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Tag: WhatsApp Bots

South African Bank Launches ‘Whatsapp Banking.’ Yes You Read That Right.

If you follow news from our neighbour down south, you may have heard that Absa –the financial institution- recently rebranded. Maybe a less reported aspect of this rebranding was the fact that they also announced what they are calling ‘Whatsapp banking’. I only got to stumble upon this after someone likened Absa’s Whatsapp banking to Whatsapp […]

WhatsApp opens up to businesses, creates opportunities for targeted campaigns and IM e-commerce for Zimbabwean enterprises

In its statement, WhatsApp highlighted its desire to help its users communicate with businesses. This is supposed to happen through targeted advertising which will be facilitated by “WhatsApp for Business” accounts.

Zimbabwe doesn’t need apps, it needs bots instead

Using the same third party integration to maximise on the attention that is given to these specific services, developers catering for Zimbabwe need to create solutions around WhatsApp and Facebook instead of independent applications that would otherwise be overlooked.

WhatsApp IS the internet in Zimbabwe, accounts for 34% of mobile internet traffic

Zimbabweans use WhatsApp more than any other broadband service or application. According to the latest report from the telecoms regulator, POTRAZ, the Instant Messaging platform’s bundles accounted for 34% of mobile broadband traffic in the fourth quarter of 2015. This brings up the net neutrality debate again.