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WhatsApp multidevice support is coming in two months

Multi-Device support is coming

Two important updates coming to WhatsApp soon

The need for speed.

WhatsApp is tweaking its disappearing messages timer

Telegram and Signal are doing disappearing messages better…

WhatsApp disappearing messages feature closer to launch

We first wrote about WhatsApp’s self-destructing messages back in October last year. The feature cycle for WhatsApp is already painfully slow and I’m sure working from home only compounded that. Anyway, the destructing messages are closer to launching. The feature is available in WhatsApp’s latest beta but hasn’t been enabled yet, meaning users can’t use […]

More Details On WhatsApp Self Destructing Messages Leak

A few months ago we wrote about disappearing/self-destructing messages which at the time were a feature being rolled out to certain beta testers. WhatsApp Beta Info recently leaked more details regarding the feature and how it will be coming to individual chats as well. Initially, the feature was thought to be useful for keeping your […]

People Getting Banned On WhatsApp For Being In Groups With Suspicious Names – Report

A new report by the ever-reliable tipster, Wabetainfo says that WhatsApp is banning users that are in groups that have or suspicious names. Wabetainfo claims that it has received several reports from users who got banned for using peculiar names (for WhatsApp groups) that violate Terms of Services. In these weeks we are receiving a […]