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Why are TelOne and ZOL sim cards geolocked?

Geolocking is when a particular service is made available in a particular geographic location. In the case of TelOne and Zol, they do the same thing. But why do they restrict their service? Should all sim cards not work the same way?

Video: What is the best mobile wifi bundle?

Ever wondered what the best mobile wifi bundle is? In this video we take a look at NetOne, TelOne, Telecel, Econet and Zol to find out which one is the best overal over 5 categories.

These are Network coverage, speed, device support, bundle selection and the all important price.

[Updated] ZOL Wibroniks has an annoying WhatsApp problem

A rant about ZOL Wibroniks, it’s WhatsApp issues and the fruitless back and forths with ZOL’s customer support.

ZOL now has US$ prices for their internet packages. ZW$ is still the cheaper option

I went on ZOL’s website yesterday and I was met with a new development. The Internet Service Provider (ISP) now has US$ pricing for each and every one of the packages listed on the site. Fibroniks US$ pricing Package Data cap ZW$ price US$ price Fibroniks Zoom 10GB $630.94 11 Fibroniks Lite 40GB $1 663.39 […]

ZOL says poor WiBroniks speeds a result of people moving outside of coverage areas

Many of the complaints WiBroniks customers have logged over the last few months have been to do with the speed of the network over the last few months. We reached out to ZOLto understand why this has been the case despite the fact that there have been multiple maintenance updates over the last few months. […]

ZOL Announces Yet Another Price Upgrade Coming Into Effect In July

ZOL subscribers have been getting an email from their Internet Service Provider notifying them of yet another price hike for the Fibroniks and Wibroniks service. The price hike is coming into effect on the first of July; Fibroniks Those on home packages will now pay the following; Package Data Allocation Price ZW$ Fibroniks Zoom 10GB […]

ZOL Wibroniks Network Maintenance

ZOL has announced that it is going to be running nationwide maintance of their Wibroniks Network from the 3rd to the 17th of June Here is the statement they sent to their Wibroniks customers: The scheduled dates for maintenance for each area are: Harare 3 – 6 June 2020 Bulawayo 7 – 9 June 2020 […]

ZOL Announces Price Increase – Here’s What You’ll Pay Now (May 2020)

ZOL has announced yet another price increase which doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering just how the local currency has weakened over the last 2 weeks. The new pricing for ZOL’s packages is now structured as follows: Package Name Data $ Home Wibroniks Unlimited Unlimited $3,105 Fibroniks Zoom 10GB (Pay As You Go) […]

ZOL Runs Out Of LTE SIMs Nationwide, It Could Be Coronavirus Related

In a surprising turn of events, ZOL has reportedly run out of data sim cards for their WiBroniks packages. We initially got a tip regarding this earlier this week, with different sources suggesting the SIMs were in high demand and had run out. Customers have claimed that they’ve been notified when they go to ZOL […]

ZOL Announces Some Wibroniks Price Adjustments

It’s that time again when our Zim dollars are worth just a little bit less. Zol has announced that effective 1 December 2019 it will be making some positive adjustments to the Wibroniks Unlimited package as well as the Wibroniks Top-Up packages. Wibroniks Unlimited is now going for $1216.55 and the table below gives you […]

ZOL Announces New Prices For Fibroniks Packages

Last Friday, ZOL announced new pricing for Wibroniks packages, they’ve followed that up with a new price list for fibre subscribers. We’ve had a problem with ZOL’s communication before and it seems that doesn’t change much. In their official communication to customers, ZOL chose not to write down the actual data allocations for each of […]

TelOne To Launch Wibroniks Competitor: Blaze

TelOne will reportedly be launching a new wireless internet service which they’ve chosen to call Blaze. Just like Wibroniks, Blaze will offer customers an LTE-based connection and a choice between an indoor modem and a MiFi device which will be priced at $472 and $333 respectively. For the MiFi device, you’ll need a line which […]

Explainer: What You Need To Know Before Buying ZOL’s LTE Data Sim Card

What is ZOL’s LTE data sim Card? It’s ZOL’s sim card that allows you to access internet on your phone via it’s LTE network. Does it make calls? No, it doesn’t. It’s a sim card that you use to access internet only. How much is it? ZWL $10 What’s the big deal with the LTE […]

ZOL Reduces Pricing For WiBroniks Equipment, A Real Reduction

After a topical weekend for ZOL and their ‘pricing alignment,’ we discovered some positive news on the pricing front. If you followed our story on the price increase you would have noticed that WiBroniks customers will continue paying the same prices as they have been all along which comes as a relief if you’re a […]

ZOL Introduces Two Wibroniks Unlimited Packages; Did They Get It Right This Time?

Back in May, Zol had a lavish event where they revised Fibroniks packages slightly and introduced a new LTE-based set of packages under the name Wibroniks. Though that launch event was exciting and had us hyped, pretty soon we realised that the Wibroniks was far from perfect. Wibroniks was a money vacuum The first and […]

Finally, We Have Full Details On How Much It Will Cost You To Get WiBroniks. You May Want To Go With One-Fi

The details concerning ZOL’s recently launched LTE service -WiBroniks- have been scarce. At the launch event, we managed to know how much the packages for WiBroniks will cost but we never got a clear answer on the costs of activation/installation at the time. Now we have a clearer picture and if you are interested in […]

WiBroniks Vs The Competition: Is This Better Than One-Fi And TelOne ADSL?

ZOL recently announced a new wireless service that they have termed WiBroniks. The finer details of the service will be provided by ZOL at a later date but thus far they have provided details such as the data caps for these packages, the speeds and also the cost. From these details, we can begin to […]

ZOL Introduces New LTE Based Service: Meet WiBroniks

[UPDATE]: This article initially stated that Fibroniks unlimited was dropping from $139 to $119. This was incorrect and we’ve made ammends to the article. Zol has introduced a new service that they are calling WiBroniks. The service will rely on LTE and will be available to subscribers  at a later date. Coolest start to an […]