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Naspers, parent company of MultiChoice set to launch a Netflix competitor

It seems like the guys behind MultiChoice, Naspers, are preparing for the arrival of Netflix with a new service. An article has cited sources that have said that an event being organised by Naspers and pencilled for the 19th of August is the launch of a subscription video on demand (SVOD) service that Naspers has been working on for a while.

Death of Wabona gives glimpse of jungle called the African VOD market

The news that Wabona, an African content Video On Demand service shut down was a low moment for African tech and media startups. a number of aspects related to their model have stood out as weaknesses for a while now. Theirs represent most of the challenges in setting up a Pan-African VOD service. However, in the lessons, there are some opportunities that could also emerge for Wabona or other VOD services.

African VOD service Wabona shutting down

One of Africa’s video on demand (VOD) services, Wabona, has just announced that it is shutting down. In a statement that has been circulated to its stakeholders and shared on Facebook, the team behind Wabona has pointed out how they will be closing shop in the next few days.

Startup TV Yangu wants Africa to tell its own story through video

We all love great video content. It has an even greater impact if it’s got local relevance. Because of this appetite more and more local content creators are churning out productions but they face the challenge of limited online places where all this content can be consumed. TV Yangu, a local video on demand service […]

Africa’s Netflix, iROKOtv, kills ads to focus on subscription VOD exclusively

Jason Njoku, the founder of what is arguably Africa’s largest online movie service, iROKOtv, announced today that his company is going to stop the free ad driven component of their Video on Demand service to focus exclusively on subscriptions. The announcement was made in a long blog post titled Killing iROKOtv posted on Njoku’s personal blog. In the announcement, Njoku describes the […]

Internet Video startup, Wabona, finally adds more content, promises TV shows

Wabona, a South African startup by Zimbabweans that offers a subscription based internet video streaming service, has finally added more video content to the website. ‘Finally’ because despite announcing, back in April last year, that they’d be adding some 3,100 hours of content to the service, we didn’t seen any new content the 9 months […]

More than 3,100 hours of movies coming to Wabona

Last week, when we posted an article about Wabona’s new flat monthly subscription based model for their internet movie startup, we speculated that there may be issues getting content (or rights to put it on the net) for the startup as there still seems not much content on the site.

Internet movie startup Wabona moves to subscription based model

Wabona, a South African based online move startup founded by two Zimbabwean last year has moved from a per movie payment model to a monthly subscription based one. In an email to their customers, co-founders Simba Mabasha and Simukayi Makuna announced the change over the weekend.

Wabona and the internet opportunity for pay-per-view video streaming in Africa

We were recently in touch with Simukayi Mukuna, one of the two co-founders of a new pay-per-view video streaming service called Wabona. The service was launched in beta in November last year, and the Wabona team has since been accepted into a 88mph startup incubator in South Africa. it was great opportunity therefore for us to hear out their perspectives and plans withe the service.