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ZB Bank now offering Civil Servants USD allowance conversion on WhatsApp

Since the announcement that Civil Servants would be getting a USD allowance, there has been a slow trickle of service improvement from banks. By this, I mean civil servants had to go to their branches in order to convert the USD they got into local currency. Banks like FBC, Stanbic and more made it easier […]

ZB Bank unveils a VISA prepaid card

ZB Bank in the announcement they made about Kesto diaspora service hub that is meant to tailor services for Zimbabweans living abroad also launched a prepaid VISA card. In the press statement, ZB said that there will be three types of Visa enabled cards. These are a debit card that can be linked to a […]

ZB Bank announces Kesto Hub – a new service targeted at diasporans

ZB Bank has announced a set of new products; including Kesto. Kesto is being described as a diaspora hub “providing tailor-made solutions” to Zimbos living abroad. Here’s a list of what diasporans signing up can look forward to with this service; Ability to send money back home; building back home; Investing in Zim; purchasing & […]

ZB Financial Holdings Posts US$21.8 million Profit For 2018

Earlier this week ZB Bank announced their financial results for the year ending 31 December 2018 and they announced an after-tax net profit of US$21.8 million – a 54% improvement on the previous year’s  US$14.2 million profit. This is despite the CEO’s report stating that 2018 was a year fraught with the following challenges: the […]

When You Install A Local Banking App, What Data Are You Giving Away?

If you have tried your hand at internet banking – using the banking apps specifically- you’ve probably had a convenient experience thus far. It’s certainly better than what you get using USSD anyway. But what do these banks ask for in return? Most of us (myself included) download an app and quickly allow the app […]

You Can Now Make DStv Payments With ZB Bank

ZB Bank customers can now pay their DStv subscriptions at any branch. But there is a catch. You only can pay if you bring your physical US dollars. Oh! it’s not a catch apparently because all banks that are processing DStv payments require their customers to bring physical US dollars. Yes, there is need to […]

ZB Bank to Commit $40 Million For Digital Banking

The banking landscape as we know it is changing in Zimbabwe and the world over. Digitisation is revolutionizing the way customers engage with their finances. As a result, banks are having to rethink the way they do business to deliver a better customer experience and remain competitive. That is why ZB Bank is committing $40 […]

ZB Bank Suspends Swipe-Into-EcoCash, Joins Stanbic

ZB Bank debit card holders are not currently able to do the Swipe-Into-EcoCash service. In a ‘tweet’ reply, to a customer who had asked why he is failing to do swipe into EcoCash, ZB Bank replied that the service was currently suspended. Yesterday in the afternoon, we reported that Stanbic had also suspended Swipe-into-EcoCash and […]

ZB Bank Partnership With ZymPay Offers The Diaspora A Cheap Way To Pay For School Fees Back Home

ZB bank and Zympay have partnered to make it easy for Zimbabweans in the diaspora to pay school fees back in Zimbabwe.  Zympay is a cross-border (remittance) payments platform, where Zimbabweans in the diaspora can (send money) make bill payments like ZESA (and now school fees) for folks back home or send money. The partnership will facilitate digital […]

Banks Post Profits Despite Cash Shortages Faced By Customers: Here Is A List Of Banks That Made Profits

March is that time when most banks in Zimbabwe publish their financial results. Last year’s banking environment was affected by many negative factors including chronic cash shortages, illegal multi-tier pricing, foreign currency shortages, termination of some services that required foreign currency etc. In that light, it is understandable that one can expect bad performance for the […]

ZB Financial Holdings Profits Up 36%, More Takeaways In Stellar 2017 Financial Results

Techzim was in attendance as ZB Financial Holdings held an analysts and media briefing where their financial results for the year ended December 2017 were released. Upon reaching the venue we were pleasantly surprised when we were asked to pull out our smartphones to register. We connected to their Wi-Fi network and proceeded to register […]

ATT: ZB Bank Customers, You Need To Update Your Information ASAP

Came across this notice in the newspaper and thought it would be helpful to someone. However, considering that ZB Bank went paperless last year in October (2017), one would have expected that they would by now have an online system that caters for such needs. Nonetheless, here’s the announcement: To all ZB Bank customers, please […]

ZB bank and CABS customers, here’s what you need to know before end of day (13/10/17)

There has been two announcements from CABS and ZB bank. Both are warning their customers (or whoever might need to use these banks) that their systems will be under upgrade, hence service disruption. Here’s more detail for each. CABS From 2000hrs today i.e. Friday the 13th (you know what they say about this day) to […]

NMB, ZB and Steward bank going paperless, BAZ is on Kwese again, Google expands its portfolio

Banks are now ditching paperwork for RTGS transfers and moving exclusively to online banking but is Zimbabwe ready for it? BAZ is making an appeal to the high court to go and contest their decision to allow Kwese to resume trading. Google expands its portfolio introducing 2 more Google Home devices, a Pixel Book, and […]

Econet sued for stealing ideas, Kwese sent to supreme court, TelOne applies for broadcasting licence

Econet is being sued to the tune of $870 000 for stealing a business idea, Speaking of lawsuits, BAZ is sending Kwese to the supreme court over the Broadcasting licence issue. While on the subject of licences, TelOne applied for a broadcasting licence for a DEOD (Digital Entertainment On Demand) streaming service and Pirate Bay, […]

How do I register for ZB Bank Internet banking?

ZB Bank recently announced that they will be discontuning the processing of manual RTGS and Internal Transfer application forms. As the changes will take effect from 1 October, you might be wondering how do I register for ZB Bank Internet banking since the transfers will now be processed through the ZB Bank Internet banking platform. […]

ZB Bank discontinues manual RTGS, goes exclusive with internet banking

ZB Bank recently announced that they will no longer be processing manual RTGS and Internal Transfer application forms. The change will take effect from 1 October 2017. According to ZB Bank, this development is in line with their strategy to go paperless as a bank. As a ZB Bank account holder, you will have to […]

ZB Financial Holdings reports growth in profits

Group chairman, Prof. Manyeruke, announced the stellar results in his maiden report. The major highlight in the report was the 38% increase in net profit after tax compared to the comparative period in 2016. The banking operations remain the biggest contributor to group bottom line as most of the net profit increase is attributable to […]

ZB Bank clarifies its SnapCash “cashback” loyalty program as steps to re-engage after sanctions lift

Earlier today we published an article on ZB Bank launching a “cashback” service that seemed to reward already privileged clients for using their VISA/Mastercard at participating stores. We sought clarification from ZB Bank and the main point we gathered from their response was that the new service is based on their re-introduction to international banking services through the […]

ZB Bank says it now has 9,765 agents, highlights role of prepaid ZESA distribution in growth of network

Besides setting the record straight these numbers also highlight one important factor. The distribution of a key utility, in this case ZESA’s prepaid electricity, has been a major contributor to the growth of ZB Banks’ agent network.

NMB Bank angles for huge unbanked market, introduces new account with easy signup & no monthly charges

Local retail financial institution NMB Bank Zimbabwe has launched NMBlite – a low-cost bank account aimed at the lower end market. It has no monthly bank charges though it does carry a flat charge – 50 cents- for both bank and ATM withdrawals.

ZB Bank’s move to grow retail financial services through agent banking is smart, but its 9,000 agents total is questionable

ZB Bank has made a smart play for retail financial services growth with its agent banking model, but its 9,000 agents total is questionable.

Here is a list of Zimbabwean banks still accepting incoming US dollar wires into personal accounts

In case someone out there is stranded and failing not only to receive online payments for jobs done but generally incoming transfers even as an expatriate, the following are some Zimbabwean banks still accepting international incoming transfers in USD into individual accounts.

ZB Bank launches the Pauri Card, another tool for improving financial inclusion in Zimbabwe

To be fair, though, it doesn’t look like ZB Bank is looking for a “never-been-seen-before” effect. The financial services group instead, seems to be focused on one major goal – offering a financial inclusion tool that can help it expand its use case and its presence among people who aren’t willing to open a bank account but are interested in some formal banking services.

Zimswitch fees increase counterproductive to plastic money

The Zimswitch fees increase is retrogressive to the slow but positive plastic money uptake in Zimbabwe in that it will deter customers from using ATMs and POS if they cannot locate one from their own bank.

ZB Bank introduces SmartVista card VAS and smart safes

ZB Bank has introduced value added services for their card based SmartVista system in addition to Automated Teller Safe for high cash and transaction volume customers.

ZB Bank already retailing ZESA using mobile app (update)

As it turns out, in addition to the Nettcash app, the ZB Mobile App also offers agents a platform to sell ZESA prepaid tokens from their mobile phones. The functionality of the App, however, is clouded by the availability of POS which are probably prioritised for their physical receipts.

RBZ Mid-Term Monetary Policy shows a slowed growth in mobile money

There is a slowed growth in Mobile Money according to the RBZ’s Mid Term Monetary Policy Statement. This is probably a result of the turbulence in both the banking and telecoms sectors.

ZB Bank going the Steward Bank route, makes a call for agent bankers

Towards the end of 2014, Steward Bank, the Econet Wireless owned financial institution, introduced the Agent banking model which allowed selected mobile money agents to offer some services in line with mainstream banking. This model allows any Steward Bank account holder to get certain services from the mobile money agent, that would only be accessible from […]

Ditch your bank if they’re not connected to EcoCash, says Econet

Between December 2012 and February this year, Econet announced in quick succession, the integration of its EcoCash mobile money transfer service to traditional banks, allowing EcoCash users to transfer money seamlessly between their bank accounts and EcoCash Wallets. It was CBZ, TN Bank, Stanbic, Agribank then ZB Bank.