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Lots of homework for new directors at NetOne, TelOne and Zimpost

A few days ago the Minister of ICT, Postal and Courier Services, Webster Shamu, announced the new directors for local postal agency Zimpost and the two state owned telecoms outfits Netone and TelOne. The appointments are effective from 1 August 2014. The NetOne board chairman is Mr Alex Marufu and the vice chairman is Mr […]

ICT Suppliers Association & ICT Ministry revive National ICT Policy discussion

Remember the “new” National ICT Policy framework that was supposed to be launched back at the end of 2012 but never saw the light of day – a consequence of elections taking over priority. Well, we’re finally talking about it again. The ICT Ministry, together with the ICT Suppliers Association of Zimbabwe, will be holding […]

Minister Shamu, emulate Jonathan Moyo and shake up NetOne

Minister Shamu in party regalia at a NetOne official event. On the left is NetOne MD, Reward Kangai.Today I came across an interesting article published in the Herald entitled “Tolerating incompetence can be costly for Zanu-PF”, by Amai Jukwa. It’s not every day that you come across anything criticising Zanu-PF from the Herald or Amai […]

Zimbabwe’s new cabinet: Webster Shamu is the ICT minister

As you may know, the President of Zimbabwe is today announcing the new cabinet ministers that will head the country’s different ministries. In fact the announcement of the list is going on right now. We are, as would be expected, interested in who will head the ICT ministry. It is Webster Shamu. Him. Well, someone please update that Wikipedia entry.

Zim information minister calls for regulation of the internet, social media

A report in today’s Herald newspaper says Zimbabwe’ Media, Information and Publicity Minister, Webster Shamu, has called for the “appropriate regulation of the internet and new media platforms”. The Minister, according to the report, is calling for this because the potential of the internet to cause strife in society.