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Zanu-PF website hacked. Showing pirate movies and porn pictures (update)

Update (1815hrs): The site has now been taken down totally. Update (1720hrs): The site has since had the bad content removed The website of Zimbabwe’s ruling party, Zanu-PF was hacked. The website right now is showing links to pirate movies of such titles as Despicable Me, Cars 3 and Logan. Some sections of the website […]

SSL cetificate authority Let’s Encrypt issues over 20 million certificates – here’s why their work’s a big deal

A year ago if you wanted a simple SSL certificate for your site or application you had to part with your hard earned dollars to get it. Granted that the cash shortages were still not known to most of us, liquidity was already a problem. On 12 April last year Let’s Encrypt changed all that. […]

Econet says Ownai wasn’t hacked, site is undergoing prelaunch tests

According to Econet, the Ownai site is still undergoing some necessary tests around security and stability and the inference that had been made that it was hacked wasn’t necessarily factual.

Ownai, the new Tengai experiences brief downtime, some suspect another hack

Ownai, the new version of Tengai wasn’t accessible for an extended interval, with visitors to the URL being directed to a page carrying a 504 Gateway Timeout error message. Usually, this is diagnosed as a network error between servers, but because of the history that Tengai had with security breaches, some people have opined that this could have been another attack.

These Bulawayo techies are sharing info on how to hack a bank

Some people might recognise the name Owasp, a global non-profit organisation that works on improving software security. The Owasp Bulawayo chapter, in partnership with tech incubator, SkyHub, will be holding an event called “How To Hack a Bank Using XSS”.

Tengai, the classifieds platform linked to Econet has been hacked by Net Neutrality proponents

Tengai, the new classifieds platform that partnered with Econet Wireless to offer zero-rated access to Econet subscribers, has been hacked by Net Neutrality proponents.

Creating a SPF record for your domain

In this installment, we will look at how you can configure an SPF ( Sender Policy Framework) record for your domain. We are going to assume you have a basic working knowledge of how to edit domain records using the tools like CPanel, Webmin, or your host/domain name provider’s control panel or (for those who are really geek-crazy) by hand in Bind.

How you can enable secure HTTPS on your webserver

This is a continuation on a series that deals with building a secure webserver. The focus this time is on using HTTPS for this, setting it up and why its an advantage to have it, especially for any site that has e-commerce functionality.

Zimbabwe Independent Website Hacked

The Zimbabwe Independent website was attacked and penetrated by hackers earlier this week. Though this is hardly something new for local publisher websites, this attack was the first in quite a while. According to the team at the Independent, the newspaper has been back online and precautions have been taken to guard against something like this.

Facebook accepts responsibility for outage: It wasn’t a hacker attack

Earlier today the whole world experienced a Facebook and Instagram outage which lasted for an hour. Facebook has taken responsibility for the disruption citing a technical fault encountered when a change introduced affected the system’s configuration. It turned out that other services like Tinder and HipChat were also affected. Although prankster hacking crew Lizard Squad seemed to […]

Zimbabwean websites hacked. Joomla fault or just poor security management?

So every now and again we get tips about local websites that have been hacked, defaced or compromised in one way or the other. In the past few days, there was an increase in such tips as quite a number of websites, most of organisations very well known, were compromised. As has been the case in the many previous cases we’ve […]

Know Your Enemy: Are you prepared to handle security incidents?

As an IT Consultant, I have frequently come across the notion expressed by a number of clients here in Zimbabwe and surrounding countries that they would be of no interest to any Hacker or malicious intruder. Shocking then that there are a number of incidents, some undisclosed, that have taken place within our borders, proof […]

Government website hacked

Yesterday, we noticed that a government website,, was hacked. The website belongs to the Ministry of Mines and Mining Development. It was designed and is hosted by the Government Internet Service Provider (GISP) so we sent them an email notifying them just in case they don’t know it yet.

Why Zimbabwean websites are increasingly getting hacked (list of hacked sites)

In recent months, each time we’ve posted an article about a high profile website being hacked – such as the story about Fingaz today – what follows is a number of tweets, emails and phone calls with readers basically ask: What’s going on? Why has the hacking increased so much? Why are Zim websites being targeted?

Another high profile website hacked, this time it’s Fingaz

We have been alerted by readers to the hacking of yet another high profile website in Zimbabwe, that of the Financial Gazette, Our checks show that the website was hacked on Friday, 4 January 2013, and remains compromised at the time of posting this article.

Her Zimbabwe too has been hacked

Earlier today, we posted an article noting that popular local entertainment blog Zimbo Jam, had been hacked. The website has since been fixed, but it turns out they were not the only website on the server that was hacked. Another local website, was also hacked. The information was availed to us via our Facebook page after we posted the Zimbo Jam news.

The Daily News website suffers hacking

One of Zimbabwe’s 3 most read daily newspapers, the Daily News, had its website hacked yesterday. An email tip we got, and a tweet early Sunday morning say the site was showing the page  below instead of the usual content. From what we can see so far the hacking appears to be one of those […]

The basics of protecting your website

This guest article was written for TechZim by Joe Ruzvidzo, a blogger and consultant based in Harare, Zimbabwe. He writes here in his personal capacity. There have been numerous stories here on TechZim and around the world about websites being hacked. Some of the largest brands locally and abroad have had their websites defaced, and the […]

Are your children safe on the internet? What should you do?

One of the issues that’s not brought up as often as it should, as Zimbabwe and similar countries are starting to get online at a more accelerated pace, is the issue of the protection of minors. We are all somehow consumed in the liberation of information that the internet brings and seem to want to ignore its obvious double-edged-sword nature.