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Govt Promises 12 TV Channels By August

At this point, the idea or rhetoric that there will be new TV channels coming to Zimbabwean airwaves has become a broken record. We’ve heard it before. We heard it in 2019. We heard it in 2018. In fact, as far back as 2015, we heard it… Now we are hearing it again, with Information, […]

ZBC’s 24-Hour News Channel To Launch At The End Of November

Remember the draft of new channels ZBC announced a few months ago? Whilst they are yet to materialise there are One of those channels will be a 24-hour news channel and according to the Minister of Information Monica Mutsvangwa, that channel recently completed its DStv assessment: This project seeks to facilitate the launch free to […]

ZBC Says Digitisation Will Be Complete By Year End. We’ve Heard This Before…

*sighs* Digitisation and ZBC… It’s a seemingly never-ending story and every year since 2014, ZBC has been promising that they are close to digitising. The most recent update from the national broadcaster claims that the job will be completed by the end of this year. So what’s changed? It’s not entirely clear if the deadline […]

It’s Not Just ZBC, SABC Is Also Struggling To Pay Musicians

Many artists, I mean musical artists here, relied on radio and TV in addition to cassette sales back in the day. In case you were wondering, a casette was like this giant thing, the size of a laptop hard rive, that you had to stick in your radio in order for it to play music. […]

ZBC Announced The Launch Of Their App And Social Media Reacted

When ZBC announced the launch of their app, I felt quite happy for the national broadcaster which is edging closer and closer to their goals of “digitalising”. Or is it digitization? Anyway, let’s just call it digital migration. So here I was expecting a good response for the national broadcasters’ efforts in adopting tech but […]

ZBC App Now Functional, Watch The News From Your Phone

Last year we stumbled upon ZBC Live, an app from the national broadcaster. The application had 4 channels and two of those channels are now working. Previously all 4 channels had a “coming soon” banner whenever you tried to watch any of them but that’s all changed with half channels now available for viewing. If […]

Magistrate’s Court Grants Permission For The Rest Of Biti’s Trial To Be Live streamed

The magistrate presiding over Tendai Biti’s trial, Rumbidzai Mugwagwa, has given permission for the rest of the trial’s proceedings to be live streamed. This follows an application made by Biti’s lawyer Beatrice Mutetwa that her client wanted the proceedings to be live streamed. The trial is expected to run for the rest of this week […]

Government Says It Will Soon Acquire The Needed Equipment To Complete ZBC’s Digitisation: Don’t Hold Your Breath

While on a tour of ZBC’s Montrose Studios in Bulawayo the Minister of Broadcasting Services and lots of other related stuff, Honorable Monica Mutsvangwa is reported to have said that the government will acquire the 32 digital transmitters and lots of set-top boxes it requires to finalise the digitisation programme soon. What she said The […]

Desperate ZBC Partners Harare City Council To Collect Its License Fees: It’s A Good Move, Right?

After years of failing to rake up much revenue for its services, state broadcaster, ZBC has partnered with the Harare City Council (HCC) to collect radio and TV licenses on its behalf. The deal will see the city council getting 10% from the collections and also free advertising on ZBC’s media mediums. The Council’s information and […]

Is ZBC On The Verge of Introducing 4 New Channels?

Yesterday the Deputy Minister of Ministry of Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services, Hon Energy Mutodi, set Twitter ablaze when he claimed that Monica Mutsvangwa (the Minister) and himself had transformed ZBC only a month after their appointment: ZBC TRANSFORMED: Over the past 30 days after our appointment as new Ministers, Monica & I have managed to […]

Surely ZBC Had The Capacity To Broadcast The Presidential Challenge Court Case, Kudos To It For Good Broadcasting

Kudos to ZBC for the good broadcast of the Constitutional Court proceedings. . Many (including me) doubted that ZBC will prove worthy of the charge to give us a good broadcasting of the court case, but it did. The state-owned broadcaster is notorious for just unceremoniously blacking out or glitching but in the two days […]

Constitutional Court Dismisses MISA’s Application To Livestream Tomorrow’s Election Challenge, Says ZBC Has Sufficient Capacity To Broadcast

Zimbabwe’s highest court, The Constitutional Court has ruled that Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) cannot livestream tomorrow’s court proceedings of the Presidential Election Challenge. The court was of the view that, the state-owned broadcaster, ZBC has enough capacity to publicise the court proceedings. This comes after, MISA and one Bulawayo lawyer had made a […]

ZBC Denies Tweeting Inaccurate Information Concerning Announcement Of Presidential Election Results And Twimbos Respond

Twitter is a platform that has been popular across the world for almost ten years now, but in Zimbabwe it’s use has only been steadily increasing and I would say usage of the service really took off last year. As with anything new, it seems that people are still getting themselves acquainted with the growing […]

State Media “Biased” and “Partisan” During Election Period, Says European Union Observers and African Union Observers

We have written about the critical role media plays in influencing opinion in elections. Now one of the most important observers of the ongoing elections, European Union Election Observer Mission (EUEOM) has cited the failure by state media to provide equal treatment to all political parties. EUROM said; Based on EU EOM monitoring, the state […]

ZBC Launches New Radio Station In Gweru

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has launched a new radio station in Gweru. Central Radio is set to target the middle aged and elderly. It will be broadcasting programs on sport, business, industry, news and giving the residents of Gweru and the mining towns of Kwekwe, Shurugwi, Mvuma, Shangani a platform to interact. Central Radio […]

ZBC Still Struggling To Pay Off Over 600K Debt In Royalties To Artistes

State-owned broadcaster, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is apparently still failing to pay artists royalties worth over $600 000. This comes in the background of a $600 000 debt (of royalties) backdating to 2009 that the broadcaster has been struggling to pay off for some years. Zimbabwe Music Rights Association (ZIMURA) and ZBC have been at […]

Zimpapers To Introduce News Channel By 30 July

Zimpapers will be introducing 6 new channels, the first of which will be going on-air before the end of July. Zimpapers CEO, Pikirayi Deketeke, disclosed this information at Zimpapers’ annual general meeting. ‘Feel Good’ news? Broadcasting is not exactly a new avenue for Zimpapers. Last year, Zimpapers introduced ZTN Network and these were the baby […]

ZBC Looks For An ICT Company To Run Its Livestreaming And Video-On-Demand Services

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is looking for an ICT company (media company) to run its live streaming service and Video-On-Demand services (VOD). Prospective partners are required to express their interest in partnering ZBC by 13 June 2018.  The move could be seen as an attempt by the state-owned broadcaster, ZBC to enlarge its audience by […]

ZBC To Introduce New Channels:History Channel Among Many Others

After the completion of digital migration, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) will introduce a range of new channels.  The channels will bring variety to ZBC’s dwindled viewers after years of just watching one channel, ZTV. Poor programming and poor coverage of ZTV swayed many urban Zimbabweans to stop watching the channel and migrating to watching DSTV and […]

ZBC TV Is Stealing Content From YouTube, Stealing From Thieves At That

Over the years ZBC TV has entered into various deals with content owners across the world. Deals which brought sports content, African series and movies and more were signed and the nation was treated to quality content. For those who were old enough to watch the national broadcaster when it still was tolerable we remember […]

ZBC Serious About Digital Now and They Are Even Recruiting ICT Specialists. Want the Job?

Did you know that every radio channel on ZBC is now streaming to the internet? Well they are, have been doing so for a while now through mobile apps. We will look under the hood on the different apps soon. ZTV started streaming the news and other programmes apparently live on Facebook. This is a […]

Kwese now showing ZBC TV

Kwese announced today that ZBC is now available on the Pay TV service. ZBC TV, the state broadcasting service in Zimbabwe, can be watched on Kwese channel 230. Kwese had long said that this would happen but until now, subscribers were still waiting, starved of local news content. DStv, the established pay TV service whose […]

Record Facebook Livestream Audience for ZBC News Online as Zimbabweans await Mugabe resignation which never came

This is probably the largest Facebook Livestream audience anyone in Zimbabwe has ever achieved. Just a few minutes after going live today, the state broadcaster, ZBC,  had more than 12,000 live viewers on Facebook. The reason? Zimbabweans are awaiting an announcement from the President of the country, Robert Mugabe, who is expected to either resign […]

How Social Media Followed Zimbabwean Military Takeover Activities And Print Media Failed

You have no doubt been following the whole situation with the military implementing the National Democratic Project. You have heard that the president is under house arrest and several other top politicians have been taken into custody. This information and more has been distributed over the internet. For most of us, story links, images, photos […]

Kwesé TV gives 5 free channels

Strive Masiyiwa, the founder of Econet and Kwesé TV, recently announced on Facebook that Kwesé TV will be offering 5 free channels to you even if you don’t pay for any subscription. The free channels are Kwesé FREE Sport (KFS), Kwesé FREE Entertainment (KFE), African News, Local FREE-To-Air channels and Flow TV. All you will need to access […]

“ZBC-TV really sucks!” says Jonathan Moyo

It’s one thing ordinary people knowing that ZBC TV, the government owned television station in Zimbabwe, is bad. It is quite another when a government minister, and one that has been in charge of ZBC itself twice says it himself. “ZBC-TV really sucks” said Jonathan Moyo today in a tweet today. Moyo was commenting on […]

ZBC starts broadcasting news bulletins on Facebook Live

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) is trialing the broadcasting of its content on Facebook Live. The government owned broadcaster started going live on Facebook with regular TV broadcast two days ago on 16 August. Yesterday, the 8PM news bulletin as well as some regular tv shows were broadcast live on Facebook for about 2 hours. The […]

Steward Bank launches a Facebook Live “talk show”, joins Zimbabwe’s growing online broadcast trend

The issue, though, isn’t really the Steward Bank show or how big a marketing opportunity for its Square product the bank is eyeing here. What’s striking here is the way Facebook Live has become a thing.

Update on Zimbabwe’s digitisation raises doubts about its “progress”- project 25% complete, down from 34% last year

Zimbabwe is making strides with the national digitisation programme which is firmly on track and the project is 25% complete. That’s the latest on the analogue to digital migration exercise which Zimbabwe is working on as part of a global adoption of modern broadcast technology. According to the Herald, the update was shared by the […]

Africom, ZBC and “some partners” launch TV Streaming service called Nhaka TV. Here’s what we think

This past Sunday I saw an advert by Nhaka TV in the newspaper. Nhaka TV is a internet Video on Demand (VOD) streaming service by Africom and some unnamed partners, that is launching. The ad was an advertorial, and a half page logo. I mention this detail to show that the company has began to spend on marketing and […]