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Hidden Dangers of Public Wi-Fi and How to Avoid Them From The Mouth Of Hackers

In the era when cybercrime is flourishing, public Wi-Fi has become a golden opportunity for various types of criminals. The latest survey shows that 79% of public Wi-Fi users take significant risks when choosing their Wi-Fi connection. They select a hotspot for its Wi-Fi strength, go for a name that sounds appropriate, or simply pick any free […]

If You Are Interested In Hacking, Check Out This Ethical Hacking Course: It’s Free!

When most people hear of hacking they are rarely aware that there are actually good hackers. These good hackers are more commonly known as ethical hackers. As with most good guys, ethical hackers rarely make the headlines but they are very important. Who is offering the course? The courses are being offered on the Guru99 […]

WiFi security (WPA2) can be breached easily, passwords stolen, bandwidth depleted

We all love wireless networks. Not having to contend with cables which can be snapped or trip you over is the stuff of dreams come true. Here in Zimbabwe more so as we mostly use our mobile phones to access the internet. When it comes to internet access we have come to rely on Wi-Fi […]

How to deal with neighbourhood hackers: tips for securing your Wi-Fi

Recently on a local social media group, I have noticed a trend in the “need” to hack wireless networks in order to steal other people’s PAID FOR internet. Just in case people forgot, this is unethical and illegal. I don’t know what the charges are for hacking in Zimbabwe, so I suggest checking with your […]