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We Asked, You Answered; Why You Should Use WhatsApp GB, WhatsApp Plus & WhatsApp Gold

I have never found modified versions of WhatsApp that appealing if we’re being totally honest. One reason why I never even gave them a chance is because the last time WhatsApp cracked down on these they proceeded to temporarily ban users who had been using them. As time moved, the modded versions of WhatsApp got […]

After Getting Banned For Using Fake WhatsApp Apps, Here’s How To Switch To The Official WhatsApp App Without Losing Your Chats

Although you might think WhatsApp is being cruel to (threaten to) temporarily ban you from WhatsApp if you are using the likes on GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold, WhatsApp Plus etc. (these type of apps are called modded apps), but by allowing you to move/transfer your chat from a modded app to the official app should […]

WhatsApp Starts To Ban People Using WhatsApp Plus, GB WhatsApp, WhatsApp Gold And Many Apps Like These

WhatsApp is taking an extreme step to curb the use of third-party apps like WhatsApp Plus and GB WhatsApp (modded apps). The instant messenger app has already started to ban users that are using 3rd party applications like GBWhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus and YOWhatsApp on their Android devices. WhatsApp has requested it’s users not use such […]

Using WhatsApp Web for business? Here’s something to keep in mind

In case you missed it last week, your friendly neighbourhood application and chat tool, WhatsApp, released a PC based tool. Called WhatsApp Web, it allows you to access the Instant Message (IM) platform from your PC as long as your account stays active and connected. Besides the cheers from the slew of people that can now exhaust […]

Why do “naughty” apps like WhatsApp Plus thrive anyway?

It’s official: WhatsApp is cracking the whip on unofficial third party services that have been riding on its success to give users of the instant messenger a different experience. Last night several users of WhatsApp Plus, a hugely popular modded version of the IM platform, were served with a 24 hour ban for violating terms […]

Have you been banned from WhatsApp? Blame it on WhatsApp Plus

There’s a group of WhatsApp users that have been complaining since yesterday actually. Their favourite instant message has banned them from accessing it. If you have seen this notification it means that you have been using WhatsApp Plus. This is an unofficial version of WhatsApp that accesses WhatsApp servers and comes with a host of […]

WhatsApp doubles group participants limit

While some of us still coming to terms with the fact that WhatsApp has started telling you who is quick to read your messages and who isn’t, the IM platform has made another update to its service. This time its all about group messaging. The limit of participants in groups has been doubled from 50 […]

Latest Techzim Podcast: The ZOL Startup Challenge meet-up, WhatsApp Plus and Zim e-commerce

In this edition of the Techzim podcast we discussed the 2014 ZOL Startup Challenge meet-up scheduled for the 21st of August. We also dug into WhatsApp Plus discussing whether it is worth all the fuss. Also discussed was how WhatsApp is being used to distribute movie trailers plus a discussion of e-commerce in Zimbabwe. Please feel […]

The one app better than WhatsApp

it’s the must-have for anyone who wants a basic smartphone experience. It’s also one way to tell everyone in your phone book that you have graduated from a mbudzi device (“dumb” phone) and are now enjoying the benefits of broadband. WhatsApp, the most visible cross platform, instant messaging tool for the local market has become the […]