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ZOL Lowers Tariffs For VoIP Service

ZOL has been doing a lot to lower to offer their customers more value for their money and the most recent of such moves is the lowering of tariffs for VoIP. ZOL sent out the following email to customers announcing the change: Dear Valued Customer We would like to thank you for using the ZOL […]

Hope For Data Prices To Fall In Zimbabwe As IXP Is Launched…

Zimbabwe is reported to be amongst the countries with high Internet connectivity costs in the SADC region, and everywhere else. This has been attributed to a number of factors, both real and perceived. These high costs have been the major bottleneck in the development and uptake of all ICT driven initiatives in the country, most […]

Corporate landline use in steady decline as users switch from TelOne to cheaper options like VoIP

Zimbabwean corporate subscriptions for fixed voice telecommunications maintained a steady decline throughout 2016 and TelOne, the country’s only provider of fixed lines recorded a 9.3% decline between the second and third quarter of 2016.

TelOne’s Talk+ product, the diaspora opportunity, and its real competition

In October, TelOne launched a new voice product called Talk+. It’s a VoIP service that uses Skype. If you’re in Zimbabwe and need to make calls to other people in Zimbabwe, you’d be unwise to use this product. If however you’re in the diaspora (or even want to call the diaspora from Zim), no product could […]

Facebook introduces group calling on Messenger app

Facebook yesterday announced the introduction of group calling on its chatting app, Messenger. Essentially, people in a Facebook chatting group can now have an audio conversation together instead of just typing to each other. The feature is rolling out today and is available on Android as well as iOS.

WhatsApp, Skype, Facebook & every other reason why people aren’t calling home

Something that is contributing to this is the falling international traffic. It’s been noted for fixed network traffic, where, despite a slight increase during the third quarter of 2014, the incoming voice calls have been on a downward trend. Leading up to the end of the second quarter of 2015, this traffic fell by 2.8% to end at 11,854,199 minutes.

POTRAZ is preparing Quality of Service standards for telecoms and asking for your input

POTRAZ, however, is keen on addressing this Telecoms Quality of Service issue and has called on people to share their own thoughts on the draft regulations and to make their own contributions as well before the 7th of October 2015.

Shouldn’t TelOne migrate its major voice clients to VoIP?

Given that Telone is not investing in maintaining or improving their fixed lines infrastructure, shouldn’t it just migrate major customers to VoIP?

Liquid Telecom has upped the ante on services, not just the infrastructure

There’s a pattern that is emerging in all of this – Liquid is striking a balance between the infrastructure and services, defining a clearer role for itself in value addition and not just focusing on fibre optic rollout.

The Liquid Telecom VoIP launch in pictures

Liquid Telecom recently hosted an event in Harare to launch its VoIP service for Enterprise clients. We covered the event and touched on the impact of Liquid’s entry into VoIP, but here are the pictures from the event.

Forbes 30 under 30, Liquid VoIP, EcoCash, Twenty Third Century Systems: Podcast

Here’s our weekly podcast which touched on the latest to happen in tech in the past week like the 2 Zimbabwean techies on Forbes Africa’s list, the new mobile operator that a local consortium wants to set up and EcoCash Diaspora in South Africa.

In case you missed it : Highlights from F8 Facebook Developer Conference

Earlier on, we managed to catch the first few hours of the F8 Facebook Developer Conference.  Even though this was just the start of Day 1, a lot was shared by the Facebook team tonight (it’s actually day-time in San Francisco where all this happening), especially in the keynote address made by founder and CEO Mark […]

Econet says it’s not worried about WhatsApp Calling. Here’s why

We got in touch with Econet to establish their position on the new WhatsApp calls and the company’s response is that they’re not worried at all. That VoIP apps would come and move the cheese is something they saw long back he says and that they are already well on their way to a reengineered core not reliant […]

WhatsApp calling has started. But only for some users. How will operators react?

So WhatsApp calling has finally arrived. So far however, it’s only showing up for some Android users who have the latest update of the WhatsApp application. “Latest” in this case means so new it’s not available in the Play Store yet. It has to be downloaded off the WhatsApp website here (Version 2.11.508 is the […]

ZOL has disrupted the Zim internet space, is voice communication next?

Zimbabweans are very particular about the cost of a product or service and any adjustment made to that effect. This extends to anything that an entrepreneur might want to provide really. The market is very price sensitive, just ask Powertel. It’s all blamed on the tough economic environment. Every dollar counts so if you up the […]

5 features that could make WhatsApp even better

Technology is extending our reach in ways that we never thought possible, boundaries be damned. In a way, we’ve grown to understand that talking to the next person no longer involves traveling through distances. It’s just a call, text or WhatsApp away. It’s no doubt WhatsApp is a part of this change. It has won […]

Are we finally kissing goodbye to ridiculously expensive roaming charges?

Roaming tariffs are quite frankly ridiculous! The world over. For example, a story is told of a teenager who came back from an overseas trip to a phone bill of about $6000. Her one crime; doing normal teenage stuff like post to Facebook and share photos. Roaming charges are such a big issue that the […]

Zimfon’s response on the legality of the company’s VoIP services

Yesterday, we published an article in which we had comments from POTRAZ Deputy Director General, Alfred Marisa, on the legality of the recently launched Zimfon VoIP service. Legality in terms of meeting Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulation requirements. He essentially said Zimfon is not compliance with regulatory requirements. Below is Zimfon’s response on the matter. Sent to us […]

Zimfon’s VoIP service does not comply with regulatory requirements, says POTRAZ

Following the announcement of the new Zimfon VoIP service, there’s been a lot of discussion both online and off about the legality of the service against Zimbabwe’s telecoms regulations. So we contacted POTRAZ to get their view on it and that view is that Zimfon is not in compliance. The service, according to POTRAZ deputy […]

An interview with Zimfon representative, Brett Chulu

Recently, we had the opportunity to interview a representative of Zimfon, Brett Chulu, on the nature of the Zimfon service; what it offers, how its different from competition, the relationship to Africom and Guro-o. Brett Chulu for us has been the face of Zimfon as he’s the only one we’ve been in touch with on […]

Zimfon launches unlimited calling to Zimbabwe for Diaspora customers

As promised last week, Zimfon today launched the new unlimited calling service targeted at the Diaspora. The service, if it sails through with no problems, maybe result in Zimfon (and Africom) terminating most of the international calls to Zimbabwe as, from what we can tell, the value proposition is quite significant. That said, it’s not clear if the regulator will let it fly seeing the line between this (international VoIP traffic routed via a local VoIP operator) and “traffic refiling” is quite blurred.

Zimfon, a VoIP service for the diaspora, to officially launch next week

Zimfon, a US-based Voice-over Internet Protocol service provider (VoIP), targeting Zimbabwe’s diaspora, has said they will be officially launching an additional service next week at an event to be held in Harare. Zimfon has so far been offering VoIP services to Zimbabweans in the diaspora through the Africom network. A teaser on their site indicates they […]

Zimbabwe VoIP providers the immediate losers in mobile price wars

While discussing the possible pricing of their new VoIP service some time ago, one telecoms executive remarked “Our interconnection pricing is skewed in favour of the incumbents! It’s difficult to make any meaningful money in Zimbabwe as a VoIP provider”.

Two weeks with Africom’s Guroo: Review and Howto

It is more than ten days now since Econet disconnected Telecel and the dispute still rages on with no clear end in sight as both the warring parties and the regulator POTRAZ have been mum on details about how the dispute is being solved if is being solved at all.

Africom explains what the new Guroo VoIP service is

Yesterday, we wrote about Africom’s new VoIP service called Guroo (prounced guru). As usual, a company usually have their own story about what a product is and how it will impact the market. One thing we note in the release sent to us this morning is that Africom is presenting itself as a Guroo reseller as opposed to the owners of the company and brand.

Guroo is Africom’s new VoIP service. Our initial thoughts

You may have noticed Guroo over the past several days. Or Guro-o if we go by the new service’s domain name and logo. It’s a product by Africom and in case you are wondering how that’s pronounced, it’s ‘guru’ as in expert. It’s a new VoIP service the company has launched. Africa’s first, they are saying.

Liquid selects new cloud voice traffic management solution

A press release sent out yesterday announced that the UK headquartered Liquid Telecom Group has selected a new Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the management of its wholesale traffic termination services.

The Google Tax: is it justified?

The internet has been described as a global system of interconnected computer networks that makes use a suite of protocols to serve billions of users worldwide.

Press Release: Econet Wireless blocking Aquiva Wireless Voip calls

Aquiva Wireless would like to advise new and existing customers that there is currently an ongoing interconnection dispute between ourselves and Econet Wireless. Due to this we are currently unable to guarantee calls terminating to Econet.

Viber comes to Nokia S40, Symbian & Samsung Bada (update)

Viber, the mobile communications platform offering free voip calls, text and photo messages, announced that it has surpassed the 100 million users milestone across the multiple phone platforms that it supports. Additionally, the company unveiled that it is simultaneously releasing three new messaging versions of its application for popular phone platforms: Nokia’s Series 40 feature […]