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You can now pay for your ZBC Licence Online, here is how

These past few weeks I have been writing about how state broadcasters in Zimbabwe and South Africa are finding it hard to collect licence fees. One suggestion I made about ZTV was how they should make it easy for people to pay their licence fees instead of just relying on inspectors to go door to […]

Renew Your Insurance, Vehicle, & Radio Licence Using This WhatsApp Bot

Given that the entire nation is currently under lockdown, those of you with expiring insurance, vehicle and radio licences might be in search of digital renewal options to ensure that when the lockdown ends the first thing you do is collect your disc. IceCash is offering one such WhatsApp bot (08677 004010) and an online […]

Consititutional Court orders all Zimbabweans with gadgets that can receive signals to pay ZBC licence fees

The Constitutional Court of Zimbabwe has delivered a ruling ordering all Zimbabweans to pay the broadcaster licence fees irrespective of which service provider they decide to use.