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WhatsApp is testing end-to-end encrypted chat backups

Facebook-owned messaging service WhatsApp has announced in a blog post that it is planning to give its users the option to protect their chats using end-to-end encryption. What this essentially means is that the same technology that protects your chats from being read by anyone other than the sender or receiver will now be available […]

WhatsApp messages are still secure, why the misleading coverage?

You read the story; some report made it appear as if WhatsApp’s end to end encryption was a sham. We were told WhatsApp staff can read our secure messages. Which is true, but they deemphasized a crucial point. Customer service staff at WhatsApp can only see messages that have been sent to them by a […]

WhatsApp Reaches 2 Billion User Milestone!

WhatsApp has always been extremely popular, but sometimes it can be easy to minimize the impact of the messaging app since we’ve become accustomed to the application existing. Today the chat application reached 2 billion users and shared an update emphasising on security We are excited to share that WhatsApp now supports more than two […]

Trump Administration Wants To Do Away With End-To-End Encryption

Donald Trump isn’t a stranger to controversy and in keeping with that fashion it’s been reported that senior officials in his administration would rather do away with end-to-end encryption if they had their way. End-to-end encryption is a feature that ensures that your chats in popular messaging apps like WhatsApp, Telegram and iMessage can’t be […]

Telegram Founder: WhatsApp Will Never Be Secure

Hey, you! Remember Telegram? That app we all used for a day or two when WhatsApp and the most popular social media sites were blocked by the government earlier this year. Well, the founder of Telegram Pavel Durov has cautioned WhatsApp users that the platform will never really be secure. The warning comes in the […]

Facebook readies Secret Conversations, another feature that will ensure message privacy for Zimbabweans

This feature ensures that message are only accessed by the sender and the intended recipient while preventing third parties, including regulators, the owners of the platform, and the internet providers, from going through the messages .

Just to be clear, your WhatsApp messages can’t be viewed by third parties

Three months ago, WhatsApp introduced End to End encryption (E2EE) a feature which secures all types of messages sent on the platform with a digital lock meaning that only the sender and receiver can open them. Even WhatsApp can’t access these messages.

Viber joins the secure messaging revolution, introduces end-to-end encryption

Viber the Instant messaging platform and VoIP service that most of us have forsaken for WhatsApp recently announced complete end-to-end encryption (E2EE) across all devices including Android and iOS devices as well as PC and Mac desktops.