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Why YouTubers are always nagging you to subscribe to their channel

If you know someone who creates content, chances are they are always trying to hawk their content on you. “Listen to my new song”, “watch my video” or “subscribe to my YouTube channel”, one of many phrases you’ve probably heard before. It’s pretty easy to understand, how listening to a new song or watching a […]

YouTube Demonetises Anti-vax Videos On Its Platform

On Friday YouTube took the bold step of demonising several video channels run by anti-vaxers. This was after a lot of reputable companies, some of them from the health field, discovered that some of the adverts were showing on these channels. What are anti-vaxers This is a group of people who typically rely on pseudo-science […]

Facebook adds new tool for video revenue protection with new Rights Manager feature

However, for internet video creators who have moulded their revenue models around views, there is a serious problem that lies in the unsolicited distribution of their content from Facebook pages that are not entitled to those views.

Local artists’ failure to understand YouTube exposes them to online content theft

Household names and local superstars like Killer T, Oliver Mtukudzi, as well as the horde of yesteryear superstars like Leonard Dembo, John Chibadura, the Bhundu Boys and Plaxedes Wenyika have content that has appeared on scattered YouTube channels with different users generating views that could be converted into revenue by the creators themselves.