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Tag: WhatsApp payments

WhatsApp Payments suspended in Brazil 9 days after launch

WhatsApp payments cannot seem to catch a break from regulatory pressure. A week after launching in Brazil, the service has been suspended on the basis that WhatsApp Pay is anti-competitive. Brazil’s Central Bank moved against WhatsApp payments in order to “preserve an adequate competitive environment, that ensures the functioning of a payment system that’s interchangeable, […]

WhatsApp Pay Launches In Brazil

WhatsApp Pay which has been in testing for what seems like an eternity is finally being launched and strangely the launch won’t be in India where it has been tested for over 2 years. Instead WhatsApp Pay is being launched in Brazil. Beta testers of the feature will be able to send and receive money […]

Forget WhatsApp Pay, Facebook Pay Is Coming To WhatsApp

Wabetainfo has just spotted a new payment gateway WhatsApp is working on. The payment feature called, Facebook Pay will reportedly be available not only on WhatsApp but also on other apps owned by Facebook, which are Instagram and Messenger. Here’s a screenshot of how WhatsApp’s payment feature will look: According to Wabetainfo, the feature is […]

WhatsApp Pay Closer To Launch

Facebook’s WhatsApp Pay seems to have finally crossed regulatory hurdles that were delaying the launch of the service. The service was in beta since early 2018 and it was opened up to a million users. According to Blomberg, ” WhatsApp is required to show a third-party auditor that all data involved in payments will be […]

10 services you can now enjoy in Zimbabwe thanks to PayPal

But there may be some of you who are wondering what all the excitement is about. Why is everyone (well at least those online) excited about being able to PAY other people and NOT SELL their goods and service?