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WhatsApp To Soon Let You Switch Between Voice and Video Calls

Have you ever been on a WhatsApp voice call and then wanted to show the person on the other end of the line something? The natural thing to do would be to take a picture and send it to them; but what if the ‘something’ is in motion and hence a picture won’t do justice […]

ZOL chases after voice revenue with its new 10c/minute VoIP service ZOLphone

Called ZOLphone it’s a VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) product that works through a mobile app called ZOLphone that’s available for Android users (an iOS version will be available from the 1st of November, 2016)

As voice continues to die, it seems like WhatsApp calling is a problem after all

When the WhatsApp calls feature was activated this year two things that everyone had been expecting for over a year happened. Firstly, subscribers to the insanely popular platform were excited that VoIP was being integrated into the main communication platform. At the same time, a cloud of uncertainty gathered over mobile network operators’ voice model. […]

In case you missed it : Highlights from F8 Facebook Developer Conference

Earlier on, we managed to catch the first few hours of the F8 Facebook Developer Conference.  Even though this was just the start of Day 1, a lot was shared by the Facebook team tonight (it’s actually day-time in San Francisco where all this happening), especially in the keynote address made by founder and CEO Mark […]

Zim entrepreneurship : How people are making money from WhatsApp calling

Here’s something that was picked up on Facebook and shared with us on our Techzim WhatsApp Groups. Some people are cashing in on the WhatsApp calling feature that became active (well unofficially anyway)  about a fortnight ago. No, it’s not the return of the phone shop (although I know some will now be tempted to […]

WhatsApp Groups are a mess

EVERYONE on the internet is excited about how WhatsApp is finally emerging from its chrysalis and becoming the awesome Monarch butterfly it was meant to be. This was achieved by simply adding Voice calling to its list of features which will help it “disrupt the voice calling industry in much the same way it revolutionized the […]

WhatsApp ready to deliver on its voice calls promise

While WhatsApp has been hugely successful and managed to add value to its users with various tweaks, the biggest addition that everyone has been keen on is the voice calling feature. Judging from its latest iOS 8 update it looks like its about to happen soon. Going the features of the new update(still for iOS only, […]

Facebook VoIP calls on Econet Facebook bundles work but the quality is poor

Facebook owned WhatsApp is expected to add voice calls to it’s IM offering within this quarter. Customers, especially those on Econet’s WhatsApp bundles are excited about the prospect of making unlimited VoIP calls on WhatsApp for just $3 but if Facebook’s voice call package is anything to go by, then there is nothing exciting about […]