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Tag: WhatsApp blocked in Zimbabwe

Zambian government suspected of causing internet shutdown following outage in opposition strongholds

It has been reported that over the past two days parts of Zambia have experienced internet outages with subscribers using the mobile broadband services being the most affected.

Minister of ICT says Zimbabwean government will consult citizens if need to regulate social media arises

He also pointed out how the government has no intentions of regulating social media but it would consult citizens should the need to do so arise.

If you can’t access WhatsApp here are 5 great alternatives

Out of the more popular options we’ve listed 5 common IM platforms that are easy to use, provide a somewhat familiar user experience and have core features like VoIP calling and group chat which we are now fond of.

WhatsApp access restored in Zimbabwe after 4 hour disruption

After a service disruption on several networks in Zimbabwe that lasted for 4 hours WhatsApp is back online. WhatsApp users on Econet, NetOne, TelOne and other internet providers have confirmed that their WhatsApp connectivity was restored around 11:30 AM. During that period people were forced to use VPN access and other tools like Messenger to maintain […]