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More Windows 11 controversy as Microsoft kicks some PCs from the Insider Program

Windows 11 was just nothing more than speculation for the good half part of this year. Now it’s all everyone seems to be talking about and the bulk of that talk has focused on how you can get Windows 11 on your current PC, if you can even do that, acronyms like TPM and how […]

How to download and add Google fonts to your Ubuntu desktop

I am constantly preaching about how Ubuntu and Linux in general is awesome. The truth though is that no desktop operating system is perfect and one area in which Windows has Ubuntu beat is the number of fonts you get by default. Most people who use Windows never even stop to think about it, but […]

Most people will have to buy a new computer if they want to use Windows 11

Microsoft has published the hardware requirements for Windows 11 and much to everyone’s dismay it seems most Zimbos will have to buy a new computer if they want to run/upgrade to Windows 11. The good news is that Windows 10, the current version of Windows on most people’s computers, will be supported until October 2025. […]

Microsoft introduces its own command line manager, winget

One of the slights often thrown at Linux during the “Linux is a cancer” days at Microsoft was that it was made for amateurs and nerds. The evidence was there for all to see, Microsoft executives would always boast. The biggest drawback was that Linux heavily relied on the command line even when it came […]

Checkout Ubuntu 21.04’s beta version

This is the way!

Windows is now 35: Here are my first memories. What are yours?

Windows is now 35, here’s a trip down memory lane. This doesn’t have to be a soliloquy, feel free to share your experiences with the OS.

This Microsoft app helps you recover deleted files

Ever been asked for pictures by someone only to realise that you actually deleted them? Yeah, that sucks. Microsoft is trying to minimise such experiences and has launched an application on the Microsoft Store called File Recovery. The application doesn’t only recover photos but also videos and other file types so it has many use […]

How To Remotely Access Your Computer From Your Phone

Google has made it possible to access your Windows desktop or your Mac from your phone, even if its an Android phone or an iPhone. And it doesn’t have to be iPhone for macOS, you can mix and match – all you need is the Chrome Remote Desktop app running on both devices. Here I […]

Windows 7 Users Are Left With One Year Before The OS Self Destructs

Ok, that headline is louder than it needs to be. But seriously, if you are still using Windows 7, now might be as good a time as any to know that support for the ageing OS is ending in a year’s time. That makes the software a ticking time bomb… Microsoft is ending support for […]

Don’t Worry The Windows 10 October Update Is Now Safe But …

Although I have Windows 10 on my main laptop I haven’t used (production use) it in a while-could be going on two years now. I do like to keep the operating system up to date though like any other security conscious computer user. Mainly because I am very curious about developments in the WSL realm. […]

How To Link Your Android Phone With Your PC

Ever since Windows 10 came about Microsoft has been giving users two feature updates a year; One in the 2nd quarter and another in the 4th. And because these features come and go without any warning (like full version releases such as Windows XP, Vista, 7 etc) many cool things can get to pass you […]

Windows Finally Issues A Fix (Sort Of) For Infamous Security Breaches. Here’s How To Protect Your Data

Microsoft has finally released an update for the Spectre and Meltdown flaws that were discovered in January. The vulnerabilities affected millions of Windows PC’s that had Intel and ARM CPU’s which is the bulk of the PC market. What is this Meltdown and Spectre? Ok, let me try my best to explain the two vulnerabilities […]

The Processor Powering Your Phone Is Being Used In Windows Laptops Too

We really have come a long way when it comes to computing power in smartphones. These pocket computers we carry in our pockets are more powerful than ever before. In mobile computing systems on chips (SoCs) are popular because of their low power consumption. An SoC integrates a microcontroller (or microprocessor) with peripherals like graphics processing unit (GPU), Wi-Fi module and […]

Eye tracking feature coming to Windows 10 will allow you to control your laptop with just your eyes

Microsoft has announced a new eye tracking software technology that will be coming in the next Windows 10 Fall Creators update. The feature will allow people to control and navigate a Windows 10 laptop with their eyes. It will be available from the 17 of October which the release date of the upcoming update and […]

Data saving tips – here’s how to stop Windows 10 from hogging your precious bandwidth

Frustrated by all those operating systems updates? Here are some tips on how to stop Windows 10 from hogging your precious bandwidth.

Windows 10 is not so Zim friendly, and here’s why

Windows 10 has been received with open arms even in Africa but after using it a couple of days you begin to understand how it is hungry for your bandwidth especially as it comes with forced security updates and P2P sharing among other features.

Now that Windows 10 has been officially launched, here’s how to get it

Windows 10 has been made officially available to the whole world. If you are on the Windows Insider program Windows 10 should be fairly simple to upgrade to the official release if it has not done so already, otherwise a few simple steps will get you the free upgrade available for the next one year.

Will your computer run Windows 10?

The Windows 10 upgrade is being made available at the end of this month. When you upgrade to Windows 10 between 29 July 2015 and 29 July 2016 from any of the previous releases of Windows, you will get a free lifetime Windows 10 licence on that device. Here’s how to verify of your machine can run the new Operating System.

Everything you need to know about the Ubuntu Phone

Canonical, the people behind, the Ubuntu Operating system have gone into the smartphone and tablet market with their own devices. Their phones seem brilliant in terms of specs, but without WhatsApp compatibilty can a phone sell in Zimbabwe?

Drones in Zim, ZRP on Twitter, ZBC $3 subs, Windows 10, Facebook Lite – Podcast

What’s the latest on drones in Zimbabwe? What is up with ZRP and its Twitter account? Is $3 a fair amount for ZBC subscriptions? This is the latest Techzim podcast that has discussions on these topics and more from this week’s tech news.

The 7 things I like about the upcoming Windows 10

The new Windows 10 will be released July 29. Here are a few things we found interesting in the pre-release preview.

The Gtel T 9000: Windows device at its core, or a tablet with choice ?

While the bulk of manufacturers and suppliers are focusing on Android devices, local company GTel has once again opted to be unique. It has done this by giving customers a chance at using Windows as an OS for their tablet.  The merits of this are that most of us are already familiar with the Windows […]

It’s more than just the phones: what can we expect at Mobile World Congress 2015?

Queue the noise and excitement in technology, another “geek gathering” is here. All the focus this time will be on Barcelona, as Mobile World Congress 2015 (MWC 2015) the biggest mobile tech expo and conference kicks off next week. It’s tradition; each year brings with it a number of new mobile devices from major manufacturers […]

Techzim Podcast: saisai, Zanu PF cards, Windows 10, EcoSchool & ZOL Startup Challenge

Here’ s this week’s edition of the Techzim Podcast. In this episode we touched on Zimbabwean startup saisai’s winning of the SWELL Award at DEMO Africa, the new Zanu PF membership/financial services card, Microsoft’s new operating system Windows 10 and the launch of Econet’s EcoSchool.  If you are a university student will you be purchasing […]

Microsoft announces it’s new OS, Windows 10

Yesterday, Microsoft announced its latest iteration to the famous operating system, named Windows 10. It’s quite an interesting take on the future of the software giant because it packs a few adjustments and tweaks that are modeled at creating a fresh and livened up Windows experience. Windows 7 ‘eight’ 9, so here’s 10 The first thing […]