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Vodafone Withdraws From FB’s Libra Association To Focus On M-Pesa

Following Facebook’s announcement of Libra, there was a brief honeymoon phase where crypto and tech enthusiasts celebrated the coming of this digital currency which would leverage Facebook’s digital footprint of 2.45+ billion users. Fast forward 7 months and that enthusiasm has died down. A number of Libra association members have stepped down with Vodafone being […]

Another free Twitter promo, what’s the idea behind it though?

This week Airtel Kenya made the news because of a free Twitter promotion being extended to its subscribers from now until January 2015. Subscribers will have unlimited access to the micro blogging site through web browsers and the official Twitter Android or Windows Phone apps. This is hardly a new gig. Similar free Twitter promos have also been […]

Africa’s Telecoms Titans: Millicom International Cellular

Tigo Africa is a part of Millicom International Cellular S.A. The company was founded by the Swedish conglomerate, AB Kinnevik and became one of the pioneers of mobile telephony. It began setting up its first network in 1979 in Sweden and went on to become one of the founding members of Vodafone. Over the last two decades, Millicom has evolved into an emerging markets telecoms operator with core interests in Africa, Central America and South America.

On second thoughts, Africa’s tablet computing boom is inevitable

The proliferation of mobile based internet access and the evolution of traditional broadband services from niched to mainstream products, is transforming developing economies and their place in the knowledge economy. In the developed world, the death of the consumer PC segment is now almost complete.

Kenyans to receive Western Union remittances on M-PESA

In what Safaricom is referring to as “the largest deal of its kind in the world”, M-PESA subscribers in Kenya will now be able to receive international Western Union remittances on their mobile phones. With a total of 13.5 million subscribers on the M-PESA platform, the development is a big milestone for both Safaricom and Western Union.

The Safaricom/Western Union alliance will see Kenyans receive remittances from 45 countries and territories. “No other Kenya operator can receive money from as many countries”, Safaricom boasted in a release.

An Ultra Low Cost Phone For Africa

Vodafone yesterday announced the launch of two ultra low cost handsets targeted at consumers in the emerging markets of Africa and Asia. According to the Vodafone press release, the handsets (Vodafone 150 and Vodafone 250) will launch in the coming weeks in India and across Africa.

The Vodafone 150 will retail unsubsidised at below US $15 and the Vodafone 250, US $20, depending on the local market.