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Tag: YouTube Go

YouTube Go Officially Available In Zimbabwe, This Is A Bigger Deal Than You Might Think

YouTube Go was launched last year with India being the first to get the app. After it proved to be popular it was launched in 14 other territories, including some African countries. The response was encouraging and now YouTube Go has been expanded to over 130 countries, Zimbabwe appears to be one of them. We […]

Here’s how to watch YouTube videos without using much data

YouTube Go┬áis an app that aims to help people who are in countries with either expensive data or poor Internet connection to view YouTube video without breaking the bank. If you’d like to use it, you can always download it from unofficial sources as it is not yet available in Zimbabwe from the Google playstore. […]

You can now hover over videos on Youtube to get GIF like previews

In what they are calling video previews, YouTube now shows you a 3 second clip of a video on the thumbnail before you watch it. The video preview automatically plays when you hover your cursor over it and after the preview plays the thumbnail is shown with a play icon in the middle. This is […]

YouTube Go, the app designed for data friendly video viewing is now available or Android

The app is essentially a faster and lighter version of YouTube. It gives you the option to stream selected videos immediately or to download them for offline viewing in standard and low-quality definition which is an extra option from the standard offline viewing feature.