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Tag: YoMix fuel Finder

Netone Introduces It’s Own SMS-based Service That Gives You Fuel Availabity Updates

Whilst YoMix’s Fuel Finder is still enjoying it’s praise, now there’s a new service which does just that which is being offered by Netone in partnership with Zim411 Classifieds. Netone sent this text to its customers: Want to buy/sell something? Want to get fuel availability updates via SMS? Its simple. SMS help to 362 to […]

The Fuel Finder Feature Shouldn’t Be In YoMix. But Here’s Why I Think It Was Added

I remember one incident when I put my T-shirt in the same shelf where I put my jeans and my mother said this idiom to me “everything has a place and a everything in its place” (Strictly speaking, the idiom is said this way: A place for everything and everything in its place). That’s exactly […]

How To Find Fuel With YoMix App

Late last week, YoMix added a new feature which will help motorists to locate service stations that have fuel. Here’s how you can access/use the feature: Update your YoMix Log in or Sign up to get into YoMix Switch on your location. On my Samsung, I can do it by simply pulling down the quick […]