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Kwese Has Been Licensed For VOD, I Wonder If Netflix And YouTube Are Licensed Too

So Kwese has been licensed finally, yaay! They have been given a total of three licenses. Content distribution license, webcasting license and video on demand license. Only one of those licenses makes sense and I am being generous… I believe this whole licensing stuff is not progressive and has been overtaken by technology. I believe […]

National Rugby Team Going Digital: To Stream On Facebook And YouTube

The Zimbabwe Rugby Union will be launching a YouTube channel for the national rugby team, AKA, the sables. Sables TV is being launched just in time for supporters to follow the Rugby World Cup qualifying campaign that’s starting in June. What exactly will they be streaming? The channels will be showcasing rugby related things including: […]

Will The Recent Shootings Make YouTube Finally Pay Attention To Small Content Creators?

The recent shootings that took place at the YouTube Headquarters are a tragic event that, in a perfect world, should never occur. I do think, however, YouTube’s recent moves may have motivated such illogical reactions from creators. I am NOT justifying what Nasim Aghdam (shooter in-question) did, but merely pointing out that there are some […]

‘Posh’ Zimbabwean Social Media Personality In The UK Begs For Visa Money On Social Media

Rutendo Tichiwangani, now popularly known as VisaBae is a Zimbabwean national in the UK who has gained public attention for raising Visa application money on the internet on the background of being known to live a lavish lifestyle defined by wearing designer clothes, going to fancy restaurants and using trendy phones. VisaBae has appealed for […]

$3,500 From YouTube For Zim Internet Commedians, Bustop TV. Not Much But They Have A Good Business Going On

The monetization of the popular YouTube comedy channel Bustop Tv resulted in the guys making $3500. With a subscriber base of almost 22 000 people, it makes sense that Bustop TV decided to monetize their YouTube channel. The monetization program has been going on for a while and enables uploaders of content to make revenue […]

YouTube Go Officially Available In Zimbabwe, This Is A Bigger Deal Than You Might Think

YouTube Go was launched last year with India being the first to get the app. After it proved to be popular it was launched in 14 other territories, including some African countries. The response was encouraging and now YouTube Go has been expanded to over 130 countries, Zimbabwe appears to be one of them. We […]

ZBC TV Is Stealing Content From YouTube, Stealing From Thieves At That

Over the years ZBC TV has entered into various deals with content owners across the world. Deals which brought sports content, African series and movies and more were signed and the nation was treated to quality content. For those who were old enough to watch the national broadcaster when it still was tolerable we remember […]

Broadcasting Authority Of Zimbabwe Inviting Applications For Licenses For Some Stuff We Didn’t Know Needed Licensing

The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) has published an invitation for those interested in being licensed for what they called ‘classes that do not require allocation or use of frequencies.’ They went on to define these classes as: Video on Demand Services (VOD) Webcasting services Content Distribution Services In fact, here’s the advert quoted below […]

Attention YouTube Content Creators, Your Revenue Is Likely Going To Be Negatively Affected

No point sugarcoating it, let’s get straight into it. If you are a YouTube content creator who has a monetized account or were looking to monetize one, you are likely going to be negatively affected by YouTube’s new guidelines as regards channel monetization and advertiser approval. By negatively affected we mean affected where it hurts the […]

Guy Illegally Streams Live Sports Match By Pretending To Be Playing Game

We all know that that’s where it’s headed. Sports on the internet. Entertainment via the internet. These satellite options are old hat, streaming on the internet is the future. As it is with all media content, there will be piracy, regardless of the distribution method. As cassettes were dubbed and distributed back in the day, […]

You Wont Have To Leave WhatsApp To Watch YouTube Videos Soon

You know the deal. Someone sends you a link to a fire video, something like the viral Man’s Not Hot video. You click on the link and your’e either taken to the YouTube app or the YouTube website. Not a big deal but what if that experience can be improved. Hidden code introduced in WhatsApp […]

YouTube’s personalized ads will now also be based on the apps you’ve installed

YouTube recently announced that they’re introducing a new tool for marketers to send you more personalized advertisements when you’re viewing YouTube video. The tool is called “Director Mix” and it allows a company to create literally thousands of video ads that are customized for different audiences all from one creative asset. A creative asset is […]

Facebook challenges TV and YouTube, local video creators to benefit

Facebook is quite popular here in Zimbabwe, heck there even are bundles to access the site. We all scroll down our feeds digesting posts from former classmates and wedding videos from dear relatives. Viral stunt videos and epic fails are shared and discussed. Turns out we watch a lot of those videos and Facebook has […]

Ability to watch a 30 min video in 15 mins is coming to Android YouTube app.

Data is expensive here in Zimbabwe but you just cannot stop people from watching their YouTube videos. According to SimilarWeb, YouTube is the most visited site in the land.  Where are Zimbabweans getting the data to log hours upon hours in YouTube? It is a mystery. With YouTube this important to us, any changes made […]

Here’s how to watch YouTube videos without using much data

YouTube Go is an app that aims to help people who are in countries with either expensive data or poor Internet connection to view YouTube video without breaking the bank. If you’d like to use it, you can always download it from unofficial sources as it is not yet available in Zimbabwe from the Google playstore. […]

You can now hover over videos on Youtube to get GIF like previews

In what they are calling video previews, YouTube now shows you a 3 second clip of a video on the thumbnail before you watch it. The video preview automatically plays when you hover your cursor over it and after the preview plays the thumbnail is shown with a play icon in the middle. This is […]

Tuning Your Intel Graphics Card In Ubuntu 16.04

Eons ago I wrote a guide on how you can install Intel graphics drivers on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. That guide is still good and it should still work but with a few caveats which we will examine below. I have subsequently discovered that further tweaks and tuning are required in order to get that perfect graphics […]

Kwese TV signs its biggest mobile network deal in Africa yet

Econet Media, the company behind the relatively new kid on the block in African TV called Kwese, has reportedly signed a deal with Kenya’s largest mobile operator Safaricom. Safaricom mobile subscribers will have Kwese TV as one of the services offered by the network. To the best of our knowledge, this is Kwese’s largest network access deal […]

TelOne to launch video streaming service package within 3 months

TelOne is in the final stages of launching a video streaming broadband package for its ADSL and fibre customers. The package will allow TelOne customers to stream movies by paying for streaming in addition to the regular packages. At least that’s the plan from what we understand so far. Speaking to Techzim this past week, TelOne Managing […]

YouTube launches US$35 per month live TV service called YouTube TV, furthers disruption of broadcasting

Simply called YouTube TV, the live TV service will be available first in the United States. Subscriptions have been set at US$35 per month which will get you (up to six users per account by the way) 44 channels including access to YouTube Red – the $10 per month ad-free YouTube service that already has some of its own movies.

YouTube reinforces its position as the internet’s leading video platform, celebrates 1 billion+ hours of content watched everyday

Who doesn’t like YouTube? Not because of its cat videos, but just how it makes it easy to access a huge vault of just about every type of content. YouTube has shared some insight on just how much people are watching it. According to the Google Alphabet owned company, people around the world are now […]

YouTube Go, the app designed for data friendly video viewing is now available or Android

The app is essentially a faster and lighter version of YouTube. It gives you the option to stream selected videos immediately or to download them for offline viewing in standard and low-quality definition which is an extra option from the standard offline viewing feature.

YouTube celebrates US$1 billion payout for music videos watched in 2016. Here’s why a lot of artists, especially local ones, aren’t moved

In 2016 YouTube paid out over $1 billion to the music industry from revenues earned through advertising. This is according to a recent blog post shared by the Google-affiliated video-sharing website. In the statement YouTube celebrated the rebound growth of revenues in music as well as the good times that music and online video is […]

From Facebook to the stage – Bustop TV taps into offline revenue, starts monthly standup comedy show

Seeing that Bustop TV has been one of the early – and in a lot of respects – successful implementers of a model that monetised online content in Zimbabwe (some of their skits are branded entertainment) the move to tap into other revenue streams is worth noting.

Jah Prayzah launches Mdhara Vachauya video on YouTube, taps into power of social media

Zimbabwean music superstar Jah Prayzah has just released the much-anticipated video for his hit Mdhara Vachauya following a huge build-up (it was marketed like a major event) that was supported by a strong campaign on social media. The video, which is the second official video release from his latest album with the same name, attracted a lot […]

Youtube’s new app for kids now available in Zimbabwe, solves many headaches for parents!

Most kids these days either own their own device (a phone, laptop or tablet) or spend quite a lot of time on their parent’s devices. Most of the time spent on the device is relatively unmonitored, its simply putting on a show or movie and allowing them to watch it, you will always be first […]

What are people watching locally? – here are 8 DStv alternatives in Zimbabwe

In case you don’t want to watch DStv and are willing to pay to free yourself of the torture that comes with only relying on ZBC TV, there are some options at your disposable -we’ve listed 8 of them.

Its sir, not dear! social media etiquette for businesses

The concept of businesses interacting with customers via social media is relatively new in Zimbabwe. It’s great that more local businesses and entrepreneurs have decided to increase their social media presence, effectively breaking down previous communication barriers, but there is still much left to be desired. Businesses should understand that having a social media presence […]

Jah Prayzah’s distribution partnership with Zimpapers is Zimbabwe’s best shot at piracy so far

For his latest album, Mdhara Vachauya, Jah Prayzah’s team partnered with Zimbabwe’s largest news publisher Zimpapers to distribute the CD album via its network of newspaper vendors.

MultiChoice Zimbabwe gives football fans another reason to hold onto DStv Compact with UEFA finals

MultiChoice Zimbabwe has announced that for tonight’s UEFA Europa League Final, football fans can catch the game on its DStv Compact bouquet.