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BBC’s Dirty Secrets of the Cigarette Business is a must watch

Yesterday BBC One aired an intriguing and riveting documentary called Dirty Secrets of the Cigarette Business which explores the sordid underbelly of the tobacco and cigarette business. While, to most of us Zimbabweans, tobacco just happens to be one of our biggest foreign currency earners, it turns out there is a whole dark world out […]

With Protests On The Horizon, You Better Have A VPN Ready In Case The Internet Is Switched Off Again

Major opposition party -MDC A (its MDC A right??)- has protests planned for August 16 (tomorrow), which means we could end up with limited access to the internet or if push comes to shove no internet at all. Let’s talk VPNs If access is blocked off for social media and messaging apps –as it was […]

5 Free VPN Software For Your Laptop/Desktop

The word VPN itself takes many Zimbabweans back to late January 2019 when the government was playing with the internet switch. For days many people failed to use social media as it was blocked whereas other parts of the internet were working. For those who desperately needed to keep in touch with their loved ones during […]

VPNs Are The Most Popular App Category In Zim Right Now But Most Of The Free Ones Might Expose Your Data

So over the past week VPNs suddenly became the must-have applications for Zimbos. In fact, VPN searches from our country spiked by over 1560% because of the government’s illegal move to shutdown social media in the face of protests. In the midst of all that, it’s a bit irritating when one stumbles upon a report […]

5 More Things You Didn’t Know You Can Do With A VPN

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) has recently been a remarkably useful tool in Zimbabwe, owing to the shutting down and throttling of internet by the government amid the #ShutdownZimbabwe protests. Many Zimbos now know that a VPN can encrypt their internet connection and allow them to ‘virtually’ locate their phones and computers in different locations […]

Social Media Is Still Blocked, Let’s Keep Using VPNs

So yes the internet has been switched back on again for the second time. Again this time without open access to social media. Econet, the country’s biggest mobile network operator has just sent a message informing subscribers of this development. Says the message: Dear valued customer At 15:55 on 18/01/:2019, we got a further instruction […]

If The Internet Is Switched Off Again, You Can Follow The #ShutdownZimbabwe Protests On These TV Stations

There is a time when VPN doesn’t work; like what happened 2 days ago when the government stopped blocking social media IP addresses but it completely switched off the internet.  During that time you  gonna have to rely on Television. For you to avoid spend your time switching between many TV stations in the hope […]

The Idiot’s Guide To VPN Blocking

So my colleague has already highlighted the fact that some people are now having problems accessing social media when connecting using VPNs. It would appear that ISPs and IAPs have also been secretly directed to block VPNs. They are unlikely to achieve much success on that front given how VPN works but they will no […]

Social Media In Zimbabwe Now Inaccesible To Those With VPNs As Well

Internet access has been restored but it seems the lockdown on social media is still going strong and though earlier you could access the social media sites along with YouTube and WhatsApp if you had a VPN installed it seems that government has taken things further by blocking most VPNs as well which means most […]

How To Access NetFlix US Library Using SmartyDNS

Last week we looked at how Zimbabweans are being charged more, a lot more, for Netflix when compared to their US counterparts. This is when we take into account what we are asked to pay versus the Netflix Library items ( TV Shows and Movies) that are available to watch from Zimbabwe on the streaming […]

Facebook Caught Collecting Data Again; This Will Not End Well

Cambridge Analytica scandal was a huge deal and though Facebook apologised and promised reforms and repentance, they keep getting caught with their pants down. 14 million private posts went public without the users consent. It was also revealed that Facebook had been sharing personal user information with Chinese smartphone users; and if you know anything […]

In Case Someone Tampers With The Internet, Here’s What You Need To Do To Ensure You Stay Online

Riots have erupted in the CBD in Harare as it seems there is a section of citizen who are not entirely happy with the results of the 2018 Elections. After being at the Command Centre (HICC) around midday it’s clear there is a lot of unrest. There was a small crowd gathering in protest at […]

Uganda’s Telecomms Operator Will Block Virtual Private Networks (VPN) To Stop Social Media Tax Evasion

Ugandans are turning to use Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) to bypass a new social media tax that came into force on Sunday. This has attracted the attention of Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) (telecommunications watchdog) which said that telecommunication companies will block VPN applications that are aiding Ugandans to evade social media tax. UCC said; We have technology that […]

Using SmartDNS and VPN on Ubuntu

Last month I wrote about the awesomeness of SmartDNS‘s DNS and VPN services. A lot has happened  since then in the political arena. Not least of which is the fact that we have a new President; something that was unthinkable when I wrote the piece. The world is changing Some have taken these changes to […]

Don’t Fall Prey To These Hazards While Torrenting!

The internet is a didactic mind field of the addiction, the legal and the illegal, often dubbed the modern Wild West. The way you are traversing the murky depths of the web, your activities are being recorded in a public sphere, and can often be viewed. Downloading online content has become our daily task, but […]

Everyone is now feeling uneasy on the internet. No worries, here’s how to Protect and Free yourself

The internet has always been about transcending boundaries and providing unfettered access to information in ways that traditional media and information sources such as libraries could not. For the most part, this has remained true. A person in Zimbabwe can read the New York Times as soon as article is published, we can use Skype […]

What is it and how secure is the Tor Browser that O’Donovan was using?

If you are following the Martha O’Donovan case you might have seen mention of The Onion Router (Tor) on her charge sheet. The charge sheet says O’Donovan says, The accused made significant use of the Onion Router (TOR) browser, a tool which is used to hide online activity. To understand what the Tor browser we […]

The Gambia joins Africa’s politically inspired internet censorship club – here’s why Zimbabwe could be next

It’s clearly being viewed as a strategic way to quash expression or control communication in one way or the other. As Zimbabwe gears up for its own election season in 2018, it’s hard to not imagine that our government could explore the same strategy if “things” got out of hand.

Opera introduces free unlimited VPN service for Android devices

image credit: Opera has finally released its free unlimited VPN service for Android. The Opera VPN service is a separate application from the company’s web browser. The VPN service allows you to browse the internet privately and anonymously, hiding what you do online from being tracked. The VPN also allows you to bypass firewalls and […]

Opera includes a free VPN in its latest browser release

Whether you want to watch the American Netflix, want to be anonymous on the internet, are are freaked out about the possibility of a government snooping on your internet activities, a VPN is the tool of choice. But usually you have to pay for it, or you have to deal with one comprise or the other. Opera has […]