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Tag: WhatsApp calls

WhatsApp Web to add voice/video calling feature

Whatsapp Web is a pretty nifty companion application for WhatsApp that allows users to continue accessing the messaging application whilst putting their phones down for once. An upcoming feature unearther by WhatsApp BetaInfo (an infamous leaker) points to WhatsApp making the Web application more useful in work situations by making it possible to receive and […]

WhatsApp Will Now Allow Upto 8 Participants On Group Calls

WhatsApp is rolling out a new feature to beta users (i.e early testers) that allows users to have a group call with more than 4 participants. According to WABetaInfo, the feature is coming out to those who’ve done the following; Update your WhatsApp version to the most recent Android and iOS beta updates. If you […]

Zimbabwean state official racks up a $200,000 monthly phone bill, enough to pay 500 teachers

A Zimbabwean state official recently racked up a US$200,000 monthly phone bill, an amount that would have been enough to pay 500 teachers.

Econet introduces international voice bundles, faces competition from broadband alternatives

Local mobile operator Econet Wireless recently introduced International Voice Bundles which offer a discount on international voice call tariffs.

WhatsApp calls show up on iOS as IM platform ushers in several updates

I respect the way Apple has created its own robust ecosystem, a little exclusive island of sorts actually. iOS users do things at their own pace. It’s not for everyone though. This members-only thing is only awesome when it’s done by the market leader, something that Nokia Windows is figuring out painfully. There’s also the […]

Forget invites, WhatsApp voice calls are now available for everyone on Android

If you are on Android and still haven’t activated WhatsApp voice calls there’s some good news for you today. The VoIP call facility that has only been available for some, not all users on Android has now been made available to everyone. There’s no need to receive a call from someone who already has activated […]

Econet reintroduces its voice bundles. Is this a response to WhatsApp calls?

Remember how we started off the year with a reduction in voice call tariffs and the subsequent termination of the Econet Bundles of Joy promotion? Well, those voice bundles have surfaced again. Econet made some changes to the bundles, specifically what you’ll get for each $1 that you spend. Instead of offering more minutes (I […]

Podcast: WhatsApp calls, Twitter via USSD, Muzinda Hub training & EcoCash tariffs

In this edition of the podcast, we discuss trending topics such as the activation of the¬†WhatsApp calls¬†feature, the prospect of Netflix in Zimbabwe, Econet Wireless’ Twitter via USSD service, the Muzinda Hub digital skills programme and the reduction of EoCash tariffs. Hoe disruptive do you think the WhatsApp calls feature will be for mobile network […]