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Powertel, ZARNet & Africom merger process “painstakingly slow”

Over two years ago, the government announced that Powertel, ZARNet (Zimbabwe Academic and Research Network) and Africom would be merged. At the time I thought this made sense – I still do actually. All 3 are state-owned Internet Access Providers (IAPs) and Powertel and Africom at the time were deploying similar technologies so it made […]

[Updated] President Sets Key Perfomance Indicators For ICT Ministry

Update: The article mentioned that the KPIs were set by the President, as they were published in the Zimbabwe Independent, but they KPIs were actually set by a citizen and went viral. The Ministers in the new Cabinet have been given their key performance indicators and the new ICT Minister Kazembe Kazembe’s mandate has some […]

Powertel, Africom and ZARnet To Merge: What Could This Mean?

State enterprises Powertel, Zarnet (Zimbabwe Academic and Research Network) and Africom were announced to be merging by Finance Minister Patrick Chinamasa. Most readers will be familiar with Powertel and Africom who both act as Internet Access Providers (IAP) and Internet Service Providers, whilst ZARnet was established to provide internet to the government, academia and research […]

AG: ICT Minister Mandiwanzira got loans from POTRAZ without gov approval

[This article from the 24th of July 2016 has been republished because it is related to current events as they concern Minister Supa Mandiwanzira and the corruption allegations leveled against him] With fresh allegations of corruption already being levelled against the ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira, it doesn’t do him any good that the Auditor General is […]

AG: ICT Minister Mandiwanzira got loans from POTRAZ without gov approval

With fresh allegations of corruption already being levelled against the ICT Minister Supa Mandiwanzira, it doesn’t do him any good that the Auditor General is now revealing the minister went against governance rules to fund the purchase of vehicles and his Telecel acquisition project. A report by the Auditor General released this week revealed that without Treasury approval, Supa […]

NSSA goes live with $10M SAP project after two year delay

The project, which was started back in 2013, experienced a two and half year delay. The implementation was being carried out by Twenty Third Century Systems, a regional SAP consulting company.

NSSA speaks on Telecel deal: It’s about the cashflow & mobile money for pensions

In an update released yesterday by Zimbabwe’s social security firm, NSSA, the chairman, Robin Vela said they had found Telecel too attractive an investment to pass over given the “nature of the entity”. The chairman said “there are some opportunities whose timing required immediate consideration” and Telecel had been one of them. “The cashflow generation capacity of Telecel Zimbabwe […]

Telecel valued at $250 million following government acquisition

Speaking on government’s deal with Vimpelcom regarding Telecel, the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira said that the operator’s market capitalisation stood at a minimum of $250 million.

Minister of ICT clarifies Telecel acquisition as Vimpelcom maintains ownership of stake in operator

According to Mandiwanzira, the statement that has been made by Vimpelcom ties in with the information that has been shared since the government did finalise the Telecel deal but is still working on transferring the funds for the deal from a local account to Vimpelcom.

Vimpelcom officially announces takeover of Telecel by Zimbabwe government

Vimpelcom today finally announced officially the takeover of its subsidiary Telecel Zimbabwe by ZARNet the Government owned ISP, for a sum of US $40 million. The current Telecel CEO, Angeline Vere, went on to advise staff in Zimbabwe of the change in ownership, that is them now being civil servants. That the government was interested to buy Telecel Zimbabwe […]

Telecel CEO officially advises staff of company takeover by government

Telecel CEO, Angeline Vere We’ve just received an email that was sent to Telecel staff this morning by the company CEO, Angeline Vere. In the email to all staff, the CEO confirms that Telecel Zimbabwe has been sold to the Zimbabwean government. She however declined to take any questions from staff saying that the sell is a shareholder […]

Telecel sold, Zimpost mobile money, digital content theft, Xiaomi in Africa – Podcast

This episode covers the sale of Telecel to the government and NSSA’s involvement, the theft of digital content, Zimpost’s payment platform and the changing African devices market.

Government to buy Telecel through NSSA?

According to sources, NSSA will either front the funds on behalf of ZARNET or be a guarantor for the ISP. Should ZARNET fail to reimburse the pension fund then NSSA will take over the 60% shareholding in the entity. Little has been said of the involvement the Empowerment Corporation (EC), Telecel’s minority shareholder, will have.

No cheap offers for Telecel as owners say they will only take best deal

It turns out, however, that Telecel Zimbabwe’s majority shareholder, Vimpelcom, is going to hold on to its stake and has a long term interest in the operator, It will, however, sell if the need arises, but will not give up of its stake in Telecel Zimbabwe for free. It will charge the market value for the shares to any interested bidder.

It’s just been bought by the government, but who is Portnet Software?

The decision recently by the government, through ZARNet to acquire a 51% stake in SAP Partner Portnet raises the question of who Portnet is. Here is a brief profile.

Government finds alternative for TTCS as its IAP, Zarnet acquires Portnet

The government, through its IAP Zarnet, has acquired a majority stake in Portnet Software, a leading local SAP solutions provider. This is meant to give the State an option for enterprise software and limits its reliance on Twenty-Third Century Systems

Minister confirms government’s move for Telecel, hints at foreign investment

So it’s already been confirmed, the government is moving in on Telecel.Earlier today, the Minister of ICT, Supa Mandiwanzira, responded to questions on the government’s interest in Telecel Zimbabwe. ZARNet, a state owned Internet Provider, has been roped in because the government does not have the immediate capacity to execute this takeover. This will, in all likelihood, be executed with leveraged finance with foreign investors likely to be involved.

Ministry of ICT enters into closed-door talks with telecoms operators

This morning, the ministry of ICT, through arrangements facilitated by the telecoms regulator POTRAZ, is holding a closed-door breakfast meeting with the heads of the various telecoms operators.

1 year and 300 schools later, here is the latest on TelOne VSAT

It’s been almost a year since TelOne launched its Ka-Band VSAT service. The telecoms operator’s thinking at the time was to bring in a cheaper VSAT service that would expand its presence in those areas where VSAT makes sense anyway. So far, it looks like the product has scored some successes, judging from the information that […]

Enough with pathetic government websites, can’t something be done already?

This is going to sound pretty obvious to a lot of people who don’t see anything positive coming from our country but Zimbabwe has a lot of pathetic government websites. Yes, that’s right, I said it. The moment you mention something remotely critical about the government some people get a bit uncomfortable. However I felt I had […]

An overview of fibre in Zimbabwe: What can we expect in 2015?

Let’s take a second to look at what the Zimbabwean broadband internet landscape was like around 2009 and 2010. We didn’t have as many options as we have now for internet access, largely because of the limited infrastructure developments. Home internet packages hadn’t been snapped up by a large part of the population that was […]

e-Tech Africa Expo in pictures (Day 1)

Yesterday we spent the afternoon at the ongoing e-Tech Africa Expo 2012. It was a bit quiet in terms of traffic so we decided to not go today but we’ll be there tomorrow as we hear there’ll be some panel discussions for the better part of the day. It’s a week-long expo by the way […]

The difficulties of registering a local domain in Zimbabwe

The need to have local Zimbabwean content on the internet has been widely discussed. The main idea being that the internet will become more relevant to locals if it has content people have traditionally consumed on platforms like TV, radio, newspapers, books and so forth.