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Yo Mix Offering Users Discounted Prices Again (November 2019)

Last week Yo Mix users started receiving a message alerting them to a special data discount which is valid until the end of November: CONGRATS you have won 150% extra value on YoMix data bundles. Download YoMix for Android on & buy any YoMix bundle today. Offer valid until 30/11 The new data discounts […]

Yo Mix Bug Allows Users To Get Free Data

Users of the Yo Mix app have been experiencing an unforeseen benefit to having the application since yesterday morning. The application has been allowing users without any airtime/money in their mobile wallets to buy bundles. Interestingly the only bundles you can buy are the preset bundles and not the custom mixes which will minimise some […]

Something Is Wrong With Yo Mix Right Now – Buy The Bundles At Your Own Risk

Earlier this month, Yo Mix announced that they would be having another promotion that would last until the end of the month and would see users getting 60% discounts on offers within the app. The discounts were in my instance more competitive than the expensive bundles and my first purchase was a success. Subsequent purchases […]

Yo Mix Offering Good Data Deals Until The End Of October

Over the last few weeks, I had been receiving a Yo Mix message alerting me to a significant discount that I had been ignoring because I thought it was just bait to get more people downloading the app: THANK YOU for using YoMix! You have won a 60% discount on YoMix data bundles. Log in […]

Yo Mix Adds Fuel Finder To List Of Features

The most recent Yo Mix update comes with an interesting feature – a fuel finder. Whilst the update is welcome it’s a bit interesting coming from Yo Mix. The fuel finder is really simple – you simply open up Yo Mix > Services > Fuel Finder. A map will open up with fuel icons scattered […]

Econet Denounces Yo Mix 2GB Giveaway Message as “Fake News”

Econet has come out and declared that messages circulating claiming that Yo Mix is giving away 2GB data for free are false. There’s generally been a lot of confusion regarding Yo Mix as some are having a hard time understanding that the application’s amazing bundles last month were only promotional and it seems like the […]

Yo Mix Bundles Now Way Cheaper For Some Subscribers

For a while now we’ve been complaining about the cost of Yo Mix bundles and the fact that the bundles have become much more expensive than we had become accustomed to. We have it on good authority that the bundles are now much cheaper than they were before. I opened my Yo Mix application and […]

Econet’s Yo Mix Calling On Subscribers To Act As Agents And Get Paid 50c/New User

Econet knows a thing or two about using agents to get you to use their services and the company is taking the model a step further and giving customers the opportunity to be agents on the basis that they (the customers, that is) can also get paid for signing people up. I received a message […]

Econet’s Yo Mix No Longer Forcing Users To Buy Voice And SMS

A fortnight ago, Yo Mix was relaunched but this time there was no fanfare as the prices had sky-rocketed making it more expensive than just buying a normal bundle for most users. Whilst there were some cool new features and the application was now open to everyone the general feeling among subscribers is that Yo […]

Twitter Reacts To Econet’s New Yo Mix App

Yo Mix is back and there are some changes, whilst it’s no longer as compelling (in terms of cost of data) it’s now open to all ages which was a widely requested feature. We went through Twitter to gauge the reaction that an app that was once held so dearly by subscribers would get and […]

Yo Mix Is Now Open For Everyone. And That’s Not The Only New Feature

When Yo Mix was initially launched (the good Yo Mix that is), a lot of people were calling for it to be made available to every subscriber. A lot of these people who were complaining found themselves out of the Yo Mix age ranges of 16-34 and it seems that Econet heard their complaints this […]

What Happened To Elevate’s Yo Mix App?

Around the midway point of last month we got a tip that Elevate would be taken down temporarily and Econet sent messages to Elevate staffers informing them of what it is they needed to say to those who were asking what was up with the platforms. It’s been a few weeks now and what seemed […]

[Updated] Econet’s Yo Mix App Is Probably Going To Go Down Later Today

Econet network challenges have become a constant that subscribers have been forced to slowly but surely become accustomed to. One moment its EcoCash not working because of a technical challenge. The next moment the mobile network isn’t working and subscribers can’t call, text or even check their balances. Elevate has had its fair share of […]

[Updated] You Can No Longer Buy Econet’s Yo Mix Bundles Using EcoCash

So we’ve talked about Yo Mix and how much value for money their bundles tend to offer (your mileage may vary it seems). I’ve been using the bundles for quite some time now and when purchasing the bundles you could either do so through your EcoCash and your airtime balance. It seems the EcoCash option […]

Yo Mix Bundles Actually Offer Excellent Value Compared To ‘Normal’ Bundles

So Econet recently gave Elevate members the ability to buy custom bundles and after taking a closer look at what’s on offer, I think this is the best offering when it comes to bundles. What you can get? For $5 you can get 2.5 GB weekly on Yo Mix vs 650 MB + 650 MB […]