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Remittances to Zimbabwe increased by over 42% in 2020

According to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe, remittances stood at just over US$1 billion in 2020 making it the gughest figure ever recorded in a single year.

World Remit launches Black Friday prices for transfers to Zimbabwe

World Remit has announced that it has special Black Friday prices for family and friends to send money back home to Sub-Saharan Africa including Zim.

CABS has partnered with World Remit

CABS has announced that it has partnered with global money transfer service World Remit. You can now collect your World Remit transfers at CABS branches nationwide.

CBZ capitalises on money transfer agent partnerships to open money transfer centre

CBZ over the last couple of years have been partnering up with money transfer agents. Western Union, World Remit, Money Gram, Mukuru, Express Links, and Hello Paisa money transfers can be collected from a CBZ branch. In light of this CBZ announced that their Robert Mugabe Street branch will now be a dedicated money transfer […]

WorldRemit Refuses To Remit Cyclone Idai Donations To Zimbabwe And People Are So Dissapointed

WorldRemit is in a fix after their conversation with Freeman Chari, a successful upcoming entrepreneur was posted on Twitter. In the conversation, Freeman asks World Remit to waive transaction fees on the $23 000 donations he wanted to send to Zimbabwe for people affected with Cyclone Idai. But the remittance service not only refused to […]

What’s Going On With EcoCash Remittances?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been getting a number of emails regarding EcoCash subscribers and remittances or lack thereof. There seems to be some serious problems when it comes to EcoCash’s partnership with World Remit and that has resulted in a number of people failing to get their money. Here is a thread of […]

Diaspora Remittances Decline By 11%

Arguably one of the most important sources of foreign currency has been remittances by those in the diaspora. When the economy tanked back in 2003, there was a surge in the number of people who left Zimbabwe looking for greener pastures. Those people often left their dependents back in Zimbabwe. Most send back money for […]

Zimbabweans In South Africa Can Now Send Money Back Home Using World Remit

World Remit has finally come to South Africa, where it will help Zimbabwe’s largest diaspora to send money back to their loved ones in Zimbabwe. Before today World Remit only served the Zimbabwean Diaspora in countries like the UK, the US and other European Union countries. I think one of the reasons the remittance company […]

NetOne Subscribers Can Now Receive Money From The Diaspora Through World Remit

NetOne subscribers will now be able to receive money from the diaspora directly on their mobile phones. The Mobile Network Operator has partnered with World Remit. Will I get the money in USD? In this economy, one would want to know whether the money being sent to them will be received in USD or if […]

[Press Release] Cash Crisis In Zimbabwe Leads To 20% Increase In Cash Sent To Zim Via WorldRemit

WorldRemit, a leading online international money transfer company has seen a 20% increase in transactions sent to cash pick up locations in Zimbabwe in the first two weeks of October (compared to the same period in September). The recent surge follows consistent growth in WorldRemit transactions to cash pickup locations over the last year since […]

In The Diaspora And Want To Send School Fees To Zimbabwe? Steward Bank Is Guaranteeing Cash Pick Up

Living outside Zimbabwe but having family to support back home can be complicated sometimes, well at least I think so. It’s hard enough being away from those you love, to then have problems when sending money to family just adds to your anxiety. Before you even send the money there is the question of which […]

Selling ZESA prepaid from the UK: How Zympay is disrupting money remittances

Just yesterday we were tallking about recharge.co.zw, the online workaround for buying ZESA prepaid electricity that lets you use your EcoCash and Telecash mobile wallets as well as options like VISA and Zimswitch. It turns out that there’s another solution similar to this called ZymPay. Unlike recharge.co.zw, Zympay is targeted at the diaspora, where Zimbabweans who […]

EcoCash, Western Union consummate remittances relationship

Earlier today we attended the official launch of a partnership between EcoCash Diaspora and Western Union. The service which was already reflective on the EcoCash menu yesterday, had been on the cards for months now. Western Union is the latest remittances firm to partner with EcoCash after a similar arrangement was penned with WorldRemit earlier […]

“Sending” Money to South Africa

A lot has changed since the crisis of 2008. Things are better now. I should know since back then I spend most of my time rationing my food supplies and waiting in line for everything from salt,bread, call slots and web pages to load. Most of my time is spend at the gym now trying […]

Podcast: Jive Zimbabwe, telecash,TelOne Ts &Cs & Twitter Analytics

Here’s this week’s edition of the podcast. We discussed the new online music platform, Jive Zimbabwe and its impact on the fight against piracy. We also touched on Telecel’s new arrangement with Mukuru.com for remittances from South Africa to telecash wallets, the new Twitter Analytics feature and TelOne’s disclaimer on ADSL speeds. Please feel free […]

Telecel partners Mukuru to enable remittances to telecash

In a fulfillment of promises made a few months ago Telecel has, through a partnership with Mukuru,  now enabled the remittances of diasporan funds straight into the mobile wallets of its mobile money service telecash. With this new arrangement, which will currently be active for remittances from South Africa, when someone sends money through Mukuru […]