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BREAKING NEWS: Dandemutande Acquires YoAfrica (PRESS RELEASE)

Dandemutande Investments, one of Zimbabwe’s leading Broadband Internet Access Providers today announced that it had acquired YoAfrica, a leading Enterprise Service Provider in Zimbabwe. This acquisition combines the strength of YoAfrica with that of Dandemutande and allows the combined business to harness YoAfrica’s best-in-class technical expertise with Dandemutande’s market leadership, infrastructure and Pan African reach […]

Why the new uMAX internet packages are great deals!

A few days ago uMAX the company announced some changes. Here are some extracts from the announcement: musheMAX customers are now entitled to 15GB data allowance with an additional 15GB of Midnight Express browsing from 00h00-06h00 every night. That’s all included in the standard $45 per month service fee. If you require more data within the same […]

Cheaper VSAT in Zim, YoStore, energy alternatives & Econet vs POTRAZ – Podcast

In this episode of the Techzim podcast, we discuss Econet and Liquid Telecom’s reaction to POTRAZ’s Infrastructure Sharing strategy, the iWayAfrica VSAT products that just got so much cheaper and the online retailing platform YoStore from the ISP, YoAfrica.

Internet provider, YoAfrica, sets up e-commerce store

YoAfrica, a local internet service provider has set up its own online retail platform. Called YoShop, it focuses on the sale of IT related products.

Guaranteed ISP Happiness: It’s all about value not price as uMax competes in aggressive market

You probably have seen the ad already by now; local ISP uMax is offering a money back guarantee to new subscribers. If you sign up for their Wimax package and for whatever reason are not happy with their service they are offering, they will give you your money back. Actually this is not a new development. […]

Is there any good internet service in Bulawayo?

A few days ago part of the Techzim team was in Bulawayo for the ZOL Startup Challenge Meetup that was held at NUST. While the City of Kings provided a warm reception and an encouraging response from the vibrant tech ecosystem, the quality of internet service we experienced left a lot to be desired. Over a […]

As other ISPs drop internet prices, YoAfrica is strangely doing the opposite

So yesterday we were very excited at the internet pricing sanity settling into the market. Broadband prices are dropping by as much as 80% and it’s not just uMAX, it’s basically been the trend over the past couple of months. Not so with YoAfrica.

Utande expands offering with introduction of Wi-Fi hotspots

Wi-Fi hotspots are the next best thing for internet users who don’t want to commit themselves to “on the go” mobile broadband plans like those dongles that work sometimes and not sometimes. They also serve as that crucial backup internet when your usual office or home connection (or Dongle-wanaland itself) shakes you off the network for hours and your ISP seems in a hurry to not fix it. In short, they serve a great purpose in our local connectivity ecosystem.

More than 30 YoAfrica hosted websites get hacked at same time

Yesterday morning, we got tipped to the fact that some YoAfrica hosted websites had been hacked. It was just 2 websites so we figured it was anything to worry about but we contacted the company nonetheless and told them about it. As the day progressed, a few more people told us their websites had been hacked and checking where they were hosted all pointed to YoAfrica servers. Well, one server in particular. We told YoAfrica through the day of these developments we were getting.

The eTech Africa conference. Some frank talk

We spent the day today at the eTech Africa conference that is being held alongside the week long tech company exhibitions in Harare. This was the first of the two day conference where business leaders, techies, academic and politicians will make presentations on the theme “Exploiting the potential of ICTs for sustainable socio-economic transformation”. Most […]

Aquiva Wireless and Aptics face major problems with WiMAX

An update sent out by one of Zimbabwe’s largest internet service providers, ZOL, confirms (what the industry has been saying for about a month now) that Aquiva Wireless and Aptics are having major issues delivering internet via the WiMAX platform. The ZOL update was sent out some 6 days ago and read in part:

Aptics enters market with promise of affordable broadband and VoIP

About 2 weeks ago a new Internet Access Provider called Aptics started advertising VoIP telephony and ‘4G’ services in the local newspapers. We have tried the Aptics broadband internet before for our primary connection at the office, but then, the company was still providing services primarily through ISPs ZOL and Yo Africa. The company is now going to market directly in addition to the partnerships. We visited them a few days ago to get the full story on what the company is offering and what you the reader should expect and indeed if you should be excited.

Africom finally kills off the loss leading $18 bundle

In October 2010, Africom made a bold unprecedented move in the history of the internet in Zimbabwe. Fresh from the launch of its new red brand and mobile broadband services, the company announced the pricing of its data packages; the cost of a 1 gigabyte bundle was US $18. It was crazy. It was fantastic for the customers. We celebrated. For the first time in Zimbabwe, here was a company that understood that the internet was not a luxury for rich.

How much the price of internet connectivity can reduce in one year

A year ago, US $50 per month unlimited broadband was only offered by one internet provider, the state owned PowerTel. Many would argue doesn’t really ‘need’ to make money. It wasn’t the best internet in town, largely because of congestion issues, but PowerTel afforded many small businesses and middle income earners an opportunity to have their own internet connection for the first time. The rest of the providers had prices north of $100 for any type broadband, forget unlimited.

YoAfrica drops broadband internet price to $50 uncapped

There’s some good news we’re discovering as the year comes to an end. YoAfrica, one of the biggest internet service providers in Zimbabwe, has slashed its home broadband internet offering to US $50 a month. And if a customer pays for a whole year (which we don’t advise by the way) the price drops further to $42 a month.

The difficulties of registering a local domain in Zimbabwe

The need to have local Zimbabwean content on the internet has been widely discussed. The main idea being that the internet will become more relevant to locals if it has content people have traditionally consumed on platforms like TV, radio, newspapers, books and so forth.

Ubuntu and choosing your Zim ISP

In my previous article I mentioned the fact that Ubuntu is not much fun without the Internet. It has been my experience that not all Internet Service Providers (ISP) are the same and that there are some caveats for a Zimbabwean Ubuntu user/administrator when it comes to either choosing an ISP or administering his system especially in the matter of upgrades and downloads and indeed sometimes this is critical if your system will get connected to the internet at all.

YoAfrica webmail security flaw exposes customer emails

Earlier today, a guy sent us an email on our address with the subject “Security Flaw –” Here are the contents of that email:

Botswana Fibre Optic Breaks, Affects Zim ISPs

Yesterday, the Botswana fibre optic cable that supplies wholesale International bandwidth to Powertel (a state owned Internet provider) broke. The cable damage was on a section in an area outside Francistown in Botswana.