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Telone Stands To Lose Stake In A Critical Foreign Company

Telone is another telecoms service provider that’s struggling to pay up its foreign dues because of foreign currency shortages. This time the repercussions of failing to meet its foreign obligations won’t only be service disruption but it will also lose its stake in West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC), a very critical supplier. Operating exclusively […]

Liquid Telecom named Best African Wholesale Carrier at Global Carrier Awards

It was fourth in a row for Liquid Telecom when the Econet Group subsidiary was named the best African Wholesale carrier at the recent 11th Annual Global Carrier Awards. This adds to a growing trophy haul for the telecoms company which is also in the running for a host of other awards from other esteemed bodies.

Exciting presentations lined up for 2014 Broadband Forum

Its 8 days to go until Zimbabwe’s 2014 Broadband Forum which will be a meeting point for thought leaders and contributors of broadband infrastructure and services as whole. Seven speakers will be making rich presentations covering a diversity of topics that emphasise the current broadband landscape, the opportunities and impact in Zimbabwe and on the continent. The speakers […]

Techzim to host the Broadband Forum 2014 on the 6th of June

We are excited to announce the second edition of the Broadband Forum scheduled for the 6th of June 2014 at Cresta Lodge Harare riding on the theme “Rolling the D.I.C.E. for a connected Future.” The event is focused on creating a platform where the various stakeholders from different facets of broadband technology can identify its […]

WIOCC completes submarine cables repairs

WIOCC, operators of the largest submarine cable on Africa’s west coast, announced today that repairs on fibre cables between Egypt and France (which broke several weeks ago) have been completed.

Zimbabwe Broadband Forum Preview: The Eassy undersea cable and national capacity

The EASSy undersea cable runs across Africa’s Eastern coastline and is operated by the WIOCC Consortium that includes Zimbabwe’s Telone. It was commissioned in July 2010 and covers a total footprint of over 50 000km, connects to 30 African countries and provides 4.7tbps of bandwidth.

EASSy cable operator speaks on undersea cable outage

According to him, some reports in the media have incorrectly suggested the EASSy cable suffered a break. The break, he says, is actually on cables that they use/buy capacity on for traffic to other continents.

East Africa undersea cable outage enters third week

It’s now week 3 since it was first reported that an undersea fibre cable on the shores of East Africa was down. Then, it was reported that the Eastern Africa Submarine Cable System (EASSy) had broken on 17 February 2012 and that a repair vessel had been sent to fix the problem. Eventually it became clear the situation was worse.

EASSy cable down

The East Africa Submarine System (EASSy) has a section of its undersea fibre cable broken since 17 February 2012. The broken section is between Djibouti and Port Sudan and according to reports, WIOCC, the consortium that owns the cable, has already started efforts to repair the cable.

TelOne to benefit from additional WIOCC cables

WIOCC, the special purpose vehicle that TelOne is part of, has entered a strategic partnership with Cable & Wireless Worldwide to increase the reach and reliability of the WOICC cable system. The new partnership means WIOCC is now effectively invested in two additional submarine cable systems, the Europe India Gateway (EIG) and West Africa Cable System (WACS) that C&W owns.

Upped to 4.72 Tbps, EASSY now constitutes 70% of Africa’s east coast undersea cables

The EASSy cable, in which local state owned fixed operator TelOne has a stake through WIOCC, has had its design capacity upgraded to 4.72 Tbps. According to the West Indian Ocean Cable Company, the upgrade makes EASSy by far the highest capacity submarine cable on the east African coast.

The recent capacity upgrade follows another upgrade to 3.84 Tbps made to the cable in August last year. The EASSy cable was launched in July 2010 with an initial design capacity of 1.42 Tbps.