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Nollywood on YouTube: Nigerians and Ugandans get ‘local’ YouTube

Over the past two weeks, Google has launched it’s video service, YouTube, in Nigerian and Uganda. According to the announcements on the Google Africa blog, the local versions of the world’s most popular video service will provide by default more relevant content to the two countries. YouTube in the two countries will show visitors the most viewed and most subscribed-to channels in in the country.

Of social media badges and moving with the times

You’ve probably seen it yourself a couple of times; a company (big often) slaps a Facebook badge on its website and print adverts despite the fact that their Facebook page has no activity at all on it. Sometimes the page doesn’t even exist. It’s nothing but a statement to their visitors: We’re moving with the times!

Why Zimbabwe doesn’t have Google Global Cache yet

When we spoke to the Zimbabwe Internet Service Providers Association (ZISPA) chairman Troy Prinsloo some several weeks ago for the domain registration article, he mentioned that last year Google approached ZISPA with a proposal to have a Google Global Cache (GGC) in Zimbabwe. ZISPA’s response to Google, he said, was ‘no thank you’.

Ubuntu: Downloading YouTube videos

One of the good things about the good old Firefox 3 was that when in Ubuntu flash videos were downloaded to the /tmp directory. All you had to do was wait for the buffering to complete, minimize the Firefox window, got to the /tmp directory and copy and paste the video into the folder of your choosing. Playing the video is easy enough; vlc plays pretty much any format from .mp4 to .flv.

Rwandan President to take questions on YouTube

Paul Kagame, the sitting president of Rwanda, will this month be on YouTube to answer questions from internet users. The interview is organized by YouTube World View, a YouTube project featuring a series of monthly interviews with the world’s foremost leaders.

How artists can use new media to survive music piracy

It happens all the time; a comfortable status quo gets disrupted by new convenient ways to go about doing everyday things. For people benefiting from the status quo, this usually means having to somehow find a way to play the new game. But dealing with change when it threatens your livelihood is not always an easy task.

The Power Of Social Media For Communications

Social Media has changed human behaviour as it reshapes all structures – family, business, society, and governance. Ignoring social media has opportunity costs that Zimbabwe cannot afford as we deliberate our US$6 billion debt.