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Trump targets Tik-Tok & WeChat – Apps may be banned

A few days ago, Trump threatened to ban TikTok if the company wasn’t bought by a US company. This led to a flurry of rumours pointing to a TikTok purchase by Microsoft. Yesterday, the threat turned into reality and a nightmare for Bytedance and Naspers (parent owners of TikTok and WeChat). Trump issued an executive […]

TikTok & 58 other Chinese apps banned in India – Here’s Why

So India and China are not the best of friends right now and this has resulted in the banning of TikTok, WeChat and 57 other Chinese apps from Apple and Google’s app stores respectively. The apps that were banned have reportedly accumulated 4.9 billion downloads since 2014 and 750 million downloads this year alone. Chinese […]

WeChat Accused Of Censoring Coronavirus Related Messages

WeChat has been censoring messages about Coronavirus since January, according to research conducted by Citizen Labs. Citizen Labs says the Chinese Super App “censored coronavirus related” citing that both critical and neutral information were not immune from censorship. The scope of the censored content was expanded last month with the following types of corona-related content […]

Chakachaya paSasai Promotion Might Finally Incentivise People To Start Using Sasai

Sasai has been around for a while now. Unfortunately, no one outside of Cassava/Econet can really know how well the chat app is doing because they haven’t shared the number of active users. The application has been downloaded by over 100 000 users which is no small feat but I remember Econet celebrating similar milestones […]

Sasai Has End To End Encryption: No One Will Be Able To Access Your Conversations

One of the biggest questions I’ve had regarding Cassava Smartech’s recently launched social payments app Sasai is regarding security. How would our data be managed on the platform? Who would have access to the messages I send on the platform. During last year’s elections, the ruling party somehow ended up with our contact numbers and […]

Sasai Might Have A Business Version But We Are Not Sure When It Will Be Available

Cassava Smartech recently launched their own social payments application (think WeChat) and in less than a week they have already crossed the 1k install mark on the Google Play Store. People are definitely interested in understanding what this Sasai thing is and how it will work, but one thing that is clear is that the […]

Cassava (Econet) Launching Sasai, A Chat And Payments App Seeking To Challenge WhatsApp Dominance In Africa

Cassava Fintech International, the Econet Global owned company is launching a chat app targeted at the African continent next week. We first talked about the app, Sasai several weeks ago when Cassava let it slip on their website. Sasai will of course seek to challenge or perhaps dislodge WhatsApp, the Facebook owned chat app that […]

WhatsApp Pay Closer To Launch

Facebook’s WhatsApp Pay seems to have finally crossed regulatory hurdles that were delaying the launch of the service. The service was in beta since early 2018 and it was opened up to a million users. According to Blomberg, ” WhatsApp is required to show a third-party auditor that all data involved in payments will be […]

Users Training WeChat’s Image Recognition System Without Knowing

Some research published has brought to light the fact that WeChat users are unknowingly contributing to a database of blacklisted images as part of Chinese efforts to censor the internet. Due to the fact that Chinese companies have to monitor content on their platforms to avoid getting in the government’s bad books, once you consider […]

Cassava Smartech Working On Messaging Platform Similar To WeChat?

If a service listing on the Cassava Smartech website is anything to go by, it seems the local tech company is working on a social payment chat application. Something similar to WeChat. The social payments webpage doesn’t state the name of the product but it does make clear it’s a chat application as the page […]

Four Apps (Not So New) That Challenge WhatsApp Dominance… Outside Zimbabwe Of Course

WhatsApp is rapidly growing as a social platform, with millions of people around the world staying in touch through the communication channel. Latest reports from Ding go as far as to suggest that 56% of people see the app as their primary form of social media – staggering, given the relatively basic capabilities it possesses. […]

WhatsApp to enable payments service

That WhatsApp was working on business features to be launched in the future has been clear for a while now. People just didn’t know when. That has just changed. Facebook recently advertised the job, Digital Transactions Lead in India, and as one of the job responsibilities, the advert says the person will work cross-functionally with other teams supporting […]

If you can’t access WhatsApp here are 5 great alternatives

Out of the more popular options we’ve listed 5 common IM platforms that are easy to use, provide a somewhat familiar user experience and have core features like VoIP calling and group chat which we are now fond of.

Zimbabwe doesn’t need apps, it needs bots instead

Using the same third party integration to maximise on the attention that is given to these specific services, developers catering for Zimbabwe need to create solutions around WhatsApp and Facebook instead of independent applications that would otherwise be overlooked.

Tired of juggling all those messaging clients? Meet Franz, the one stop chat enabler

Franz is a new tool that is primed to become your favourite application if you are trying to juggle a host of chat clients as well as multiple accounts for those same clients.

WhatsApp and other OTT services face regulation in South Africa

South Africa’s Parliament is set to decide whether or not WhatsApp and other Over the Top(OTT) services like Skype and Viber should be regulated following concerns of “freeboarding” raised by telecoms operators.

The death of Mxit and its lessons for African startups

The death of Mxit marks a sad ending to the one African social media platform that managed to give a glimpse of the opportunity that locally developed platforms can exploit. However, there are some other lessons in there, and some that other African startups should take note of.

As Facebook starts integrating with WhatsApp, what can we look forward to?

Facebook and WhatsApp. That doesn’t sum up Zimbabwean smartphone access patterns, but it sure as hell comes close to telling a big part of it. It’s not the mobile operators’ faults either, the three of them only introduced the Over The Top Services of WhatsApp and Facebook bundles to cash in on the popularity of […]

WhatsApp Groups are a mess

EVERYONE on the internet is excited about how WhatsApp is finally emerging from its chrysalis and becoming the awesome Monarch butterfly it was meant to be. This was achieved by simply adding Voice calling to its list of features which will help it “disrupt the voice calling industry in much the same way it revolutionized the […]

WeChat introduces a VoIP service as standalone app

Messaging is pretty much in WhatsApp’s hands now, Mxit COO is also acknowledging it, and 600 million is just the start. So what else is there to do, are there any chances this can be taken to the next level? Maybe with VoIP. Although VoIP (voice over IP) is not new, it seemed most top […]

Skype disappears into impromptu video messaging with new app

Messaging is now about more than just texting, video has shown testimony to that. Even our local favourite chat platform WhatsApp is hugely popular for letting users share videos, something made easier by bundled services that spare any cost concern. To that end a lot of providers keen on maintaining relevance in that market are reaching […]

Is Google creating its own WhatsApp?

While most software companies find it hard to replicate success from its competition, arguably the best company to follow through with an equally competitive product is Google. They’ve done it with search, email clients, social and mobile computing (cue Android) and now they could be doing the same with mobile messaging. Facebook just closed its […]

WhatsApp’s latest milestone: 600 million active users,1 billion in sight

Yesterday co-founder and CEO of IM platform WhatsApp, Jan Koum tweeted that the application now has 600 million active users. The figure affirms WhatsApp as the world’s most popular instant messaging application ahead of rivals like WeChat (438 million users), Line (235 million users) and Facebook Messenger; a position the app has held even in the […]

WhatsApp edges Facebook Messenger as the leading IM platform

The GlobalWebIndex Mobile Messaging Survey for the second quarter of 2014 has just revealed that WhatsApp is the top chat application globally outside the Chinese market. This puts it ahead of Facebook Messenger which has been leveraging on its massive global presence as the largest social network. The survey was conducted on the usage patterns of instant […]

WeChat and Telegram were supposed to replace WhatsApp. What happened?

With 100 million users in its bag, a Chinese messaging app called Weixen decided to change its name to WeChat. A globally recognisable English name, an already globally recognisable look and feel, and a globally popular footballer as brand ambassador were going to do it. Not only was WeChat a WhatsApp, it was more. Much much more! Ads went […]

WeChat is now a mobile money transfer app as well, but in China only for now

WeChat is many things already. So much more than WhatsApp, the app it started as a clone off. It’s so much more this anti-WhatsApp strength has actually been cited as a biggest weakness. But that’s not stopping the Chinese based messaging startup from becoming even more. The latest is that Chinese users of the app can now use it […]

WhatsApp now has 500 million active users, growth mostly in emerging markets

Popular IM WhatsApp announced via a blog post that they now have half a billion active users throughout the world. Apart from the impressive user stats, the 5 line blog post also highlighted a high rate of multimedia sharing throughout the platform. Thanks to all of you, half a billion people around the world are […]

Tencent vs Alibaba, Rocket in Ghana, Bitcoin revelations: Global & Regional Roundup

Tencent radically shakes up its eCommerce strategy as it takes a 15 percent stake in Alibaba rival JD ( You are probably familiar with the successful Chinese eCommerce company Alibaba… but Tencent? Actually you are familiar with them too, just more through their chat application, WeChat, and their association with owners of Multichoice. So anyway, […]

Regional & Global round up: MTN files suit against regulator, WeChat partners DStv

MTN files suit against regulator (Techcentral) WeChat partners with DStv to drive second screen user engagement (Ventureburn) A quick look at the government websites of the 54 African states (Mobility) Yahoo acquires and shuts down startup Distill (Business Insider) Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount: EcoCash number: {{error_message}} […]

Global tech news roundup: Lenovo buys Motorola, Hackers attempt hit on Yahoo, WeChat in aggressive global drive

The Tech scene has been on the brim over this past week both locally and regionally. Locally, Telecel’s long awaited mobile money service Telecash was finally launched but the launch may have been overshadowed by the short lived EcoCash Droid app created by the Gedion Moyo’s  – at least here on Techzim. Internationally, Lenovo’s purchase […]