and rush-hour basic commodities, these DVDs only have to compete with WhatsApp vendors and phone repair services for more attention. It actually shows how big a potential market exists […]

TV Yangu nominated for 2014 Social Media Awards Africa, seeks votes from community

Local Video On Demand startup TV Yangu was recently nominated for the 2014 Social Media Awards Africa. TV Yangu works as a video service that aggregates afro-centric content from Zimbabwe and other countries. The Social Media Awards Africa identify noteworthy contributions in social media and digital media with contestants drawn from throughout the continent. They are […]