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WordPress 5.8 is out and it comes with WebP and more

Recently the folks behind WordPress released this year’s second major release of WordPress for this year – WordPress 5.8. And it comes with an awesome surprise that I gushed about a few weeks ago. This release now natively supports WebP. As I said in the earlier article this is huge. Just to recap WebP is […]

TB Joshua banned by YouTube for “gay curing” videos

He was going to get caught sooner or later.

New YouTube tax rules expose the folly Mthuli Ncube’s Netflix & Facebook taxes

In the end it all falls on the people…

Google’s outage in numbers

A look at the number of people and the money lost during Google’s massive outage that lasted nearly an hour this afternoon.

YouTube, Gmail and other Google services are down

Gmail and other Google servies are down. The outage started a short while ago with users reporting that they couldn’t access google services.

Zim doing it big on YouTube in 2020

A look at Zimbabwean Youtube’s 2020 releases worth your attention.

YouTube’s Creator Academy has courses for content creators looking to grow their channel

I’ve had a YouTube channel for the better part of 6-7 months now and whilst I wasn’t posting content to it seriously, I decided to to do so. There was one problem, I had no idea where to start and apart from reading a few articles on the interwebs most of the stuff has been […]

Why are tech giants racing to clone TikTok in their apps?

What can I say about TikTok that hasn’t been said already? Well, for starters it is the app I’m yet to install and play around with because I’m afraid of yet another social media addiction – Instagram is cocaine to me. Anyway, over the last few days it has emerged that a number of big […]

Making money online – The Zimbabwean struggle

This is not a guide on how to make money online. Techzim has covered that before, one recent example is here. We have all seen the stories, “Individual X makes US$10,000 a month with their blog.” Our immediate thought is we have to get in on that easy money. The reality though, is that like […]

Kenya’s Safaricom And Google Join Forces To launch Affordable YouTube Bundle.

Safaricom and Google have join forces to combine their data capabilities to launch an affordable YouTube bundle for Kenyans. In an effort to increase the exposure of their customers during this lockdown period. Safaricom through its partnership with Google introduced the KES 10 Bundle. What is the KES 10 Bundle? “The new daily bundle, which […]

“Chapters” From YouTube Lets You Scroll to Specific Points in a Video

YouTube Chapters is a feature that lets the viewer skip to specific points in a video like reading the chapters of a book. This is especially helpful with lengthy video essays where the viewer, for whatever reason, wants to view a particular portion. There was a soft roll out of this feature in April and […]

Breaking: YouTube Channel Hosting Wadiwa Wepa Moyo Show HACKED, Videos Wiped

College Central the film and TV company responsible for Wadiwa Wepamoyo hit show just tweeted that their YouTube channel has been hacked. Whoever is behind the hack decided to delete all of College Central’s 30+ videos and rename the channel to Dave Ramsey Live. In addition to deleting the videos, this hacker is denying College […]

Video: Zimbo YouTuber Nigel Tha Slick Pastor Shares Tips On How To Start A Channel & Get Paid

A few weeks ago, we complied a list with estimate revenue for local YouTubers. One of the YouTubers on the list was Nigel Tha Slick Pastor who is one of the most popular local YouTubers with 19 100+ subscribers and 100 videos. Tha Slick Pastor uploaded a video on his channel earlier today giving tips […]

How Much Do Local Content Creators Make On YouTube?

One question that I constantly asked myself years ago was, how do people on YouTube (aka YouTubers/Content Creators) make money. I mean most of us don’t pay for the content we access on the video sharing site. It took me a while to discover that the adverts we see when watching YouTube videos is how […]

YouTube Bans Coronavirus Videos That Contradict WHO Advice

YouTube has announced that it will remove any content they deem as “medically unsubstantiated”, following misinformation regarding the novel Coronavirus. So people saying, ‘Take vitamin C, take turmeric, we’ll cure you,’ those are the examples of things that would be a violation of our policy. Anything that would go against World Health Organisation recommendations would […]

YouTube & Other Streaming Services Reduce Picture Quality To Avoid Overloading The Internet

COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus) has hit the globe pretty hard and because a significant portion of the global population is now working from home or has stopped working entirely, the strain that has been put on the internet is pretty significant. The European Union recently asked video streaming platforms to dial down on video quality in […]

ZIMA Explains How Most Downloaded Song Award Will Work

When ZIMA announced that they would be adding a new “Most Downloaded Song” Award Category to their award Ceremony from 2020 going forward we were pretty stoked since we like all things to do with the internet. As we indicated at the time of the announcement, ZIMA didn’t share any information regarding how they will […]

How Will YouTube’s New Verification Rules Impact Local Content Creators

YouTube recently changed the way verification on their platform works and it’s not clear whether these new rules will favour or affect local YouTubers. Previously YouTube verified creators with more than 100 000k subscribers but all this is coming to an end. At some point in October, creators will only be verified if they have […]

Google Accuses China Of Using YouTube To Interfere In Hong Kong Protests

Google isn’t so happy with come actions coming out of China in attempts to stop the Hong Kong protests. The tech giant has accused china of spreading misinformation and discord among protestors. The company took action and disabled 210 YouTube accounts they believed to have been working to influence viewers: Earlier this week, as part […]

ZimboTube Is Zim’s Version Of YouTube – Is It Necessary?

Scrolling through ZimboTube left me with mixed feelings. The website is well designed and works well enough but I also can’t help but feel the same way I’ve felt about apps like Sasai, Magaya’s Let’s Chat and Ndeip. These are all decent applications but they don’t incentivise users to flee from the giants they’ve become […]

YouTube Clarifies Position On Partnership With SuperSport: No Plans To Live Stream SuperSport Content

After reports made the rounds that YouTube would be partnering with SuperSport to bring content to South African viewers on their online video platform, the statement was retracted and up until now there was no official position issued out. Finally, word is out and it seems YouTube will not be streaming La La-Liga games and […]

[Updated] YouTube To Start Live Streaming Some Of Supersports’ Content

It’s being reported that YouTube will begin live streaming some of the sporting events from Supersports catalogue live on their platform. YouTube’s Dayo Olopade spoke on the partnership and confirmed that other content holders such as NBA Africa, will also be involved in the deal: Africa is a sport-loving continent, so it makes perfect sense […]

YouTube Memberships Launching In SA Allowing Creators To Better Monetize Their Content

Creating online content in Africa has been frustrating because monetizing that content has been a nightmare for most creators. So whilst platforms like YouTube have liberated content creation, getting significant amounts of money from the channels has been pretty difficult. For South African content creators, there’s an alternative method of making money from their YouTube […]

4 Sites To Watch YouTube Videos Without Visiting YouTube’s Annoying Official Website

I don’t know about you but I feel YouTube is a bit cluttered and full of distractions. The moment I visit a channel, there is the autoplay that kicks in even though I don’t want to see or listen to that video. Then there are recommended and trending videos that I have to browse through. […]

YouTube Finally Lets Users Outside Of The US Multitask While Watching Videos

Picture in Picture mode is pretty convenient and if you’ve used it in apps such as Netflix, WhatsApp you will know how neccesary it is for YouTube to add the feature. Picture in Picture is a special type of multi-window mode mostly used for video playback. It lets the user watch a video in a […]

WWE’s Wrestling YouTube Channel The Second Most Viewed Channel In The World

That headline may come as a surprise to many of you as it did to me. I used to watch a lot of wrestling but I just eventually grew disinterested as many of us do. The side of the story which is rarely explored however is the fact that regardless of how many of us […]

One of Zim’s Biggest YouTube Channels Shut Down Over A Copyright Wrangle, Over 1000 Content Pieces No Longer Accessible

Two days ago I wrote an article in the Newsday focusing on how Youtube is changing and shaping showbiz and entertainment in Zimbabwe. The riveting yet revealing piece touched on the silent but raging storm and battles amongst artists, managers, content creators, and Youtube bloggers. I made reference to an ensuing tiff between a leading […]

How YouTube Now Shapes Zimbabwe’s Musical Landscape

A decade ago radio and television were the main platforms pushing music and artists to stardom, but it is no longer the case as we witnessed a bloodless musical coup with the emergence of the internet that now owns and controls the power matrix in Zimbabwe and the world over. The Google-owned American video-sharing website […]

YouTube To Give Users “Fact-Checks” When They Search On Sensitive Topics

Fake news is still a huge problem and many internet giants are still trying to figure out how they can tackle that issue. YouTube has chimed in with its own solution and soon the video-sharing platform will mark videos that are suspected of inaccuracies. According to Buzzfeed, the site will show “information panels — boxes […]

YouTube Vanced Is The Best YouTube App Period

I am an avid music fan and I am one of those people who prefer to videos to audio tracks. When it comes to music videos YouTube has no equal. Naturally for most people that would mean you launching the official YouTube app which kind of sucks in a number of ways. The many failings […]