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3 features that would make WhatsApp even better

As popular and as widely used as WhatsApp is, there are some features that, I think, could enhance the experience. During the lockdown, there are 3 features that I have needed from WhatsApp that aren’t yet available. Editing sent messages Typos are a common feature on messaging platforms. Beyond typos, there are times when a […]

WhatsApp multiple device login feature reportedly in final stages

WhatsApp has been for a long time now working on a feature that will allow users to login into one account from more than one device. The feature looks to ease the difficulties faced by users when they migrate to different devices or for users that might want to use their account over multiple devices […]

WhatsApp beta reveals work on “vacation mode” has resumed

WhatsApp is no stranger to introducing features to the beta program and those features for whatever reason not coming to the official app. One of those features is Vacation Mode. The earliest that this feature was known of was back in 2018. At present WhatsApp offers users the ability to archive chats. But if you […]

WhatsApp Working On Boomerang Feature For Sharing Videos

We haven’t seen many new exciting features from WhatsApp in a long time. After the company’s busy 2018 which saw the introduction of video calls, group calls and stickers among many other interesting features, 2019 has been much slower. A new feature that has been hinted at is a boomerang video loop – similar to […]