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WhatsApp now lets you join group calls while they are in progress

WhatsApp has started rolling out a feature that allows you to join group calls while they are in progress. It’s kind of like what you can do with conferencing software like Zoom or Google Meet. So now you don’t have to be added to a WhatsApp call and you can flit in and out as […]

“Sent my 6 digit code by mistake” text is from hackers trying to gain access to your WhatsApp

On your toes ladies and gentlemen. Vanhu vaya vatanga…

Google Letting People Find Invite Links To Private WhatsApp Groups

It turns out with particular search phrases anyone can join the hundreds and thousands of WhatsApp groups all over the world – even private groups. A google search of the phrase “” results on over 470 000 results. Motherboard, who broke the news actually managed to enter a private group for NGOs and were able […]

People Getting Banned On WhatsApp For Being In Groups With Suspicious Names – Report

A new report by the ever-reliable tipster, Wabetainfo says that WhatsApp is banning users that are in groups that have or suspicious names. Wabetainfo claims that it has received several reports from users who got banned for using peculiar names (for WhatsApp groups) that violate Terms of Services. In these weeks we are receiving a […]

Finally WhatsApp Now Lets You Stop People From Adding You To Groups. Check How Its Done

WhatsApp is always working to add new features to its app and the newest addition comes in the form of enhanced group privacy settings. The new feature makes it possible for you to choose whether you would like to be added to a group or not. This is an important feature that’s been available on […]

WhatsApp Rolling Out Feature That Allows You To Choose Who Can Add You In Groups Globally

Back in April, WhatsApp started rolling out a much-anticipated feature – the ability to choose who can and cannot add you to groups. Unfortunately for most of us the feature was rolled out to Indian users only. Half a year later, WhatsApp has finally decided that this feature can start rolling out globally and this […]

WhatsApp Finally Allowing You To Choose Who Can Add You To Groups

Back in February, we reported that WhatsApp would soon allow users to select who could and couldn’t add them to groups. For a long time, this has been one of the most demanded features by users as being added to a group randomly is one of the most irritating things that could happen to you […]

Annoying WhatsApp Groups Photos Filling Up Your Phone Gallery? Here Is A Fix

Billions of photos are shared daily via WhatsApp, and some of these end up in our galleries. Many people like me (before today) don’t turn off media ‘auto download’ in WhatsApp settings because it becomes tedious to manually download photos every time. In-comes group chats where everyone is free to share media. The problem is […]

Whatsapp Admins Can No Longer Add Group Members Soon After They Have Left The Group

Whatsapp has revolutionised the way we communicate but its far from perfect as well. There are still many minor frustrations that have come with the Instant Messenger (IM). Groups… Groups… Groups… Chief among them for me is the fact that a group admin can add you to a group without your consent. To make matters […]

Whatsapp Adds New Privileges For Group Admins. Group Calls Also On The way…

The most recent Whatsapp update now makes it less awkward to remove someone as a group administrator. In keeping with the messaging application’s update, they will also be adding group calls sometime this year. What’s new? On older versions of Whatsapp, if you wanted to revoke someone’s administrative rights you had to remove them entirely […]

Please Help Us Understand How People Use WhatsApp Groups. Thanks…

Hey, it’s amazing to us that there are over a billion WhatsApp groups out there. A few years ago there was a popular saying on the streets: handiite zvema group (I don’t do groups). It looks like the opposite is true: tinoita zvema group, tozviita rough. We have put together a questionnaire in an effort […]

WhatsApp just released a quote & reply feature but not everyone has it, yet

Another new feature has been added to the insanely popular Instant Messaging platform – WhatsApp. You can now respond directly to any message on any chat thread.

WhatsApp raises group maximum from 100 to 256 members

The latest on WhatsApp is that it has increased the group maximum from 100 to 256 members. So far it seems the change has only been made to the latest version for Android (Version 2.12.437) which isn’t yet in the Google Play store but can be downloaded from the WhatsApp website.

How Doctors are using WhatsApp for Telemedicine in Zimbabwe

If something is all the rage, you’re likely to see everyone falling over themselves to get their hands on it. Just look at the Scramble for Africa as an example. Fast forward to 2015 and it’s now the Scramble for Telemedicine. In Zimbabwe, several imperial corporate entities are competing against each other for a piece […]

WhatsApp Groups are a mess

EVERYONE on the internet is excited about how WhatsApp is finally emerging from its chrysalis and becoming the awesome Monarch butterfly it was meant to be. This was achieved by simply adding Voice calling to its list of features which will help it “disrupt the voice calling industry in much the same way it revolutionized the […]