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Government warns Zimbabweans on use of social media

The Zimbabwean government has warned citizens who use social media to promote civil unrest, despondency and violence that they will be arrested and dealt with.

Zimbabwean Government won’t ban social media but it will penalise those who abuse it

The Zimbabwean government has no intentions of banning social media platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook, but it will be actively involved in regulating their use by penalising those who abuse such platforms.

Zimbabwe’s failed WhatsApp ban just exposed the mobile operator’s struggle with innovation

The reality, though, is that these operators are responding to changes that they never anticipated and whose effects they can’t control. The request for the ban, or regulation is, as has been the case in countries like Morocco and most recently South Africa, a way to contain the damage. That hardly justifies it, but it puts the request into context.

Need to know how to access WhatsApp from a computer? Here are the steps

As if all the news surrounding the temporary bans from its rogue third party imitations wasn’t enough, the WhatsApp team launched an official desktop version of the Instant Message service. The WhatsApp Web option is not available for IOS apparently because of the restrictions in the IOS ecosystem. It’s however available on Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry, BlackBerry 10 […]

How I got my number banned from WhatsApp

Yes, I once got my WhatsApp number banned. Right here in Zimbabwe! When watching Fear Factor, 1000 ways to die or some other dare-devil movie, usually they state clearly: “don’t try this at home”. Somehow I didn’t take that to heed and went for a whole 6 months without being able to communicate with the […]