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Google’s WiFi Initiative Crashes & Burns In SA 3 Months After Launch

Last July, we wrote about Google Station, a collaborative effort between the tech giant and network operators to launch over 100 free WiFi hotspots. When they started pitching the service to South African networks there were questions regarding the viability of the business model which would’ve been based on advertising. They launched in November in […]

Facebook Working On Feature To Manage Your WiFi Connection

Facebook’s Find WiFi feature is being expanded from a WiFi network locator to a tool that actually manages the WiFi connection on your device. According to Jane Manchun Wong an app researcher who’s been tracking this feature since February As with anything Facebook-related, you’ll have to be very careful about turning this on once it […]

5G Is Going To Disrupt Many Industries, Here Are Some Of Them

As you may know by now, 5G is the next-gen (or is now the current gen?) of wireless tech which is expected to offer new consumer and business with near real-time connectivity. For the last decade (half a decade for us in Zim) the rest of the world has enjoyed 4G connection and with these […]

Facebook to introduce Instant videos, a feature that allows you to watch videos offline

Due to data prices in Zimbabwe, whatever online thing that can be done offline excites me; even better when it involves something I use often, in this case Facebook. Facebook is testing out an Instant videos feature which it has currently rolled out to a few Android users. The feature is meant to allow users […]

What Zimbabweans think about Econet Kombi WiFi

Last week, Econet launched Kombi WiFi. Frankly I thought it was good but not the big deal the company was making of it. It is normal here at the office to disagree on what’s a huge deal and what’s not, but the general feeling on this one was “ok, moving on.” That’s why our story was short and didn’t contain much […]

Here are the Harare kombi routes with Econet WiFi kombis

Yesterday, Econet introduced WiFi in Kombis. Basically, Econet subscribers can buy WiFi bundles and can use these in kombis. The kombis are fitted with WiFi routers. So far the Kombis with WiFi are only in Harare. 50 of them in total. Econet has said that this is a pilot and they are collecting feedback to factor into […]

Econet Kombi WiFi Zone bundle prices… How to buy & how to use

Econet yesterday launched Kombi WiFi, a service enabling subscribers to use WiFi when travelling in a kombi. In addition to buying WiFi bundles to use the service, subscribers also get 100% free WiFi data for every purchase of any regular Econet data bundle. Here are the data bundle prices for Econet WiFi Zone bundles:   How to buy […]

NetOne Launches One-Fi, WiFi product for homes, SMEs

NetOne today launched a new home WiFi product called One-FI. The service, targeted at home users and small offices allows NetOne subscribers to buy a WiFi router that has a NetOne sim card. That way they can access NetOne 3G and 4G over WiFi. The company is selling the router, picture above, for the service. The router, […]

We have an exclusive with Innscor on Wi-Fi, Liquid & ZOL clarify. Liquid opens up to resellers

When we have written about TelOne’s Wi-Fi deal with Innscor, in recent weeks, ZOL leadership has made a point to make it clear to us that they actually have an exclusive Wi-Fi deal with Innscor and that it’s been in place for a while now. An article in the Herald today suggests ZOL via its parent company, Liquid Telecom […]

Econet open up LTE to smartphones. Unlikely to expand network fast

Starting early this month, Econet began a trial rollout of LTE services to smartphones, we are told. You will remember that before this, that is since as far back as the launch in September 2013, you could only access LTE via a USB dongle.

ZOL’s free WiFi is no more. New prepaid prices start at 5GB for $15

So the problem with “free” is that after your customers have enjoyed it for a while, whatever adjustment you make to the price, however cheaper it is than your closest competition, if it’s not free, you’re going to make a lot people unhappy. ZOL will be announcing tomorrow that their free ZOLSpot WiFi is finally coming to an end. […]

ZOL hopes to use adverts to keep free WiFi hotspots, free! Separate Premium service coming

So even though doesn’t mention it on their WiFi Hotspots website, their WiFi hotspots (the ones in Harare at least) have been free for months now. Free as in free beer. You connect and you start surfing, that’s all. Most times its pretty good internet and I suspect it’s so because they made some effort to not […]

Interview with saisai: Zim’s DEMO Africa 2014 representatives

  In July this year we announced that a Bulawayo based startup, saisai Wireless, had been selected to be one of 40 African startup teams pitching at this year’s DEMO Africa tech talent showcase. saisai Wireless is working on the provision of free public WiFi access by utilising idle bandwidth from WiFi routers and hotspots […]

Sweet MiFi

If I were to make a list of things that I absolutely hate: capped internet connections and paying for my internet on a per megabyte basis would not only make the list but top it as well. I know that there are a lot of people out there who share my malcontent with this sort […]

A user’s review of the uMAX service

This review is written by someone who has used virtually every ISP in Zimbabwe since the year 2000 and has the battle scars to boot. This is not so much a technical review of the product but a user’s review of how the product delivers. This is deliberately so because at the end when all […]