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Your Wi-Fi Router’s Software Should ALWAYS Be Up To Date

In recent years we have seen an increase in accessibility to internet packages, not only is there a wide array of service providers to chose from but the cost has become rather reasonable for most households and small businesses. This in turn also means there are more targets than before, making security breaches a common […]

Econet Kombi WiFi Zone bundle prices… How to buy & how to use

Econet yesterday launched Kombi WiFi, a service enabling subscribers to use WiFi when travelling in a kombi. In addition to buying WiFi bundles to use the service, subscribers also get 100% free WiFi data for every purchase of any regular Econet data bundle. Here are the data bundle prices for Econet WiFi Zone bundles:   How to buy […]

Telecel introduces more than 70 Wi-Fi Hotspots. How do you compete with free?

Telecel has over the past couple of months quietly launched a Wi-Fi network for its subscribers. With just a little more 70 Wi-Fi hotspots in Harare, Bulawayo, Mutare and Victoria Falls, the company is offering subscribers a faster way to access the internet as well as cheaper bundles  ($1 a GB). It was long overdue and […]

We have an exclusive with Innscor on Wi-Fi, Liquid & ZOL clarify. Liquid opens up to resellers

When we have written about TelOne’s Wi-Fi deal with Innscor, in recent weeks, ZOL leadership has made a point to make it clear to us that they actually have an exclusive Wi-Fi deal with Innscor and that it’s been in place for a while now. An article in the Herald today suggests ZOL via its parent company, Liquid Telecom […]

The future of WiFi – a techie’s fantasy blended with reality

Mobile and home Internet in the future is going to be accessed mostly through WiFi and IAPs will provide free last mile connectivity, or close to it. WiFi will be available everywhere resulting in the decline of Mobile Data consumption and Voice calls.

After almost a year of trials, Econet to now launch offloading Wi-Fi Zones

Remember the Econet Wi-Fi pilot we reported on several months ago? Sources at the company tell us the product is ready for launch now and that it will be officially unveiled this week. The name of the product is called Econet Zone (image above) and, as we reported back in may last year, it’s meant to ease congestion on […]

How to deal with neighbourhood hackers: tips for securing your Wi-Fi

Recently on a local social media group, I have noticed a trend in the “need” to hack wireless networks in order to steal other people’s PAID FOR internet. Just in case people forgot, this is unethical and illegal. I don’t know what the charges are for hacking in Zimbabwe, so I suggest checking with your […]

Tethering your Windows 7 device

Following controversial articles in which I mentioned the juggernaut (otherwise known as they-who-shall-not-be-named) I have had this odd feeling I am being followed. Art was never one of my strong suits but I did try to make a sketch of the guy here. So until the disguise I ordered from Amazon is shipped I will stick to neutral articles. In case you are confounded by my choice of disguise. I should confess I am a fan of Two and Half Man ( I got this show legally from and Charlie Sheen so inspired me.

Utande expands offering with introduction of Wi-Fi hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots are the next best thing for internet users who don’t want to commit themselves to “on the go” mobile broadband plans like those dongles that work sometimes and not sometimes. They also serve as that crucial backup internet when your usual office or home connection (or Dongle-wanaland itself) shakes you off the network for hours and your ISP seems in a hurry to not fix it. In short, they serve a great purpose in our local connectivity ecosystem.

Lies, it’s all lies

There are known knowns, things we know that we know. For example 1byte = 8bits. There are also known unknowns things we know we don’t know. The exact value of pi for example. However people frequently forget the unknown unknowns; things we don’t know that we do not know. More often than not it is […]

ZOL slashes Wi-Fi hotspot prices. Discontinues free minutes

Zimbabwe Online (ZOL), the ISP that has the largest number of Wi-Fi hotspots in Zimbabwe, has slashed the prices of its Wi-Fi internet service. The service has effectively become one of the lowest priced internet packages in the country. But the slash is coming with some not so good news; ZOL is killing the 15 minutes free trial it offered customers on its ZOLspots (ZOL hotspots).

Dear Brodacom, please stop with these false claims already

If you’re in Zimbabwe and checked the newspapers yesterday, you probably saw the Brodacom advert above. The advert claims that before Brodacom came along, setting up fixed broadband in Zimbabwe used to cost US $3,500 and that thanks to Brodacom, that figure has been brought down to US $99.50, the price of Brodacom’s Wi-Fi device for small businesses and individuals.

Econet to provide free unlimited Wi-Fi at ICT Africa 2011

We got notified today by Econet that they will be providing free Wi-Fi internet at this year’s ICT Africa. The free Wi-Fi will be available to everyone at the venue for the entire duration of the exhibition. And it is unlimited! This is set to attract a lot of visitors to the exhibition; Internet connectivity is pretty expensive in Zimbabwe.

Econet provides free unlimited Wi-Fi internet at Agric show

As you may probably know, The Harare Agriculture show is in full swing right now. The annual show is Zimbabwe’s largest agriculture exhibition and attracts even businesses from non-agric sectors. One such is Econet, Zimbabwe’s largest telecoms firm.

POTRAZ issues Wi-Fi regulatory requirements notice

The Postal and Telecommunications Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has this week published a public notice advising the regulatory position on the usage of Wi-Fi devices. You can view the full notice here.

Set up your own home Wi-Fi with these simple steps

This guest post was authored by Tapiwa Mapani. He’s not a trained geek and says “I just have a restless mind that makes me experiment with this type of stuff and most of the time to great success.” He has a wireless network setup at his home office which uses a mobile broadband USB dongle and a wireless router. He shares how you can setup a similar wireless network.

A Google Map of ZOL Wi-Fi Hotspots in Harare

We thought we’d do a map of all the Wi-Fi hotspots in Zimbabwe to help people locate the nearest hotspot from any location. We started with the ISP that has a good number of them dotted across the country, ZOL. Because of that, this is by no means exhaustive.

There are more hotspots in Zimbabwe and if you know any we didnt include here, please just tell use where it is and we’ll put a marker on it. Better still, open the map in Google Maps, login with you Google account and make the changes yourself! Once we have enough hotspots from different providers we’l drop the ZOL title and pin the ZOL tag to specific hotspots.

We hope it helps you find a hot spot near you!

ZOL Says “Stop Waiting For Promised 3G Connections – Connect Today To Wireless Broadband.”

In obvious reference to Econet’s delayed full rollout of data services to mobile, subscribers Zimbabwe Online (ZOL) is telling customers they don’t have to wait – we have great wireless broadband spread across the country and it is available right now! The message was sent out in a promotional email to customers titled “Introducing ZOLspot Wireless high-speed Broadband from just US $30. Faster than 3G and available today all over Zimbabwe!”

To use the ZOL wireless broadband, customers buy a prepaid scratch card available at any ZOLSpot and get immediate access to the Internet. The scratch cards are valid for 6 months from the first time you use them.