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We Asked, You Answered; Why You Should Use WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp Plus & WhatsApp Gold

I have never found modified versions of WhatsApp that appealing if we’re being totally honest. One reason why I never even gave them a chance is because the last time WhatsApp cracked down on these they proceeded to temporarily ban users who had been using them. As time moved, the modded versions of WhatsApp got […]

After Getting Banned For Using Fake WhatsApp Apps, Here’s How To Switch To The Official WhatsApp App Without Losing Your Chats

Although you might think WhatsApp is being cruel to (threaten to) temporarily ban you from WhatsApp if you are using the likes on GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Plus etc. (these type of apps are called modded apps), but by allowing you to move/transfer your chat from a modded app to the official app should […]

WhatsApp Starts To Ban People Using WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold And Many Apps Like These

WhatsApp is taking an extreme step to curb the use of third-party apps like WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp (modded apps). The instant messenger app has already started to ban users that are using 3rd party applications like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and YOWhatsApp on their Android devices. WhatsApp has requested it’s users not use such […]

WhatsApp Gold Is Back And Once Again, It Is A Scam

The WhatsApp Gold message is back again, promising to give hidden premium features to the one who downloads it. Except, it’s obviously a hoax, and downloads malware onto your phone. The hoax, which went viral in 2016, is doing the rounds again. The fake app which millions of users downloaded last year is back again. […]