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How you can enable secure HTTPS on your webserver

This is a continuation on a series that deals with building a secure webserver. The focus this time is on using HTTPS for this, setting it up and why its an advantage to have it, especially for any site that has e-commerce functionality.

Here’s my email server recipe

Startups often have to come up with workarounds for every cost centre that could potentially derail their efforts. Email servers are one such area when it comes to the setup of decent tech. Here is a recipe or guide for setting up an email server that makes it easy for anyone to understand.

Zim Registrar General’s ‘passport forms website’ going on and off

The Registrar General department’s website which was revealed yesterday in a report announcing the availability of digital passport forms online see to have some issues. It may be that the department wasn’t quite ready to go digital yet. Since yesterday, the website has been going on and off. We have been experiencing it ourselves and information we […]