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You can now pay for your ZBC Licence Online, here is how

These past few weeks I have been writing about how state broadcasters in Zimbabwe and South Africa are finding it hard to collect licence fees. One suggestion I made about ZTV was how they should make it easy for people to pay their licence fees instead of just relying on inspectors to go door to […]

Frustrated SABC turns to debt collectors to force people to pay licence fees

Last month we talked about how SABC, just like our own doomed ZBC TV, is finding it hard to convince people to pay their licence fees. It seems this has not changed and now SABC seems to be trying a new strategy to induce people to pay. They are sending out SMS to all those […]

YouTube Hit Wadiwa Wepa Moyo Coming To ZBC

Wadiwa Wepa Moyo which rapidly gained popularity after airing on YouTube a in February will be coming to ZBC. The show will be released in the same manner it was on YouTube – one episode per week with expectation being that this time it will reach many more eyeballs than it did on YouTube. Following […]

Government Says It Will Soon Acquire The Needed Equipment To Complete ZBC’s Digitisation: Don’t Hold Your Breath

While on a tour of ZBC’s Montrose Studios in Bulawayo the Minister of Broadcasting Services and lots of other related stuff, Honorable Monica Mutsvangwa is reported to have said that the government will acquire the 32 digital transmitters and lots of set-top boxes it requires to finalise the digitisation programme soon. What she said The […]

Kwese To Televise All 64 FIFA World Cup Matches Live, ZBC Partners Kwese To Televise All Matches Too

After months of questioning whether Kwese will televise the upcoming 2018 Fifa World Cup, Kwese has cleared the air by announcing that it will broadcast all 64 FIFA World Cup matches live in Zimbabwe. The matches will be broadcasted on all its digital platforms that range from the Kwese satellite TV to mobile devices via its newly […]

ZBC TV Is Stealing Content From YouTube, Stealing From Thieves At That

Over the years ZBC TV has entered into various deals with content owners across the world. Deals which brought sports content, African series and movies and more were signed and the nation was treated to quality content. For those who were old enough to watch the national broadcaster when it still was tolerable we remember […]

“ZBC-TV really sucks!” says Jonathan Moyo

It’s one thing ordinary people knowing that ZBC TV, the government owned television station in Zimbabwe, is bad. It is quite another when a government minister, and one that has been in charge of ZBC itself twice says it himself. “ZBC-TV really sucks” said Jonathan Moyo today in a tweet today. Moyo was commenting on […]

Government explains why it pulled plug on ZBC/Kwesé TV deal & English football on ZTV, exposes its hypocrisy

image credit – Manchester United Facebook Page We recently mentioned how a content sharing deal that had been entered into by Zimbabwe’s national broadcaster ZBC and Econet’s Kwesé Free Sports collapsed under unclear circumstances. Under the arrangement, ZBC’s ZTV was able to flight content from the 2016 Olympics as well as one live English Premier League […]

ZBC content deal with Econet Media collapses ending Olympics & English Premier League coverage on local TV

The content deal that was recently concluded between the local broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and Econet Media has collapsed.

Want to access Kwese Sports on ZBC? – These are the 5 things you need to know about this local content deal

If you want to access Kwese Sports on ZBC these are the 5 things you need to know about this local content deal and how to enjoy it.

Leading Zimbabwean TV show Battle of the Chefs expands viewership via the internet

On Sunday 3 July Zimbabwean reality TV cooking show, Battle of the Chefs, will wrap up its 2nd edition in an anticipated season finale that will be broadcast on ZTV at 7 pm. So far Battle of the Chefs has earned a lot of praise for a well-delivered reality show which is also arguably the best […]

Digital migration inches forward as city of Mutare sets up first digital signal

Zimbabwe’s national digital migration project has inched closer to completion after the first digital signal was recently registered through a site in the eastern border city of Mutare.

Local producer explains sad state of Zimbabwean television & the internet’s opportunity as a solution

Citing the rise of online content consumption patterns that have powered the rise in popularity of material from producers like P.O Box and Zambezi News, Makamba pointed out how Zimbabwean content is scattered across various platforms like WhatsApp, YouTube and Facebook, something that he believes points to the opportunity of a central distribution platform.

TWZ, Battle of Chefs, Zim Dancehall & the dozen shows on my Zambezi Magic to-watch list

Since it went live on the 1st of July this year, Zambezi Magic has been filling in gaps with a lot of South African content. The good news is that Zimbabwean productions are going to be flighted on Zambezi Magic. Shows like Battle of the Chefs, Tonight With Zororo are set to be flighted there.

Zambezi Magic is DStv’s new channel for local productions

A couple of months ago MultiChoice Zimbabwe made a call for quality local productions that would be flighted on its M-Net Africa channels. Now it has announced a new channel, Zambezi Magic, on which Southern African productions will be flighted.

A word for Zim producers: MultiChoice is calling for local content

Do you know any local film and TV producers that are making content that is worth the notice on a regional scale? It turns out 2015 is their year actually. First it was ZBC, now MultiChoice Zimbabwe, the company behind DStv, is calling for locally produced content to air on its M-Net Africa Channels. This […]

Forget Netflix, ZBC is launching Web TV

The digital migration deadline is less than 3 months away and while there are a lot of issues around what that will mean for local content creation and broadcasting, the unanimous agreement is that it is a very positive step that will help local broadcasting to at least catch up with modern trends. One of […]

Some legal aspects of broadcasting in Zim: Digital Future Q & A with Edith Utete

With a greater focus on broadcast technology and its central role in an increasingly digital age, there are so many aspects about it that need an inside perspective. This applies to potential investors, content creators and everyone who wants to appreciate what digitisation is meant to do, where that leaves the current market players like […]

ZIM TV to have 80 Channels by 2015

If you were incredulous after reading the title then you should know this is Supa Mandiwanzira and the Government’s word and not mine. I would no more believe this than I would believe in Unicorns, Aliens, Chain Letters, Conspiracy theories and Uncapped Internet. I mean there are fibs and then there are whoppers. Nevertheless it’s […]

ZBC’s broadcast of Parliamentary debates a welcome development

Recently the state broadcaster ZBC made the decision to beam live parliamentary sessions on TV and radio on select days of the week. This move, although coming as a very late approach to Zimbabwe’s attempts at open legislative activities, is definitely a welcome development. The broadcasts are scheduled for TV on Wednesday during parliament’s question […]

Government comes to its senses on TV and Radio listener’s license fees

  Whoever said that the law is the law and it changes not clearly did not live in the modern age of technology. In recent times technological advancements have caught the law napping on numerous occasions laying to waste sound principles that had been hitherto accepted as legal maxims since the time of ancient codices. […]

ZBC is broke! Yeah, whatever

Yesterday morning we woke up to the news that ZBC is broke (insolvent.) OK those among you who are surprised please raise your hands. I wonder what the management expected. Strangely enough the Deputy Minister for Information, Media and Broadcasting services Honourable Supa Mandiwanzira was “shocked” when he discovered that ZBC’s books were this bad. […]

SABC encryption a welcome development, says ZBC. Now pay your TV license!

An article in the state owned daily The Herald today says the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has “hailed” the encryption of the South African SABC channels a few days ago, which made the channels inaccessible on free to air decoders. The report says ZBC is urging viewers to pay up TV licences as this would enable ZBC to improve the programming.