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Xiaomi patent shows a fresh take on sliding cameras

In a report by Pigtou, Xiaomi has patented a new front facing camera in a module combined with the rear facing camera. The design looks to increase the screen real estate on their smartphones. The patent shows a display with no bezels. The rear of the device has what looks like a conventional two camera […]

Preinstalled Apps Are Also Not Safe. 140 Bugs Found On Preinstalled Android Apps

Security researchers always advise Android users to be careful while downloading apps from the Google Play Store. But what about pre-installed apps in Android phones? Recently a security research company stated that pre-installed apps and firmware pose a risk due to vulnerabilities (bugs). The researchers found over 140 bugs in preinstalled apps which could be […]

Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha Looks Like Something From The Future

When foldable phones started getting announced, a number of people questioned whether these phones are necessary. I’m sure Xiaomi’s Mi Mix Alpha will get the same reception due to its futurist appearance. The phone has a display that wraps around and is only interrupted by a camera strip used to house the 108 MP camera […]

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 Sells 15 Million Units In 6 Months

Xiaomi is fast becoming an extremely popular brand globally. The company has always been quite popular in China and India but it seems the number of people looking to have their phones is growing. The Redmi Note 7 which was announced back in January has been selling quite well. In fact, Xiaomi has managed to […]

Xiaomi To Focus More On The African Market

Xiaomi is a pretty popular brand but they have been seriously struggling in their home country with a reputation of making cheaper phones that people don’t want to be seen carrying. Fortunately, this hasn’t been an issue in India; a market that is obsessed with specs and cheaper phones. Xiaomi’s growth in India has probably […]

All Major Mobile World Congress Live Streams In One Place

The Mobile World Congress officially kicks off tomorrow but a couple of the major announcements will happen today. We are talking Huawei, Nokia, LG and here are the links to their live streams. More will be added as they come. Nokia Huawei   Oppo Xiaomi     Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, And Econet Airtime Recharge […]

4 Things I Love About The Xiaomi Mi A2

Balance is key. That’s why we have black and white, sugar and salt, Yin and Yang. For the Mi A2, I looked at the things that annoy me but that was not to say I hate the device or that it’s a bad device. Far from it! There are also things I love about the […]

Watch: Xiaomi’s Redmi Note 7 Goes On A Rampage, Leaves A Trail Of Destruction

First of all Redmi is now a sub brand for Xiaomi’s budget phone line. This means that while we used to say Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 we now only have to say Redmi Note 7. Still the same phone company and awesome phones. In fact the Redmi Note 7 is so awesome it has inspired […]

Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone Looks Stunning But All Concepts Usually Do…

So earlier this year, I posted a rant about the state of smartphones in 2018 and in that article I felt quite optimistic about what we will see from smartphones this year. Xiaomi might be proving me right with their recently released video doing the rounds. The video features Xiaomi’s President Lin Bin and he’s […]

The Mi Pad 4 Might Just Be The Best Budget Tablet On The Market

In my house the remote wars can get pretty intense and elaborate. If you snooze you will find yourself watching the English Premiership League on your Ubuntu laptop together with the inconsistent picture quality due to poor internet and lack of hardware acceleration in Linux. For this reason I have been thinking hard about getting […]

Preview Of The Xiaomi Mi Band 3, Mi Powerbank And Mi Car Charger

We take a look at a couple of Xiaomi products that include a Mi car charger. It is a compact and solidly built charger with 2 USB ports capable of fast charging on devices that support fast charging. Also in the mix is a 10 000 mAh Mi Power Bank which does not just support […]

Keep Track Of Your Stress Levels With The Xiaomi Mi Band2 And 3: Limited Ecocash Offer Available

So most people have been having a torrid week ever since the latest monetary policy came out. Stress levels for people from all walks of life have been through the roof and a lot of us are understandably not sleeping well. While it is normal to worry, stress and high blood pressure are detrimental to […]

[Podcast] Smartphone Design, Notch Or No Notch, Copying Conspiracy

We look at the trends of smartphone design from 2017, in 2018 and predict how 2019 design trends will fare. The issue of who is copying who in the smartphone world is in the mix. We also touch on smartphone companies in Zimbabwe looking at their design choices and price points. Quick NetOne, Telecel, Africom, […]

3 Great Budget Phones You Can Get For A Bargain (Updated)

Last week we looked at the amazing Mi A2, it is a great phone but things the way there are right now in Zimbabwe where we are tightening the proverbial belt for like the 18th year, spending more than $200 USD on a phone might be beyond the budgets of many people. That does not […]

Get This Temperature Humidity Sensor From Cafago For Only $12.60, Uhmm Who Cares About Such?

As winter continues to bite I know some days are colder than others but sometimes you need to put a figure to the adjective. Normally I rely on Weather Underground and Google to tell me this but here is the problem, both services give me the weather for the area which might or might not […]

[Video] Oculus Go The Most Affordable Standalone VR Headset Right Now

A couple of years ago Facebook announced and released the Oculus Rift which was their own solution to a standalone Virtual Reality headset. However at an asking price of $400 it made a lot of sense for someone to buy a VR headset shell and slide their smartphone inside it instead. Well Oculus went back […]

Get The Xiaomi Bluetooth Earphones For $11.99 From Cafago And Other Deals

So remember the I7S earbuds from Cafago we featured last week? Well now you can get them for a jaw dropping $11.99 instead of the previously mentioned $19. That is quite some love from Cafago. To get this price you need to: visit the Cafago website here, add the earphones to cart, go to checkout, […]

Xiaomi Mijia 4K Camera Unboxing And First Impressions

So just over a month ago I bought my very first action camera. It has been almost two weeks since I received it in record time. During that time I have been cutting my teeth as an amateur photographer and busy enjoying Easter. Now that the holiday is over I am here to satisfy the […]

Grab the Awesome Xiaomi Redmi 5A for $89 from Gearbest

In an ideal world we would all buy an iPhone X or the new Samsung Galaxy S9. The truth though is that some of us cannot afford these wondrous devices. This means we will have to make do with mid range and budget devices instead. It does not however mean us getting some of the […]

My Geekbuying Shopping Experience

So yesterday I got an sms from the Post Office telling me I could come and collect my parcel. It was that awesome 4K Xiaomi Mijia Camera I have been raving about. All in all it took a record breaking 15 days to come from China and being in my hand. That was a mere […]

Some eCommerce Fun, Shipping Speedtest : Gearbest vs Geekbuying

Recently I decided to personally review Geekbuying and bought the Xiaomi Mijia 4K Action Camera from off their online store. The device comes with zero accessories and that meant I had to buy things like a monopod/tripod, high speed SD card, silicon casing etc separately. A shipping speedtest idea is formed I always do my […]

Why I Am Buying The Xiaomi 4K Camera And Why You Should Get It Too

So recently I decided to branch into a little bit of vlogging. I have the handsome face for it and a beautiful voice to match. It would be a crime not to share it with the wide world. I also want to rely less on stock images on my main blog. The problem is I […]

Lunar New Year deals from Chinese shops

In case you are so wrapped up in your own culture and didn’t know: Today 16 February is the first day of the Chinese Lunar New Year. The year of the dog. The day is celebrated in various Asian countries as well. Why should you care? Well because like all holidays it means massive deals […]

Xioami starts selling the Redmi 5 and Redmi 5 Plus

It is a universal truth that whenever you purchase a low end budget phone you are giving up something in return for paying the ultra low price. How big a deal this sacrifice is depends on how important you consider the feature you are sacrificing to be. The well known dirty secrets about cheap phones […]

5 awesome phones for under $150 total landing cost from Gearbest

So last week we looked at Christmas shopping Gearbest, my favorite online store. Despite my best efforts though I could not squeeze in some of the wisdom that I wanted to pass on to you in that article. I also promised to present you with curated lists of some of extremely good products which are […]

Here is a list of the most anticipated smartphones of 2017

It is going to be quite a big year folks. The titans of the smartphone arena are out for blood and we cannot wait to see the offerings that will take centre stage at the annual Mobile World Congress later this month. Here is a line up of what we can expect. Huawei Huawei will […]

Here are some highlights from CES 2017, the world’s biggest annual gadgets showcase

CES 2017 this year’s edition of the world’s biggest annual gadgets showcase is underway and we are here to give you highlights on what innovative technologies that made their way there. OLED Televisions galore Samsung, LG, Sony and Xiaomi brought in their heavy hitters packing nifty bells and whistles from ultra thin displays to the whole […]

Telecel sold, Zimpost mobile money, digital content theft, Xiaomi in Africa – Podcast

This episode covers the sale of Telecel to the government and NSSA’s involvement, the theft of digital content, Zimpost’s payment platform and the changing African devices market.

As Xiaomi enters Africa, local IAP, Africom takes lead for Zim market – offers a $250 device

Xiaomi is headed to Africa – well, to parts of it, anyway. Official distributors of the Chinese brand are opening their doors to the public through an official distributor, Mobile In Africa, who will service 3 countries (Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria), and all this is scheduled for this month.

Predictions for 2015: The rise of the Chinese phones

Bigger is better, but emerging markets matter the most. This doesn’t entirely sum up mobile devices in 2014 but it speaks volumes about what we saw in the market this year. For the high end market the focus was on how Apple (finally) took the leap and started offering a larger screen for its phone. For […]