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Zimbabwean Dev Makes Waves On The Google Play Store With Simple WhatsApp Stickers App

In what has probably become one of the fastest growing applications ever developed locally, the Zimbabwe Stickers by Samanyika app has now gotten close to 60k downloads and a 4.5 star rating to go with it. The application also seems to be extremely popular in a number of different countries with the following breakdown when […]

Turn Your Selfies & Images Into WhatsApp Stickers Using This App

WhatsApp stickers have been driving me crazy ever since they were released a month ago and judging by the number of apps that have been popping in the iOS and Play Stores it’s clear a lot of people are loving the stickers features just as much as I am. If you want to take your […]

Now That Your WhatsApp Supports Stickers Here’s Where You Can Download Them

The excitement around WhatsApp stickers is REAL! As with any new feature, those who have it have been flexing on those who don’t but I’m pretty sure everyone will have the feature in the coming days. So now that you have the feature or you are just preparing for it what’s next? Well, a logical […]