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Telegram is toying with WhatsApp chat imports

Telegram is toying with a feature that will allow users to import their WhatsApp group and private chats.

Android users beware there is malware spreading via WhatsApp messages

A new wormable malware is spreading via WhatsApp messages & gets on to devices by tricking users to download and install a fake Huawei app.

Econet holds the key to Zim getting a Telegram bundle

Econet’s combo bundle structure might be the key to Zimbabwe getting a Telegram or even a Signal bundle as WhatsApp’s Privacy policy furore roars on.

WhatsApp pushes back date for privacy policy & Signal unable to cope with demand

WhatsApp has pushed back the date for it’s privacy policy and on the other side of this Signal is struggling to meet demand.

Cool your jets Telegram and Signal, Zimbos are never leaving WhatsApp

Even though WhatsApp has enraged people with its privacy policy requirements, Zimbabweans are not going to move off the platform anytime soon.

WhatsApp privacy policy causes exodus to Signal

WhatsApp and its new privacy policy has forced many users to flee to Signal as the app couldn’t handle the number of new account requests.

Facebook wants your WhatsApp data

WhatsApp has a new privacy policy which comes with an ultimatum to allow your data to be shared with its parent company Facebook or else…

[Updated] ZOL Wibroniks has an annoying WhatsApp problem

A rant about ZOL Wibroniks, it’s WhatsApp issues and the fruitless back and forths with ZOL’s customer support.

There were over a billion WhatsApp calls on New Year’s Eve

WhatsApp broke an all-time record for the number of video and voice on New Year’s Eve. The surge was the same across Facebook’s other apps.

How to tell WhatsApp Support from an imposter

There is a WhatsApp Support imposter who is sending a message threatening suspension of user accounts. Please block the number and delete the chat.

Zimbabwean banks should develop local WhatsApp based payment systems

WhatsApp is the internet in Zimbabwe, everyone uses it, that being said we need more local payment solutions through the app.

WhatsApp will be incompatible on these Android & iOS devices from 2021 onwards

WhatsApp will be incompatible on the following devices that are running older versions of Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android operating systems.

Whatsapp has added a shopping carts feature

Whatsapp has introduced a new shopping carts feature, making shopping a breeze.

SA Cybercrime Bill in conflict with Whatsapp Privacy Policy.

A look at the new South African cyber crime bill aimed criminalizing revenge porn and cybercrimes associated with Whatsapp.

Facebook may be forced to sell off WhatsApp and Instagram

The Federal Trade Commission filed a lawsuit yesterday that may force Facebook to sell off WhatsApp and Instagram as independent businesses.

Two essential tricks when sharing large files using WhatsApp and Telegram

Here are a couple of cool tricks you can use the next time you want to share large files over WhatsApp or Telegram

Video: How to free storage used up by WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the main apps that occupies a lot of storage but it’s often difficult to know what to delete. In this video we look at where WhatsApp stores it’s stuff and what we can delete without too much trouble. Quick NetOne, Econet, And Telecel Airtime Recharge Number to recharge: Airtime amount ($): […]

WhatsApp finally makes it easier for users to delete files taking up space

This week, WhatsApp is rolling out a new storage management solution that will be found inside the messaging app. For a while now WhatsApp has had a storage tab within its settings. The problem being solved? The old (still in place for some users) WhatsApp storage management wasn’t exactly intuitive as users were greeted by […]

WhatsApp Web to add voice/video calling feature

Whatsapp Web is a pretty nifty companion application for WhatsApp that allows users to continue accessing the messaging application whilst putting their phones down for once. An upcoming feature unearther by WhatsApp BetaInfo (an infamous leaker) points to WhatsApp making the Web application more useful in work situations by making it possible to receive and […]

WhatsApp is looking to make it easier for users to report & resolve bugs

WhatsApp is reportedly working on a feature that will make it easier for users to report bugs in the app. At present users can report bugs by sending an email to ““. I think we can all agree that this isn’t the best way to do this, especially for us in Zimbabwe where one might […]

Google Messages upgraded chat features finally rolling out to Zim

Last year, we wrote about how Android users could activate Google Messages chat functions which essentially turn your SMS app into something similar to WhatsApp – using data instead of airtime to text and being able to send more media-heavy messages. The issue with the guide from last year is that it was a bit […]

This WhatsApp cyber attack could lock you out of your WhatsApp

I think it’s fair to say WhatsApp is a pretty integral part of our lives. If you’re anything like me – it’s the primary mode of communication you use to catch up with family, friends and even workmates. This makes the recent cyber attack being perpetrated via WhatsApp a scary thing you will want to […]

WhatsApp disappearing messages feature closer to launch

We first wrote about WhatsApp’s self-destructing messages back in October last year. The feature cycle for WhatsApp is already painfully slow and I’m sure working from home only compounded that. Anyway, the destructing messages are closer to launching. The feature is available in WhatsApp’s latest beta but hasn’t been enabled yet, meaning users can’t use […]

3 features that would make WhatsApp even better

As popular and as widely used as WhatsApp is, there are some features that, I think, could enhance the experience. During the lockdown, there are 3 features that I have needed from WhatsApp that aren’t yet available. Editing sent messages Typos are a common feature on messaging platforms. Beyond typos, there are times when a […]

WhatsApp multiple device login feature reportedly in final stages

WhatsApp has been for a long time now working on a feature that will allow users to login into one account from more than one device. The feature looks to ease the difficulties faced by users when they migrate to different devices or for users that might want to use their account over multiple devices […]

Beware of these Whatsapp messages that will crash your app

There have been reports of WhatsApp messages that can crash the application. These messages are said to come in the form of vcards (the way we can send contacts on the platform) as well as just general messages. There was a similar issue a couple of years back when users reported on the “Black-Dot message“. […]

WhatsApp beta reveals work on “vacation mode” has resumed

WhatsApp is no stranger to introducing features to the beta program and those features for whatever reason not coming to the official app. One of those features is Vacation Mode. The earliest that this feature was known of was back in 2018. At present WhatsApp offers users the ability to archive chats. But if you […]

WhatsApp is refining storage manager feature, updates on advanced search and more

Back in June WhatsApp was reportedly working on a storage manager of sorts. This feature is meant to help users better manage the media received through WhatsApp. In a report by WABetaInfo, it seems like there have been strides made in this respect. The current storage display gives users a readout of the media have […]

Facebook’s integration of Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger takes a step further

We’ve written about Facebook Portal before. Essentially this is Facebook’s grand plan to make sure that their social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook) and their messaging application are integrated. This integration seems to be finally happening. As reported by the Verge, some Instagram users are being met by the pop-up below when they open the […]

Soon you’ll be able to use one WhatsApp account on as many as 4 devices!

Talk about overkill! WhatsApp has been working on multiple-device support for a while now. At the moment it isn’t possible to use WhatsApp on multiple devices (WhatsApp Web doesn’t count because it’s directly connected to your phone). WhatsApp Beta Info a leaker who usually previews what WhatsApp is working on before it is announced recently […]