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The upcoming version of WordPress will support WebP

I don’t often write about WordPress, the popular CMS (content management system) that powers both Techzim and all the sites I work with but today I decided to make an exception as I couldn’t contain my excitement. The next coming version of WordPress, version 5.8 which is coming out on 20 July, will have native […]

You can now safely upgrade to Ubuntu 21.04

Finally you can now safely upgrade.

Gutenberg Is Coming And It Changes Everything

So while we hint at it, we rarely ever talk about the mundane behind the scenes goings here at TechZim. Those in the know however probably know we, like over one quarter of the web rely on WordPress- as they say when you know you know so now you know. While we love WordPress and […]

An amazing day of learning & meeting new people at WordCamp Harare 2016 (Pictures)

Yesterday was a great day in Harare for lovers of WordPress. Techzim attended the first WordCamp to be held in the city and country. Te event was at Harare City Library. A great day because we met lots of people who are passionate about WordPress and building stuff on the internet – making sites work better […]

Web design & web development – what’s the difference?

I remember in my tender age how simpler and seemingly normal even to most folks by then to refer every type of washing powder as Surf. Yes I did and you know everyone was cool with it, no harm came with it. Everybody would be aware of what was being referred to, it was just […]

WordCamp Harare is on 10 December. Tickets now available!

WordCamp Zimbabwe is an event that a lot of WordPress enthusiasts and users (like us here) have wanted for a while, so thanks to the team behind this effort, it’s finally happening. The date is 10 December, price is $6 and the venue Harare City Library. More about that here. If you’re wondering why WordPress is a big […]

Need to learn how to create and run your own website? Wordcamp is hosting WordPress conferences in Zimbabwe

WordPress, through its global initiative WordCamp, has selected Zimbabwe as one of three locations across the world to host its conferences/incubator programs. What is WordPress? WordPress is a FREE online tool that allows users to create and run websites, offering arguably the easiest blogging and website content management system. What is WordCamp? WordCamp is the […]

This Easy Engine gives you WordPress on steroids

First of all I have to swear that this has got nothing to do with the current noise about This article was planned ages ago based on my own experiences. Schadenfreude is not really my thing. One of the things I learnt this year after deciding to avoid shared hosting and opting to go […]

How you can enable secure HTTPS on your webserver

This is a continuation on a series that deals with building a secure webserver. The focus this time is on using HTTPS for this, setting it up and why its an advantage to have it, especially for any site that has e-commerce functionality.

What lies beneath: 3 tools for figuring out how that awesome website was built

Ever wanted to figure out how any awesome website was put together? Here are some tools that will help you take a peek under the hood of any website and understand the insides on your own.

10 services you can now enjoy in Zimbabwe thanks to PayPal

But there may be some of you who are wondering what all the excitement is about. Why is everyone (well at least those online) excited about being able to PAY other people and NOT SELL their goods and service?

WordPress, Drupal or Joomla? Choosing the right CMS for the job

Content Management Systems have for a long time made it easy to get into content publishing on the internet, and sometimes can be the quickest way to a rapid solution even for a startup that’s not into hard core publising especially when your coding is not your strongest point. We came upon this comparison of […]

South African government charged US $10 million for a WordPress theme job

It happens all the time but this is definitely extreme. South African tech blogs reported that a web development company actually charged the South African government at least R97 million for a website. The website is basically just WordPress (free) and a WordPress theme (about $40) that they clearly didn’t modify much. Here’s a screenshot of the theme.

Sad to see Posterous die

We were born on Posterous just more than 3 years ago. The service made blogging so startable. You’d just email an imaginary friend updating. I starting writing about stuff I was passionate about, Technology in Zimbabwe; technology platforms, companies leveraging the internet and mobile in new interesting ways.

An open source national economic development model inspired by WordPress

Although the Zimbabwean economy is now stable, several companies continue to close and the unemployment rate as we know it is still over 80%. While open source mostly refers to software, I believe it can also apply to economic development programmes and that such programmes can play a huge role.

A lesson from the Joomla footer

Many years ago, I found something called Joomla. I downloaded its manual and taught myself how to install extensions, templates, etc. I was doing fine, until I got to the damn Joomla footer. I wanted to remove the text in the footer section that says “Joomla is open source software bla bla bla”, and in one attempt a whole bottom section disappeared.

More than 30 YoAfrica hosted websites get hacked at same time

Yesterday morning, we got tipped to the fact that some YoAfrica hosted websites had been hacked. It was just 2 websites so we figured it was anything to worry about but we contacted the company nonetheless and told them about it. As the day progressed, a few more people told us their websites had been hacked and checking where they were hosted all pointed to YoAfrica servers. Well, one server in particular. We told YoAfrica through the day of these developments we were getting.

Zimbabwe International Trade Fair website hacked, taken down

We established this morning that the website belonging to the Zimbabwe International Trade Fair Company, was hacked. The Zimbabwean company runs the one of the largest multi-sectoral exhibitions in sub-Saharan Africa and is currently preparing for the 2012 annual exhibition to take place in less than 2 weeks.

The basics of protecting your website

This guest article was written for TechZim by Joe Ruzvidzo, a blogger and consultant based in Harare, Zimbabwe. He writes here in his personal capacity. There have been numerous stories here on TechZim and around the world about websites being hacked. Some of the largest brands locally and abroad have had their websites defaced, and the […]

Startups, pride and open source

Since I started working with the internet back in 2001, I have used open source software to create. Indeed, back then open source software was the only opportunity to create online for a lot of people. I was in a Zimbabwean city called Gweru, and software piracy then was not as rampant as it the case now.

Getting it right: The new Olivine website

Recently, Olivine, one of Zimbabwe’s most known brands, launched its website. The website is on Now I can hear some of you say, “So what, a lot of non-tech companies launch cool websites every!” Yes, they do. But this one is different. It’s one for those few cases when a company just gets it right. More right than most (if not all) of the most known tech companies around.