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Local Company, ZODSAT Partners UAE-Based VSAT Internet Service Provider

Yahsat graced the local internet scene last year through its partnership with Utande. The more the merrier is the name of the game. Now its ZODSAT that’s been added to the list of Yahsat’s partners in Zim. ZODSAT is a local VSAT internet service provider that’s recently made noise with it’s enticing offerings. For a […]

Here Are Yahclick-Utande’s VSAT Packages And Their Pricing

So about two weeks ago I noticed Facebook ads advertising Utande’s YahClick VSAT packages. We had previously announced that these two are teaming up to provide affordable VSAT packages aimed at the majority of Zimbabwe’s population who live in rural and remote areas. Here are the packages on offer The good news is that despite […]

Podcast On YahClick. A Dubai Satellite Internet Provider Eyeing Zimbabwe

From the hot deserts of Dubai UAE a telecoms company called YahSat is banking on their orbiting satellites to beam internet to Zimbabwe. The company is partnering with Utande in Zimbabwe to make this possible and the technology they are riding on it VSAT. In this Podcast we try and figure out what value proposition […]

YahSat And Utande Still Haven’t Announced The Prices For Their Satellite Internet Service

Ok, so you’re probably wondering what’s up with Utande and YahSat’s internet service. YahClick (as the service will come to be known) was launched last week but that launch was not followed by any details of pricing. At the launch, Utande couldn’t commit to a pricing structure for the packages because the economy had recently […]

Africa’s Leading Satellite Internet Provider Partners With Utande To Introduce New Internet Solution In Zimbabwe

Nowadays when I go to launch events I am cautiously optimistic. After Kwese TV’s launch last year we quickly learned that announcement of a new product does not equate to a great offering that will shake things up as much as we anticipate. Zimbabwe’s internet landscape is another industry that also requires similar shake-ups and […]