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WhatsApp testing business directory (yellow pages). This will be a big deal.

The younger amongst us will have no idea what ‘yellow pages’ means. Let’s get everyone on the same page first. The telephone directory For those of us who grew up in the 90s, there was a magical book called the telephone directory. This book had the landline number of every single person in the country, […]

WhatsApp in a big u-turn, you are no longer required to accept its controversial new terms

This year Facebook-owned chat app WhatsApp started on a very controversial note. In a storm of their own making, they issued, out of the blue, a terse demand asking users to agree to new draconian terms of service. That was unusual enough, what was even more unusual was the threat that those who wouldn’t agree […]

How payment solutions are revolutionising WhatsApp and enhancing customer experience

The modern customer expects the process of engaging with a brand to be simple and easy. It is a long-accepted norm that the only way to achieve the level of service that delivers this convenience today is through digital channels. For this reason, organisations understand that they need to move with innovation in order to […]

Whatsapp has added a shopping carts feature

Whatsapp has introduced a new shopping carts feature, making shopping a breeze.

You have a Whatsapp-based business? Here’s how to share catalogues with potential customers

Embracing WhatsApp as your e-commerce storefront comes with a number of things to learn. WhatsApp Business isn’t like the normal WhatsApp and there are a number of features made with eCommerce in mind. Catalog are one such feature. Business owners can use the feature to create a mobile storefront that shows off the products or […]

WhatsApp Business is getting QR Codes, aiming to help businesses extend their reach

WhatsApp recently introduced QR Code contact sharing. They are extending that same service to users on WhatsApp Business. The function is pretty much the same as for sharing contacts. The slight difference in application here is that QR codes for business are, according to WhatsApp, a digital front door. Businesses can display QR Codes outside […]

[Video] 5 Cool WhatsApp Business Tricks You Didn’t Know

WhatsApp business looks very much like the ordinary WhatsApp and makes people ask the question of what exactly is the difference. There are quite some differences but in this video we will look at 5 of them that will help improve the way you market your products on WhatsApp as well as how you keep […]

WhatsApp Reaches 2 Billion User Milestone!

WhatsApp has always been extremely popular, but sometimes it can be easy to minimize the impact of the messaging app since we’ve become accustomed to the application existing. Today the chat application reached 2 billion users and shared an update emphasising on security We are excited to share that WhatsApp now supports more than two […]

WhatsApp Business Launches A Catalogue Feature For Small Businesses

WhatsApp has launched a catalogue feature for small businesses, allowing business owners to create a mobile storefront that shows off the products or services they have available. Catalogues are accessible via a business’s profile page and users can scroll through the different products to see a description and price. This will cut out the need […]

WhatsApp Business Finally Arrives On Iphones

Early last year, WhatsApp launched its WhatsApp Business app for Android, and since then over 5 million businesses every month have been using it to create their business profiles and connect with their audiences through the app. The iOS version of the app was launched last month to a number of countries but now it […]

WhatsApp API Without Official WhatsApp API

For many years we have been waiting for the WhatsApp API. We thought it had come but it’s still available to a handful of organisations or maybe less. We are still just left stuck with WhatsApp Business. WhatsApp Business on steroids One of the many complaints about WhatsApp Business has been that it really doesn’t […]

5 Tips to Use for WhatsApp Business

WhatsApp is among the most popular social messaging apps in the world. It has enhanced communication in so many ways, and has had a positive impact on businesses. Since the inception of WhatsApp business, there’s a lot to get from it as a business owner, but first, you must know how to use it. Here […]

WhatsApp Business Is Celebrating Its First Birthday With Three New Features

WhatsApp’s standalone business app, WhatsApp Business, has reached a user base of over five million within a year of its launch. The company in its blog post said that over five million users are using the app to grow their business and connect with communities all over the world. To mark this milestone, it has […]

WhatsApp To Come Up With Two New Features: Instagram Account Linking And Vacation Mode for Archived Chats

WhatsApp continues to improve its app with new features meant to enhance engagement and user experience, in an attempt to remain relevant in a pretty competitive market. The social media giant is reportedly planning to bring three new features to its app soon, including linking accounts to Instagram, in order to improve chat and notifications […]

WhatsApp Finally Attempting To Monetize And Business Users Will Be The First To Get Charged

Back when WhatsApp launched WhatsApp Business in September last year, they promised that business users will get charged at some point. Well, it seems that point is arriving sooner than most expected. WhatsApp business has over 3 million users and WhatsApp are now releasing a business API that will bring a number of changes to […]

WhatsApp To Start Charging Business Users For Sending Messages To Customers As It Introduces New “Tools”

Its now 4 years after Facebook bought WhatsApp for $22 billion. It might seem like an astronomical price to pay for a messaging platform, but it came with the data of the one billion people that used it. Until now, Facebook did not attempt to monetize the platform. But with both the original founders of […]

Dear WhatsApp, I Have One Small Request

Dear WhatsApp or Facebook (the parent) Largely I am happy with the new changes that keep coming up especially when it comes to groups and the experience in groups. I particularly liked the introduction of a feature that allows group admins to silence noise makers. Thank you. I also liked that you did not just […]

Businesses Asked For It, Techzim Responds: Here’s A Guide To WhatsApp Business

Techzim has responded to the requests of some businesses who have been asking us to explain how they could use WhatsApp Business. We have compiled a guide for any Zimbabwean business that is considering using the app. You can buy and download this guide directly here. To state the obvious WhatsApp is big deal. The […]

WhatsApp Business Now Available In Zimbabwe

WhatsApp Business is finally in Zimbabwe and we’re still figuring it out, but here’s what we know: Only Available for Android devices, you can download it here You cannot use the same number you use for WhatsApp Messenger to register for WhatsApp Business. If you submit the same number you use for WhatsApp Messenger to register […]

Facebook’s News Feed Changes Will Indeed Affect Your Business. Here’s How To Stay On Top Of It

Recently, Facebook announced a change on how its News Feed algorithm will work. This new algorithm intends on fostering the very reason why Facebook exists anyway (or at least I hope), to connect friends and family. Well, of course Facebook has always been connecting friends and family, but it seems that was no longer Priority […]

WhatsApp Business Finally Launches

I know we’ve been making a lot of noise about WhatsApp for Business since last year; well, it’s here! Not here-here since it’s not yet available in Zimbabwe but here as in it’s no longer only available for the Beta testers, but for *everyone Let me quickly define *everyone right there, the everyone being referred to […]

WhatsApp Business goes into testing: landline number registration and more

Techzim wrote about WhatsApp Business when it was still just rumoured to be coming. Now we have more information on it as it is now in testing after it was officially announced last month. You will not be able to test out the new app today unless you signed up as a tester when they […]

Verified business accounts now supported in WhatsApp beta

WhatsApp has added support for verified business accounts in the latest beta version of the Android version of the app. The idea of business accounts within WhatsApp was announced by the company recently along with another app called WhatsApp business that they’re working on. The company has updated their FAQs section of their website to […]

WhatsApp Business app to help you better communicate with businesses might be coming soon

Last year, WhatsApp updated their privacy policy so that Facebook could start working on their monetization strategy of the app. The announcement of the update included the statement “we want to explore ways for you to communicate with businesses that matter to you too”. Earlier this year, rumors of a WhatsApp business app that would help WhatsApp […]