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Ecocash Push Econet Revenue Growth To $831 Million, 34% Increase

Econet revenues increased to $831,6 million for the year ended February 2018. This reflected an increase of ($209.9 million) 34% relative to the last comparable period.  The increase was propped by Econet’s constant efforts of creating new avenues for revenue through its broadband and media content ventures. The newly created ventures have made Econet adopt […]

POTRAZ will not force MNOs to reduce data tariffs. To let market forces regulate

With internet out-of-bundle prices ranging from US 7 cents (NetOne) to 15 cents (Econet) per megabyte, Zimbabwe’s data tariffs are considered relatively – to the average incomes that is – high. This however, a directive to MNOs issued by POTRAZ last week suggested, is not high enough to warrant POTRAZ’s intervention. POTRAZ will, for now, leave data charges to […]

Econet slashes international tariffs. Fails to compete with its own App bundles

Over the last several days, Econet announced through its website a promotion reduction of international tariff rates by up to (emphasis ours) 25% for countries in the region and to 20 cents a minute for calls to the UK, the US, China and Canada. Before this, the last reduction was in February last year. This latest round goes lower. Ads published […]

Powertel’s voice interconnection to happen within a month

In November 2012 we wrote: It’s the voice network we first heard of more than a year ago when PowerTel said they were all set to launch and that interconnection agreements were complete. This week’s announcement confirms they over-promised both on the “set to launch” and the interconnection front. Yes, in July 2011 Powertel had […]

New Africom voice promo: Pay for 3 minutes for an unlimited call

How would you being charged for just the first 3 minutes of a call and the rest, no matter how long the call, is free. Internet and VoIP operator, Africom, thinks you’ll love the idea, and that you’ll probably start making more calls. Or even better, that you’ll migrate to their network. The company announced […]

Telecel slashes off-peak call & internet tariffs

In a move that’s likely shake the market, Telecel announced today the slashing of call and internet tariffs in a new promotion called Mo Fire.