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Full Text: Jonathan Moyo’s Allegations Against Strive Masiyiwa – This Is War

Former Minister, Professor Jonathan Moyo beef with Strive Masiyiwa is still on and the Professor has published a series of tweets containing disturbing allegations on the Econet’s Founder. What started as a mere exchange of opinions has turned into a war of words. 1/24 The self-righteous outburst by #StriveMasiyiwa, supported by his fellow bible-quoting juntapreneurs, in […]

Is 5G Relevant For Africa Yet?

With global 5G rollout gathering momentum, the question of whether Africa is ready for the transition to 4G’s successor is dependent on various factors that could cause a delay in the integration of 5G in the continent. Back in January, South African mobile operator MTN and Ericsson announced Africa’s first 5G technology and applications trial. […]

USD Notes In Circulation In Zimbabwe Could Be Worthless In South Africa

The phrase “Cash Is King” doesn’t just apply to investment portfolios, apparently, it also applies to the state or quality of your cash (in this case, the state or quality of your US Dollars). I can conclude that a bulk of the US Dollar notes (USD notes) that are in circulation in Zimbabwe could be […]

Banks Are Ripping Us Off With Charges, RBZ Please Follow Zambia’s Central Bank Footsteps

The financial sector has been one industry that’s performing quite well in recent memory in Zimbabwe. This partly owed to the stringent lending practices which have dramatically reduced non-performing loans and the bank’s disproportionate investments in treasury bills and mortgages. But there is one component which has propelled it to profits that you won’t notice […]

Forget Zimbabwe, Zambia Is ‘Open For Business’

When you hear this phrase/mantra ‘Open for business’, you naturally know that we are talking about President Mnangagwa’s Second Republic. Ironically, Zimbabwe has of late been ‘Closed’, with inflation, foreign currency shortages, commodity shortages, and pessimism inspiring an economic downturn. For our Northern neighbors, Zambia, the phrase “Open for business” really resonates with them. Last […]

BeForward Moves Into Online Real Estate

BeForward is known for selling cars, but because we are in the 21st century and anyone can follow the words of Bruce Lee and “be like water”, they are moving into real estate. BeForward Real Estate (BFR) launched earlier this year in Zambia and they are also operating in Tanzania. In their own words: BFR […]

Zambia To Introduce ‘Internet Call Tax’ To Protect Its Telecomms Industry, 80% Of Citizens Now Make Calls Using WhatsApp And Viber

Zambia has just announced that it is in the process of introducing internet tax which levies phone calls done over the internet (internet calls). Internet calls, which are part of Voice Over Internet Protocol (VoIP) services enables people to make calls via the internet all most free of charge. Applications like WhatsApp, Viber, Skype etc […]

Whatsapp Admins In Zambia Will Soon Need To Be Registered With The Government

Many social media platforms allow a person to create a group on which members can share views, photographs or videos. With the rise in online racism and hate speech‚ it’s only a matter of time before WhatsApp group admins (admin) could be held liable for members’ offensive posts. Now Zambia has alerted its citizens that admin […]

Popular Zambian publication, Mwebantu, shuts down website, publishes on Facebook & Twitter exclusively

A popular general news publication in Zambia, Mwebantu, shut down its website in November 2016 to experiment with publishing exclusively on social media. The publication now posts its news on Facebook and Twitter only. Websites, Mwebantu told us, are like landlines in terms of the disruption by social media that they have suffered. With a following of about […]

Zambian government raids Liquid Telecom ISP in hunt for political news site

A report on a Zambian news website says the Zambian government raided the offices of a Liquid Telecoms ISP last week in a hunt for the servers hosting a news website called Zambian Watchdog. It’s a whistleblower website that the government (under different leaders) has not liked very much and has tried to censor in a number of ways for years. […]

Econet prepares to launch Cumii products in Zambia

Econet group is preparing to launch its Connected Lifestyle products in the Zambian market. A source tells us the the Cumii CEO, Norman Moyo, was in the country recently and intimated at an event that he’d be bringing the Cumii products to the market soon. Such products, our source says, would include their Cumii Energy solar system. They would […]

Rocket Internet shuts down Zambian classifieds property, Kaymu

Rocket Internet’s Zambian classifieds site, Kaymu, was shut down in the past month. Zambian bloggers have offered the reasons for the startup’s failure.

This’ how angry Zambians & Nigerians are over the DStv price increases

So apparently the DStv price increases – those annual increases they announced two weeks ago – have attracted quite a backlash. “I love sport but will not pander to thieving” said one commenter to the story we posted here. Nigerians and Zambians are taking it even further – petitions to boycott the service! Here’s a petition a Nigerian is running […]

Facebook’s makes its way to Tanzania

A little over a few months ago, the Facebook owned, non-profit organisation, debuted a service in Zambia via an app that allowed locals to access a curated list of services on the web for free. Part of the promise included the expansion to other countries across Africa and standing true to their promise, that […]

MTN launches Zambia’s first LTE network

One of Zambia’s largest mobile operators, MTN Zambia, announced this week the launch of the country’s first commercial LTE network. The announcement was made by the mobile operator’s Zambia Chief Executive Officer Abdul Ismail. The new faster broadband service will cover Lusaka (the capital), Kitwe, Ndola and Livingstone. Zambia joins 6 other countries in the region that […]

Zambia to host African Internet Summit

Zambia will this year host the African Internet Summit, an annual conference organized by the African Network Information Center (AFRINIC), which is basically Africa’s internet registry. The event will see regulators, operators and other internet connectivity stakeholders on the continent come together for two weeks to discuss promoting access, policy and regulation of the industry. The […]

Zambian mobile money startup closes US $4 million Series A investment

So what are you meant to think when you start a business with your brother in 2007 and at the start of 2012, you are part of a committed team of 25 employees that close a $ 4 million deal with three world class international fund. Seriously, (four million dollars, thirty two million rand, twenty billion kwacha) for an “African/Zambian” IT start up business

Zambian telecoms regulator fighting cybercrime

A report on BizTechAfrica says Zambia’s telecommunications sector regulator, ZICTA, has established Computer Incident Response Teams in locations around the Southern African country to fight cybercrime. The teams are meant to help with awareness of cyberthreats affecting organisations and individuals.

It’s Nhava all over again, only this time the name is Swav

Good news like this press release travels fast. No sooner had it been published than Zimguardian picked it up and repeated the PR. It’s said if you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it. Eventually a big local daily newspaper, the NewsDay, picked the lie and amplified it yesterday. But in these connected times we live in there’s high risk repeating a lie; someone will eventually call you out on it.

The latest Liquid Telecom terrestrial fibre map

We received the latest fibre map that Liquid Telecom presented recently at AfricaCom. The map shows what the terrestrial fibre network’s overall footprint in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Botswana, Zambia and DRC. It’s not clear if all of this is completed but most of it surely is.

More information on Liquid Telecom’s Zambia project

Econet Wireless Zimbabwe just sent out a press release on the Liquid fibre project announced last week by Liquid telecoms. Here’s a summary of new information in the release:

CEC Liquid Telecom builds largest fibre network in Zambia

Yesterday, Liquid telecom announced that it has completed phase one of a fibre network it’s building in Zambia in a joint venture with the Copperbelt Energy Corporation (CEC). The completed fibre so far stretches from the Zambian capital city of Lusaka to the Copperbelt.